The Fallon

Jessica Blake Fallon

Portrayers: Jean Bruce Scott 1980-82
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: Marie Horton and Alex Marshall
Entrance onto Show: 1980 applied for a student nursing job at the hospital
Marriages: Joshua Fallon
Romances: Jake Kosnitchek 1981/82
Children: none
Occupation: Nursing Student
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: Adopted, birth name Angelique Horton
Date of Death: Still Alive

Jessica came to Salem in 1980 to apply for a student nursing position at the hospital. She soon met and began to date Joshua Fallon.

In 1981 Alex Marshall legally adopted Jessica, but she was still unaware he was her natural father. Alex eventually told Jessica he was her father, and she accepted him, but hated Marie for keeping the truth from her and her father. Jessica eventually ran away to join a convent, but was turned away after Marie had a talk with the mother superior. When Jessica returned to Salem she began to suffer from multiple personality syndrome, and became Angelique and Angel. As Angel she met Jake Kosnitchek and began to see him, as Angelique she terrorized Marie Horton.

Angel and Jake ran off to Vegas to elope, but Jessica came to and called Alex. Marie and Alex rushed to Vegas and stopped the wedding just in the nick of time. Jessica fell apart and was hospitalized.

In 1982 after recovering from her mental problems Jessica broke off her relationship with Jake and became engaged to Joshua Fallon. Joshua and Jessica married, and eventually left Salem.

Joshua Fallon

Portrayers: Steven Brooks 1980-81, Scott Palmer 1981-82
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: ?? Fallon and Sunny Chandler
Entrance onto Show: 1980 unknown
Marriages: Jessica Blake Fallon
Romances: none
Children: none
Occupation: military officer, owner of "The Body Connection" health club
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts:none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Joshua Fallon came to Salem in 1980, and soon met and began dating Jessica Blake. Later Joshua found evidence that Kellam Chandler was involved in the death of his mother Sunny.

In 1981 Josh teamed up with Chris Kosnitchek and opened up a health club named the Body Connection.

Later Josh confronted Kellam about his role in the death/suicide of his mother Sunny Chandler, and eventually Josh pulled a gun on him. Josh couldn't shout Kellam, and when he dropped the gun Kellam picked it up and was about to shoot Josh when Tod Chandler came in and wrestled with his father. As the wrestled the gun went off, and Kellam was killed.

In 1982 after Jessica had recovered, Joshua and Jessica became engaged. Eventually the two married and left Salem.

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