Date of Birth:unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Eddie rescued Eve from her car in 1989
Marriages: none
Romances: none
Children: none
Occupation: Criminal
Crimes/Incarcerations: Held Eve Donovan hostage, attempted to uncover stolen money, threatened to kill Eve Donovan
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death:Killed by Shane in 1989

Eddie found Eve Donovan after she had crashed her car while trying to flee Salem. He brought her back to an old mansion he was searching for the stolen money of Harper Devereuax's that Nick had hidden somewhere. When Eve found a key Eddie forced her to go open the safe deposit box but it was empty. Eve managed to drop a note as to what was going on and with Nick Corelli's help Shane rescued Eve.

Eddie managed to escape the police and returned to the mansion to continue his search for the money. There he was almost apprehended by Steve and Kayla Johnson and Nick but he escaped once again.

During an operartion in which Nick and Eve were going to have the scars on their faces removed Eddie burst in and threatened to kill Eve if Nick didn't give him the money he was looking for. Unfortunately for Eddie he was shot and killed by Eve's father Shane Donovan.

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