The Reeds

Austin Reed

Portrayers:Patrick Muldoon 1992-95, Austin Peck 1995-Present
Date of Birth: July 16, 19XX
Parents: Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed
Entrance onto Show: Austin moved into the apartment across from Carrie Brady
Marriages: Sami Brady (September 24, 1996, Annulled August 97), Carrie Brady (September 8, 1997)
Romances: Had a brief thing for Jennifer Horton Devereaux in 1993
Children: Believed Will Roberts was his child for 2 years
Occupation: Boxer, Pianist, Co-Host of the Jen Devereaux Show, Titan Executive.
Crimes/Incarcerations: Austin was ordered to throw a boxing fight in 1993
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: Still Alive

Austin came to Salem in 1992 and moved into the apartment across from Carrie's. Austin was boxing by day and playing the piano at Wings by night. Carrie became smitten with Austin, but he wasn't taken by her at first. Carrie did everything she could to get his attention. Austin had a MA in music and enjoyed listening to classical music and jazz, so Carrie pretended to be really into that. Eventually they started seeing each other, but Austin's boxing career caused problems. Austin was mixed up with a bad crowd who ordered him to purposely throw fights.

In 1993 Carrie was nominated and won Bella Magazine's "Face of the 90s" contest. At the party that was thrown for her, Carrie was hit in the face with acid by a man who was aiming for Austin. Austin had not thrown a fight and was the intended target. Carrie's father, Roman, was furious and was going to arrest Austin for his part in an illegal gambling ring. Carrie managed to keep Austin out of jail by promising her father that she would no longer see Austin.

Jennifer Devereaux gave Austin a job co-hosting her talk show in 1993 and Austin had a thing for her for awhile. When Jennifer's daughter, Abbey, needed a bone marrow transplant, Austin donated the marrow. Austin helped Jen learn about the company that had dumped toxic waste near their home years before.

Austin's father, Curtis Reed, returned to Salem in 1993. Curtis had gotten Billie addicted to drugs when she was younger and she also raped her. Curtis eventually drugged Billie with heroin and took her to the basement of her building. Curtis intended to rape her, but before he could he was murdered. Billie couldn't remember what happened, but she was arrested for killing him. Billie's prints were on the gun that was used to kill Curtis and part of her wondered if she did kill him. However, Billie refused to tell Bo how she knew Curtis and she made her brother, Austin, keep quiet. Bille thought that if Bo learned the truth, he wouldn't love her.

As the trail continued in 1994, many secrets came out. Billie and Austin were bothered shocked when the fact that Kate was married to Curtis Reed came out. Eventually Billie admitted that Curtis was her father and he sexually molested her. In the end, it was revealed that Stefano DiMera killed Curtis in self defense and framed Billie. Billie was let go and despite fearing that Bo would want nothing to do with her, Bo told her that he loved her no matter what. Billie and Austin were also reunited with Kate, the mother they thought abandoned them. Kate told them that Curtis had taken them from her and she believed they had all been killed in a car crash.

After Alan went to jail, Sami was teased by men and feared that nobody would ever love her. Lucas Roberts was also depressed about the fact that Carrie made it clear that they could only be friends. Both seeking the comfort of the opposite sex, Lucas and Sami made love in the Titan building. Austin saw them, but he assumed it was Carrie and Lucas making love because he saw Carrie's shirt on the floor. Later, Sami drugged Austin and tricked him into sleeping with her because she pretended to be Carrie. The next morning, Austin told Sami he made a mistake and they could not be a couple. Sami ran away as a result. Carrie learned that Austin had slept with someone else, she just didn't know who. Both Austin and Carrie were apart because they both suspected the other of being unfaithful.

Carrie and Austin both searched in LA for Sami, but they could not find her. The two made up and soon became lovers again. Though Austin wanted to tell Carrie who he slept with, Carrie told him not to tell her. The two became engaged and prepared to be married. Tragically, Austin's mother, Kate Roberts, was killed in a plane crash and could not make it to the wedding. As the wedding began, Sami Brady returned and fainted during their wedding. Sami murmured about her "baby" and she revealed to everyone that she was pregnant. A stunned Austin told Carrie that he could be the father because Sami was the woman he slept with. Carrie slapped Austin and the rest of the Brady clan spurned him for what he had done to their poor Sami.

Austin stayed with Sami through her pregnancy and their son, William Reed was born on November 16 8:30 PM, 1995. After his birth, Sami and will moved into the Brady Pub and later with Austin.

Austin and Carrie still had feelings for one another and they agreed to meet up on the roof of their apartment building at the stroke of midnight. They decided that if one of them didn't show up, then it meant that they were over. Unknown to Austin and Carrie, Sami changed the time on on Austin's watch so they went to the roof at the wrong time. As a result, both Austin and Carrie thought the other had given up.

