Ivan Marais

Ivan Marais

Portrayers: Ivan G'Vera 1992-Present
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Ivan was Lawrence's manservant
Romances: Always in love with Vivian Alamain
Occupation: Alamain family servant, Worked for Vivian at Alamain International
Crimes/Incarcerations: Help Lawrence Alamain stage a fake death for Lisanne Gardner in 1992, helped Vivian Alamain bury Carly Manning alive
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death:still alive

Ivan was originally brought to Salem as Lawrence Alamain's manservant, but his true loyalties were always to his madame, aka Vivian Alamain. In 1992 Ivan helped Lawrence and Vivian cover up Lisanne Gardner's murder by staging a phony car accident.

In 1993, Ivan aided Vivian in her crazy scheme to kill Carly's patients and bury her alive.

In 1994, Vivian aided Vivian Alamain in rescuing herself and Laura Horton from the mental institution Pinehaven.

In 1996, Stefano forced Vivian and Ivan to help him flee Salem, which caused the police to come down on Vivian and Ivan. Vivian and Ivan fled the country and went to Paris. After spotting Stefano in Paris, Vivian thought that if she got Stefano to sign an avidavid exonerating her from willingly aiding him, she could return to Salem. Eventually, Vivian and Ivan were caught and were thrown in jail for a few days because of their involvement with Stefano, but Kate managed to use connections to keep them in prison for much much longer. Vivian and Ivan eventually escaped and John had to rescue Vivian when she climbed to the top of the Eiffel tower and threatened to jump. John eventually rescued Vivian and brought her back home safe.

Vivian soon learned that Kate was planning on blackballing her out of Titan. Vivian also learned that Sami had blacmail material on Kate and was desperate to find it so she could use it took stay at Titan.

Vivian's suspicions about Kristen became aroused when she saw Kristen go into a bathroom, but Susan came out. She also found that Kristen had two different bloodtypes on file at University Hospital. Vivian later followed Susan back to her place and found that she had a wig like Kristen's and some false teeth. Vivian realized that Kristen wasn't pregnant. Kristen asked Vivian what she wanted to keep quiet and Vivian said she wanted her to help her stay at Titan. Kristen had no choice but to vote in favor of Vivian when Kate asked the board to throw Vivian out of Titan. In exchange for this, Kristen managed to force Ivan and Vivian to help her keep Susan a secret. Meanwhile, Laura Horton became a problem when she regained her memory, which Stefano caused, and recalled that Peter Blake was alive. Laura was determined to prove that Peter was alive by having his coffin exhumed. Upon learning what she was doing, Kristen convinced Ivan and Vivian to help her dig up the coffin and have the body cremated. Kristen covered by saying she had found papers of Peter's saying he wished to be cremated. Laura went over to confront Kristen and ended up breaking down, thanks to being over medicated by Lynn and Kristen.

Later, Vivian and Ivan became suspicious about Kristen's behavior, not aware that she was actually Susan. Susan told them that Susan had left town, so she didn't need their help any longer. While walking back to her convent, Sister Mary was accosted by Vivian and Ivan, who were convinced that she was Susan. When Sister Mary informed them she was Susan's twin sister, she forced them to perform penance by scrubbing the floors of the convent. In exchange for doing this, Sister Mary promised not to turn them into the police.

Stefano returned to Salem and forced Vivian and Ivan to help him kidnap Marlena. Susan planned an Elvis themed wedding for herself and John, which Vivian and Ivan were forced to participate in. Unfortunately, Laura showed up, still wearing her pajamas from the hospital, and accused Kristen, who was really Susan, of kidnapping Marlena. Laura slapped Susan and her fake teeth landed in Vivian's glass of champagne. The truth about what Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan had done came out they were all arrested. Kristen managed to make bail, but Vivian was forced to give up all her possessions to gain her and Ivan's freedom. Vivian thought she had gotten away with hiding some secret stashes from the police, but Kate turned them into the police and Vivian lost everything. Vivian was forced to move into a rundown apartment and take jobs as a trash woman, a cook, and baby sitter, and dressing up as a hamburger to advertise for Buddy's Burger Barn. Vivian soon began to be followed by a crazy old man named Jonsey, who though Vivian was his "Flora Dora," a woman from vaudeville shows. However, when Vivian learned that Jonsey was wealthy, she pretended to be his Flora Dora. Jonsey eventually realized Vivian wasn't his Flora Dora, so in an attempt to get closer with Jonsey, Vivian held a mock seance in which the real Flora Dora told Jonsey to move on with Vivian. After Vivian found a horde of art treasures stashed in Jonsey' townhouse, Vivian became determined to marry Jonsey and have him leave everything to him in his will. Time was of the essence because Jonsey was not a well man and Vivian learned from Dr. Wu that Jonsey could die any minute.

Jonsey told Vivian he wanted to be married in his ancestral homeland, so Jonsey, Vivian, and Ivan went to England. Unfortunately, Jonsey's homeland was where Susan was hiding out. Susan and Vivian came face to face and screamed. Eventually, Vivian convinced Susan that she was not here to steal Elvis, but to marry Jonsey.

Jonsey and Vivian were legally married on February _, 1998. Susan and Edmund stood up for them and a wedding picture appeared in the local paper. Vivian, determined to gain all of Jonsey's treasures, refused to make love to him until he filled out his will. Jonsey was actually staying at the house and guarding the treasures for Stefano DiMera, but he was not allowed to tell anyone. Eventually, Jonsey filled out the will and he and Vivian consummated their marriage. To Vivian's shock, Jonsey was the best lover she ever had. Unfortunately their marriage wasn't a long one, Jonsey soon keeled over in bed. Vivian and Ivan returned to Salem and moved into Jonsey's townhouse.

Ivan, along with Celeste, helped Vivian start her new company, Alamain International. However, both Celeste and Ivan noticed that Vivian had begun to act oddly after a dinner with Stefano and were convinced that he was behind her actions.

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