Celeste Perrault

Portrayers: Tanya Boyd 1994-Present
Date of Birth:unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Celeste was Stefano's former mistress and current henchwoman at Maison Blanche
Romances: Stefano (In the past)
Children: Lexie Brooks Carver
Occupation: Stefano's henchwoman, Worked at Vivian's company Alamain International
Crimes/Incarcerations: Celeste attempted to kill John Black and Marlena Evans Brady at Maison Blanche in 1994,
Other Interesting Facts: Celeste has psychic powers and reads tarot cards
Date of Death: still alive

Celeste Perrault was Stefano's henchwoman and mistress in New Orleans. In 1994, John Black recieved a mysterious puzzle. When he assembled the puzzle it showed a picture of an old plantation which he somehow recognzied. After learning that the place was Maison Blanche, John went to New Orleans to visit it. When he arrived he was taken prisoner by Stefano and Celeste. Stefano chained John up in the basement and planned to re-brainwash him. Celeste, who liked John, told him that everything he needed to save himself was in his cell. After searching the cell, John found a block that had Johnny Black, 1984 inscribed on it. Behind the block John found a necklace with a crusafix and a prayer on a piece of paper. Using a recording of John's voice, Stefano lured Marlena to New Orleans as well. When she arrived, Celeste knocked her out with either and locked her up with John. Stefano was planning on erasing John's memory, so Marlena tried to prevent him from doing it with a strip show. Stefano also forced Marlena to call Roman and tell him that she was pon vacation with John Black. Meanwhile, Celeste became jelous of Marlena because she knew that Stefano was in love with her. Later that year, Kristen, Tony, Peter, Jen, Bo, and Billie all came to Maison Blanche for a charity event Kristen held. While there, Jen and Peter made love. Also, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's dead wife Hope, but nobody would believe her. Hope was at Maison Blanche, but she was called Gina by Stefano and Celeste. Roman also showed up, but to arrest Peter Blake for trafficing drugs in one of his clubs. A jealous Celeste leaked gas into the cell where John and Marlena were being held and started a fire. Roman managed to rescue them. John came out and shocked both Kristen and Tony, who were horrified to see John in shackles. Kristen looked up and screamed when she spotted her dead father, Stefano. Tony ran back into the house to try and retrieve his father's computer, which contained a file on John's past. Maison Blanche burst into flames. Tony got the computer, but went blind in the process. Stefano slipped away with Hope, but John managed to catch up with Stefano and rescued Hope. Bo and Billie were shocked when they saw Hope, but Hope claimed to be a woman named Gina.

Celeste came to Salem and began planting memories of Hope's life into Gina's head. Celeste mistook Billie for Hope and when she was caught, Celeste fled and dropped the book of memories, which Billie recovered and used to unmask Gina.

In late 1995, Lexie learned that the parents who raised her weren't her biological parents. Lexie asked Celeste, who she called Aunt Frankie, about her real parents. Celeste told Lexie that she did not know who her birth parents were, a lie she told Lexie to protect her from the truth. Lexie traced her adoption back to the town of Aremid. Celeste did everything she could to stop Lexie from searching for her real parents, but Lexie wouldn't give up.

In early 1996, Lexie learned that Celeste was her natural mother. Lexie is hurt, but Celeste tells her that it was for the best that she gave her to her sister and her husband to raise because she was too involved in Stefano's world. Lexie asked Celeste who her father is, but Celeste refused to tell her.

John Black's Trial resumed in 1996 and Peter Blake put Kristen DiMera on the stand. Kristen admited to the court that she believed that John killed her husband, Tony DiMera. John was sentanced to death because Stefano blackmailed the judge. The death sentance was to be carried out immideately. On the night of John's execution, Stefano dinee with Marlena Brady at the Blake House. Marlena managed to get Tony's diary and give it to the Woman in White. The Woman in White dropped it on the way to the courthouse, but Jack Devereaux found it and gots it there in time to save John from the gas chamber. Meanwhile, Marlena told Stefano that she knows he ordered John's death sentance and she hates him. Stefano abducted Marlena and tried to make his getaway, but Celeste followed him and demands he take her too. Stefano refused, so Celeste tells him that Lexie is his daughter, in hopes of staying with him. Stefano escaped with Marlena into some underground tunnels below Aremid. Lexie tried to reason with her father, but he and Marlena are lost in a cave in. Stefano managed to escape to the ocean, but John rescued Marlena. Stefano escapes via helicopter and vowed to return for Marlena.

Upon returning to Salem, Celeste began to bond with her daughter Lexie and her son-in-law, Abe Carver. Celeste decided to put her past behind her and refused to have anything more to do with Stefano.

In 1997, Celeste was drawn to Jonsey's townhouse because she was sure that Peter Blake was hiding there. However, Celeste was shocked when Kristen answered the door. Celeste barged her way in and got into a fight with Celeste. Kristen was hiding the syringe behind her that contained the cure for Jungle Madness, but Stefano warned her it would give a healthy person the Jungle Madness Disease. Kristen and Celeste ended up falling onto the floor and Kristen accidentally, without Celeste's knowledge, injected her with the Virus. Stefano was furious with Kristen not only disowned her, but told her that when he got Elvis back she would not get near the child, let alone raise it.

Celeste began to see visions of Kristen DiMera being murdered. After she was found sleeping in the park by Sister Mary Moira, Celeste went to St. Monica's convent to rest. Sister Mary told Celeste that something evil was happening to her and she should pray to God to save her soul.

Celeste began to remember more and more about the night Kristen was killed, after Stefano had given her the cure for her jungle Madness. Celeste remembered being at the Blake house and seeing Laura shoot at Kristen, and that Kristen fell down. Laura left, but Kristen got up. Celeste also remembered that one of the bullets grazed her head. Celeste told this to Stefano, who was puzzled and wondered who killed Kristen. Stefano soon learned that Marlena was planning to have Kristen's body exhumed. Stefano panicked and thought they may discover that it wasn't Kristen's body, so Stefano rushed Celeste to Laura's hearing.

Later in 97, Hope confronted Stefano about her past and Stefano told her the same old story, he found her in New Orleans and cared for her for four years while she underwent painful surgeries. Hope didn't believe Stefano and went to Celeste. Celeste told Hope she couldn't help her because she was only with Hope a few weeks before John rescued her. After Hope left, Celeste sent her a box of possessions Hope had while at Maison Blanche. Later, Stefano visited Celeste and ordered her to tell Hope that she was with her for four years at Maison Blanche. Celeste went to Hope and told her this and she said she lied before because she didn't want Hope to remember that she underwent many surgeries over the four years and they were very painful. Celeste also tried to retrieve the package she sent Hope, but Hope opened it in front of Celeste. Inside were a lipstick container, a silver comb, and a silver compact with a G on it. Hope asked Celeste why she would have these things if her face was scarred for four years. Celeste admitted she lied about being with her because Stefano forced her to. Celeste also suggested that Hope drop her search because Stefano would be furious if he learned she was searching for her past.

Celeste was offered a job at Vivian's new company, Alamain International, and she took the job. However, both Celeste and Ivan noticed that Vivian had begun to act oddly after a dinner with Stefano and were convinced that he was behind her actions.

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