Brooke Hamilton aka Stephanie Woodruff

Brooke Hamilton

Portrayers: Adrienne LaRussa 1975-77, Eileen Barnett 1978-1980
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Adele Hamilton
Entrance onto Show: 1975 Returned with boyfriend David Banning
Marriages: none
Romances: Engaged to Mary David Banning
Occupation: Worked for Laura Horton until Bob Anderson gave her a job in his company
Crimes/Incarcerations: stole checks from Anderson Manufacturing
Other Interesting Facts: Returned to Salem as Stephanie Woodruff
Date of Death: Believed dead in 1977 by car crash, died in 1980 after a brain hemorage

Brooke Hamilton returned to Salem with her boyfriend David Banning, who was going to marry her once he claimed his inheritance.

When David began to re-forge a relationship with his mother Julie, Brooke became jealous. Brooke began to spread lies and told David that his mother had been unfaithful and slept with Doug and became pregnant with Doug's child. David did not want to believe her, but after seeing Doug and Julie together often assumed it was true. David felt a renewed hatred for his mother, and after a huge fight he took Doug's car and drove it off a bridge. When his body was not found David was pronounced dead. Brooke was so guilt stricken that she attempted to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills, but survived the attempt.

Brooke would later learn she was pregnant with David Banning's child. When David returned to Salem alive he proposed to Brooke, but she turned him down when she learned he was in love with Valerie Grant.

In 1976 Brooke's mother Adele returned to Salem, she was an alcoholic and was dying. Brooke stole some checks from Anderson Manufacturing and took her mother to New York. As Adele's health began to fade Adele and Brooke were confronted by Bob Anderson in the hospital. Before she died she confessed to Bob that Brooke was his daughter, but made him promise not to tell Brooke. After Adele died Bob gave Brooke a job in his company so she could repay him the money she stole.

In 1977 Brooke began to take pictures of files from Anderson Manufacturing in hopes of selling them to other companies. However, Brooke's scheme was discovered by Mary Anderson, and Brooke quickly left town. After a chase with the police Brooke's car crashed, and later a burned woman wearing Brooke's locket was pronounced dead at Salem University Hospital.

In 1978 Brooke returned to Salem as Stephanie Woodruff, was a new employee at Anderson in 1978, and quickly took a liking to Chris Kosnitchek. However when it was apparent he wasn't going to leave Mary Anderson for her she changed set her sights on David Banning.

In 1979 after Linda Patterson Anderson had an affair with Neil Curtis Stephanie was promoted to Linda's old job. However when a security check was ordered she burnt her hands purposely to get out of the finger printing check, securing her real identity as Brooke Hamilton for the time being.

Stephanie AKA Brooke continued her plan to take over Anderson Manufacturing, and in 1979 Bob gave her power of attorney and allowed her to move onto his estate. Later that year Stephanie was found out by Alex Marshall who new she wasn't who she claimed to be after reading about her plastic surgery in New York. Alex blackmailed Stephanie into getting him a new solar power device Anderson had been working on.

In 1980 Brooke/Stephanie finally admitted to Bob Anderson that she was his daughter Brooke. Bob took her back into his life, and included her in his will, but later that year Brooke/Stephanie died as a result of brain hemorrhage she got in a car crash.

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