Father Francis

Father Francis

Portrayers: Charles Welch 1994-95, Eric Christmas 1995-96
Date of Birth: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Father Francis was the priest who trained John Black
Romances: none
Occupation: Father
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still alive, but in a coma

Father Francis was the priest who trained John Black in becoming a priest. John went to Father Francis to seek answers about his past and Father Francis showed John a picture of himself as a priest. Father Francis began to fear that Satan had come to Salem because of some ancient scrolls he was translating as well as eerie incidents. Father Francis eventually realized that Marlena Evans Brady had become possessed by Satan.

In 1995, John, Father Francis, Kristen DiMera, and Caroline Brady all worked to help exorcise Marlena. Marlena tricked Stefano into untieing her from her bed, where John had bound her, and she promptly threw him off her penthouse terrace. Stefano lived, but he was paralyzed and suffered from amnesia. Abe Carver and Pat Hamilton wanted to arrest Marlena for her attempted murder, but when they came face to face with her supernatural powers they realized that Marlena was not responsible for her actions. In an attempt to break John's faith, his late wife Isabella appeared. However, John realized this wasn't his Isabella and she promptly transformed into a demon. Eventually Marlena died and a funeral was to be held for her. John refused to believe that Marlena was dead and he carried her dead body to the church altar where God brought her back to life and rid her of the demon.

Later that year, Tony DiMera confessed to Father Francis that he was going to frame John Black for his own murder. Father Francis searched for a way to break the oath of the confessional, but was confronted by Tony DiMera when Tony learned what he was trying. Father Francis had a heart attack when Tony wouldn't give him his blood pressure pills. Tony also paid Father Francis a visit in the hospital and cut of Father Francis' oxygen, which caused him to fall into a coma. Father Francis remains in his coma somewhere in Salem University Hospital.

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