Jake Hogansen

Portrayers: Scott Reeves 1988
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: 1988 Was a member of Eve's Highschool Class
Marriages: none
Romances: none
Children: none
Occupation: Student
Crimes/Incarcerations: Arrested for drugs, caused Nick's car to go a cliff and burst into flames
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Jake was a boy who went to school with Eve Donovan. Jake and his friends knew Eve used to be a prostitute so they made a bet to see who could score with her first. Eve never liked any of Jake's friends, but she did like his friend Harris Michael. Harris decided to take Jake up on his bet.

With Nick Corelli's help Eve set Jake and his friends up at a party where alcholo and drugs were present. To Eve's delight they were all arrested.

Jake and his friends wanted revenge on Eve, and Nick Corelli. Jake kidnapped Eve, and left a note for Nick to meet them outside of town. Nick and Jake played a game of chicken, and Nick's car went off a cliff, and burst into flames.

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