The Lombards

Jesse Lombard

Portrayers:Tony Rhodes 1992
Date of Birth: unkown
Parents: Stella and Roger (step-father) Lombard
Entrance onto Show: Jesse was arrested by Roman
Marriages: none
Romances: Carrie Brady 1992
Occupation: Street Punk
Crimes/Incarcerations: Arrested for owning a handgun
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Jessie was the son of Stella Lombard and lived with his mother and abusive step-father, Roger Lombard.

Jesse was arrested by Roman Brady in 1992 for owning a handgun. Carrie met Jesse and was attracted to him, but they soon became friends. Both Jessie and Carrie wanted to move out of their current homes and decided to rent an apartment together. When Jesse's mother, Stella, was killed, Jesse decided to leave Salem.

Roger Lombard

Portrayers:Mark Drexler 1992
Date of Birth:unknown
Entrance onto Show: Roger was Jesse's drunk step-father
Marriages: Stella Lombard
Romances: Fell in love with Marlena Evans Brady
Children: none
Occupation: Unemployed Painter
Crimes/Incarcerations:Roger hit Kimberly Brady while driving drunk
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Roger Lombard was an abusive step-father and husband who hit Kimberly Brady while driving drunk. After getting out of jail on bail, Roger was counseled by Dr. Marlena Evans Brady. Roger eventually cleaned his act up and fell in love with Marlena. Though he denied it to his wife Stella, he eventually realized he did love Marlena. When Stella was killed after being hit by a truck, Roger left Salem.

Stella Lombard

Portrayers: Elain Bromka 1992
Date of Birth:unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show:Stella was Jesse's mother.
Marriages: Roger Lombard
Children: Jesse Lombard & one more son who died
Occupation: unknown
Crimes/Incarcerations:Stella kidnapped and left Marlena Evans Brady for dead in 1992
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: 1992: hit by a truck and was killed

Stella Lombard was the mother of Jesse Lombard and AnOlderBoy Lombard. She was married to Roger Lombard, who was an abusive alcoholic. In 1992, Stella's husband Roger hit Kimberly Brady while driving drunk. Roger, Stella, and Jesse all went to family counseling with Marlena, but Stella was insanely jealous of Marlena. Roger fell in love with Marlena and Stella was convinced that Marlena was planning on stealing her husband. Stella kidnapped Marlena when she was supposed to be going out of town on a business trip and she trapped her in a pit at an abandoned warehouse. Marlena was held down there for weeks. When the police realized something was wrong, Stella decided to flee town. Knowing that the entire warehouse was going to be demolished, Stella decided to let the police know where Marlena was. However when she tried to call them from a pay-phone, a truck swerved off the road and hit her. Stella died in the hospital trying to tell her son about Marlena.

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