The Characters of Days of Our Lives: Past and Present

As of August 9, 1998, I have finally got the character guides up to date! My task now is to go through them all, clean them up a little, and proofread them. In time I also hope to add small thumbnails next to each character's description. Furthermore, I have left out many many many minor characters, which I hope to add as well. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or additional information, please e-mail me!

The Characters

Alamain, Lawrence
Alamain, Leopold
Alamain, Nicholas

Anderson, Bob
Anderson, Linda Phillips Patterson
Anderson, Mary

Armostrong, Madeline

Atwood, Larry

Bagwood, J.J.

Banks, Sister Mary Moira
Banks, Thomas

Banning, David
Banning, Janet
Banning, Renee Dumonde
Banning, Scott
Banning, Scotty
Banning, Trish Clayton

Barnes, Janice
Barnes, Joanna

Borden, Emmy

Black, Isabella "Belle"
Black, Brady Victor
Black, Isabella Toscano
Black, John

Blake, Rachel
Blake, Peter Blake, Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux

Bradford, Calliope Jones
Bradford, Eugene
Bradford, Letita
Bradford, Trista Evans

Brady, Billie Reed
Brady, Bo
Brady, Caroline
Brady, Eric
Brady, Frankie
Brady, Hope Williams
Brady, Marlena Evans Craig
Brady, Max
Brady, Roman
Brady, Shawn
Brady, Shawn Douglas

Burke, Nurse Lynn

Caldwell, Jamie

Carver, Abe
Carver, Jonah
Carver, Lexie
Carver, Theo

Chandler, Kellam
Chandler, Tod

Crumb, Edmund
Crumb, Elvis Banks DiMera
Crumb, Susan Banks
Crumb, Violet

Carson, Gail

Cates, Richard

Clayton, Jack
Clayton, Jeri

Coleville, Diana
Coleville, Phillip
Coleville, Serena

Collier, Phillip

Corelli, April Ramirez
Corelli, Johnny
Corelli, Nick

Craig, Don
Craig, Donna

Curtis, Angelica Devereaux
Curtis, Liz
Curtis, Marie Horton
Curtis, Neil
Curtis, Noel
Curtis, Pete
Curtis, Phyllis Anderson

Davies, Gwen

Dawson/Hawkins, Ginger
Dawson/Hawkins/Brinker, Molly

Downey, Arthur
Downey, Rebecca

DuPres, Yvette

Devereaux, Abigail
Devereaux, Harper
Devereaux, Jack

Dimera, Andre
Dimera, Anna Brady
Dimera, Benji
Dimera, Daphne
Dimera, Kristen Blake
Dimera, Stefano
Dimera, Tony

Donavan, Andrew "Drew"
Donavan, Andrew Shawn
Donavan, Eve
Donavan, Jeannie
Donavan, Kimberly Brady
Donavan, Shane

The Dragon

Dugar, Earl
Dugar, Erlene
Dugar, Wayne
Swamp Girl

Dumonde, Lee

Englund, Britta
Englund, Lars

Evans, Samantha

Faversham, Ms.

Fallon, Jessica Blake
Fallon, Joshua

Father Francis

Gallagher, Glenn

Gardner, Lisanne

Grant, Danny
Grant, Helen
Grant, Paul
Grant, Valerie

Greer, T.C.


Griffith, Ian

Hamilton, Brooke AKA Stephanie Woodruff

Hawk, Orion
Hawk, Ellen

Hawkins, Howard Alstson
Hawkins, Howard "Hawk"

Harris, Alan

Hathaway, Maxwell
Hathaway, Megan

Hogansen, Jake


Hoffstedder, Howie

Horton, Alice
Horton, Bill
Horton, Jeremy Jacobs
Horton, Kitty
Horton, Laura
Horton, Maggie Simmons
Horton, Margo Anderman
Horton, Michael William
Horton, Mickey
Horton, Sarah
Horton, Tom
Horton, Tommy Jr.

Hunter, Marcus

Hunter, Dianne
Hunter, Richard

Jacobs, Eli
Jacobs, Robin

Jannings, Ivy Selejko
Jannings, Melissa Anderson
Jannings, Pete

Colonel Jericho

Johnson, Duke Johnson, Jo
Johnson, Kayla Brady
Johnson, Marina Toscano
Johnson, Stephanie
Johnson, Steve "Patch"

Jones, Jonsey
Jones, Vivian Alamain Kiriakis

Kelly, Franco

King, J.L.
King's Goon: Max

Kiriakis, Adrienne Johnson
Kiriakis, Joseph
Kiriakis, Justin
Kiriakis, Phillip
Kiriakis, Victor
Kiriakis, Victor II

Kositchek, Amy
Kositchek, Chris
Kositchek, Jake
Kositchek, Stan

LeClair, Rebecca North
LeClair, Robert

Lombard, Jesse
Lombard, Roger
Lombard, Stella

Maloy, Travis AKA Trent Davis

Manning, Carly

Marais, Ivan

Marshall, Alex
Marshall, Emma Donovan

Martin, David
Martin, Richard "Dickie"
Martin, Helen
Martin, John

McAll, Desiree

McIntyre, Ali

Merritt, Craig
Merritt, Tony

Michaels, Harris

Morrison, Rebecca


Olson, Ben
Olson, Steven


Gabrielle Pascal

Parrot Man

Levina "Peachie" Peach

Perrault, Celeste

Peters, Amanda Howard
Peters, Eric
Peters, Dr. Greg
Peters, Susan Hunter Martin

Ramirez, Emilio
Ramirez, Julio
Ramirez, Raul
Ramirez, Rosa
Dolan, Monty (Father of the Ramirez Children)

Reardon, Benjamin
Reardon, Wendy

Reed, Austin
Reed, Carrie Brady
Reed, Curtis
Reed, Samantha Brady

Reid, Eddie

Roberts, Kate
Roberts, Lucas
Roberts, Will

Dr. Rolfe

Roscoe, Earl

Sarah from Aremid

Scofield, Brian
Scofield, Cassie
Scofield, Tanner
Scofield, Vern

Scott, Daniel

St.Clair, Jude

Stevens, Danielle

Stevens, Jill


Taylor, Faith
Taylor, Saul

Thomas, Debra

Toscano, Ernesto
Toscano, Loretta

Williams, Addie Horton Olson
Williams, Doug
Williams, Julie Olson Banning Anderson

Wade, Nikki

Walker, Nicole
Walker Taylor

Welch, Larry

Wesley, Craig
Wesley, Nancy

Wilder, Savannah

Winters, Cal

Whyland, Evan
Whyland, Stuart


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