Gabrielle Pascal

Portrayers: Karen Moncrieff 1987-1988
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Entrance onto Show: 1987 Returned to set up Shane
Marriages: none
Romances: Shane Donovan, Mike Horton 1988
Children: Eve Donovan
Occupation: ISA Agent
Crimes/Incarcerations: Framed Shane and got him expelled from the ISA
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Gabrielle came to Salem in 1987 to seek revenge on her old partner Shane Donovan. Gabrielle pretended to be a Russian Spy who had an affair with Shane Donovan in exchange for secrets. Once she let this info leak to the ISA Shane was fired. Shane was eventually reinstated and Gabrielle was exposed for what she had done.

In 1988 Gabrielle began seeing Mike, which caused Shane Donovan to become jealous.

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