Nurse Lynn

Nurse Lynn Burke

Portrayers: Marie Alise Recasner 1994-Present
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Lynn was a nurse at Salem Univerisity Hospital
Romances: Jonah Carver (1995)
Occupation: Nurse
Crimes/Incarcerations: Blackmailed Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts because she knew Sami drugged Austin, Fed Laura Horton pills to suppress her memory under the order of Stefano DiMera
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: Still Alive

Nurse Lynn came to Salem in 1994. Lynn fell for Jonah Carver, but she eventually gave up on him when she realized that he had a thing for his sister-in-law Lexie Carver.

In early 1994, Nurse Lynn mentioned to Sami Brady about drug that some friends had used to seduce men. Sami used this drug to seduce Austin, and when Lynn learned that Sami was pregnant, she blackmailed her. Sami managed to get Lucas to pull some strings and have Lynn sent off to an exotic location.

In 1996, Nurse Lynn was hired by Kate Roberts to care for Victor Kiriakis, who had become catatonic after a stroke. Lynn also blackmailed Sami and Lucas for while, but when they ran out of money she sold their schemes to Kate Roberts.

In 1997, Stefano hired Nurse Lynn Burke to act as Laura's private nurse and to secretly drug her with pills that would suppress her memory. Laura had learned that Peter Blake was alive and that Kristen DiMera wasn't pregnant. Laura found herself drawn to the Blake house and began to remember what happened to her, but Kristen showed up and knocked her out. Kristen also had the secret room in the Blake House sealed. Laura remembered the room, being zapped with a laser, and Peter being alive, but nobody believed her. Laura eventually informed Lynn that she no longer needed her services or the pills she was taking. Laura had finally regained her memory and was determined to prove that Peter was alive by having his coffin exhumed. Upon learning what she was doing, Kristen convinced Ivan and Vivian to help her dig up the coffin and have the body cremated. Kristen covered by saying she had found papers of Peter's saying he wished to be cremated. Laura went over to confront Kristen and ended up breaking down, thanks to being over medicated by Lynn and Kristen. Laura ended up in the hospital. Nurse Lynn was still drugging Laura in the hospital, which kept her unconscious. Having not heard from Stefano in awhile, Nurse Lynn asked Kristen if she should keep drugging Laura. Unaware that Kristen was actually Susan, Nurse Lynn agreed not to keep drugging Laura, because Susan had told her to stop. Lynn learned that Stefano was back in town and was going to kidnap Marlena and Laura. Lynn felt sorry for Laura and helped her flee the hospital. Afterwards, Nurse Lynn mysteriously disappeared.

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