Glenn Gallagher

Portrayers: Rob Estes 1986-87
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Silvie Gallagher
Entrance onto Show: 1986 Jen Horton's Boyfriend
Marriages: none
Romances: Jennifer Horton 1986-87
Children: none
Occupation: HighSchool Student
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Still Alive

Glenn was a High School jock, and Jennifer's boyfriend. Glenn was pressured by his team mates and his coach into doing steroids, but Glenn refused. When he tried to reveal his coach to the police his girlfriend Jennifer Horton accidentally tipped his coach off to the plan. Glenn was lead into a trap by his coach, but was eventually rescued by Jennifer and her friend Frankie.

Glenn's pressure on Jen to have sex forced Jen to leave Glenn. Glenn disappeared from Salem in 1987.

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