Lisanne Gardner

Lisanne Gardner

Portrayers: Lynne Herring 1992
Date of Birth:unknown
Entrance onto Show: Lisanne was Lawrence's Lawyer
Marriages: none
Romances: Lawrence Alamain (1992)
Children: none
Occupation: Corporate Attorney for Alamain Industries
Crimes/Incarcerations: Blackmailed Vivian Alamain
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Killed in 1992 by Nikki Alamain

Lisanne Gardner came to Salem as a lawyer and ended up working for Lawrence as Alamain Industries corporate lawyer. Lisanne and Lawrence had fling, but Lawrence never stopped loving Carly Manning. Lisanne was very nosey and learned that Vivian and Carly were keeping a secret involving a past pregnancy. Lisanne ran to Lawrence with the news and it turned out that Carly was pregnant with Lawrence's child, but it died or so she thought.

Later that year, Vivian Alamain brought her adopted son Nikki to the US. Lisanne did some snooping and eventually learned that Nikki was Lawrence and Carly's son that Vivian had stolen. Lisanne began to blackmail Vivian, but the two ended up in an argument. Nikki came home and saw Vivian falling to the floor and thought that Lisanne was hurting his aunt, who was really having heart problems. Nikki pushes Lisanne away from his Aunt and she fell, striking her head on a stone cat, which killed her. Nikki never knew he killed Lisanne.

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