Sami managed to drug Carrie's glass of champaign and carried her to bed. Lucas showed up drunk as a skunk and when he passed out, Sami put him in bed with Carrie. Sami then arranged for Austin to see them in bed together. The next morning both Carrie and Lucas were clueless as to how they ended up in bed. As a side effect of running around in the cold weather, Sami developed a high fever and infection and was admitted into the hospital. At the hospital, Austin gave Carrie the cold shoulder and told her that he saw her and Lucas in bed together. Carrie couldn't explain what had happened. After Sami was released, Austin took Sami back to his place to stay. Thinking it was over between her and Austin, Carrie began dating Lucas.

In March of 1996, Kate Roberts returned to Salem and was reunited with her children Lucas, Austin, and Phillip.

In June of 96, Nurse Lynn Burke and Jaime Caldwell eventually broke and told Kate that Sami drugged Austin to get him to sleep with her and then she and Lucas pulled countless numbers of schemes to break the couple up. Kate proceeded to expose both Lucas and Sami. After Carrie decked Sami, Carrie and Austin reunited and went to Green Mountain Lodge for a few days. Upon returning, Austin and Carrie prepared to sue Sami for custody of Will.

Austin and Carrie attempt to sue Sami for custody of Will fails, Sami wins in the end. Sami moves into a run down apartment and finds things for Austin to come over and fix. Eventually, Austin catches onto her scheme and refuses to come over. Kate gives Austin and Carrie a surprise engagement party and a pre-wedding-honeymoon trip to Paris. Carrie and Austin go to Paris. Not knowing Will has been kidnapped and brought to Paris, Austin and Carrie end up in a room right next to the woman who has kidnapped Will. Austin and Carrie decided to marry in Paris, but their marriage came to a halt when they learned about Will's kidnapping. Sami came to Paris and they all searched for Mary. When she was found, Will had already been sold. Luckily, the couple was apprehended before they could flee the country with Will. Unfortunately, the French child protective services refused to turn Will over to an unmarried couple, so Austin and Sami were forced to marry in order to get Will back. They almost had to remain in Paris under observation for 6 months, but a judge decided to let them go when Sami assured him that she and Austin were in love and even offered to stay as long as it was necessary for the courts to see that.

Upon returning to Salem, Austin filed for divorce, so Sami fought back. Sami followed Austin and Carrie up to Green Mountain Lodge and Carrie caught Sami in their room, wearing her negligee. A huge fight followed and Sami pressed charges against Carrie, who was arrested. Sami had a restraining order put on Carrie which forced her to keep 100 feet away from her and Will.

Sami managed to worm her way into the Kiriakis mansion and searched Kate's room. She hit the jackpot when she found a shoebox in Kate's closet full of incriminating evidence. Sami blackmailed Kate and ordered her to give Carrie a promotion at Titan, one that would make her travel a lot. Unfortunately, Sami's plan backfired when Austin said he'd be traveling with Carrie. However, Kate managed to let Carrie continue with her new job without having to travel. Austin and Carrie had planned a romantic, but Sami learned about their trip and stole Austin's car. Something was wrong with the car and she crashed it. Austin was forced to go to the impound to pick his car up. Sami tried to tell Austin that something was wrong with his car, but he didn't believe her. In the parking garage at the impound, Sami begged Austin not to drive it. Austin ignored her and went to take off, but the car's gears slipped and Austin back into Sami and hit her up a wall. Sami is rushed to the hospital and fell into a deep coma.

Austin thought that by playing the video tape of his wedding to Sami, the music may help her. When the music seemed to have an effect on her, Marlena urged Austin to tell Sami that he loved her. When Sami finally awoke, she thought it was four years back and that she was still sixteen. Sami was also paralyzed from the waste down. Sami's family had to tell her that she was not a teenager anymore, she was a mother now. Slowly, Sami began to remember bits and pieces. Suddenly, Sami remembered her wedding to Austin and she believed she and Austin were happily married. Unfortunately for Carrie and Austin, Mickey told Austin he could not legally divorce Sami when she was not in her right mind. A further blow was dealt when Marlena said that telling Sami the truth could cause her to relapse. Much to Carrie's dismay, Austin had to play the loving husband to Sami.

Lucas decided to use Sami's situation to his own advantage and convinced Sami to go home to Austin and surprise him. Upon arriving at Austin's place, Sami found a woman's negligee and lipstick in the apartment. Sami thought Austin was cheating on her and accused Carrie of stealing her husband, which Carrie denied. Both Austin and Carrie convinced Sami that Austin wasn't cheating on her. Later, Sami asked Mike to release her as an out patient so she could spend time at home with her husband and son. Sami moved in with Austin and Austin slept on the couch and told her that he is a restless sleeper and didn't want to make her uncomfortable. Sami decided that her sister needs a boyfriend and tried to set Carrie and Lucas up. Sami began to recall bits and pieces of her past, but kept silent when Lucas urged her not to tell Austin. Sami also convinced Austin to sleep in the same bed with her, but he actually snuck out of the bed after she fell asleep and snuck back in before she woke up.

While ironing some clothes, an electric shocked jogged Sami's memory and also gave her back the use of her legs. Sami believed that Austin really loved her and wanted to tell him the truth, but Lucas made her realize that Austin never loved her. Lucas convinced Sami to help him with a new plot. Lucas came up with the idea to convince Austin that Carrie was falling in love with Mike Horton. Lucas thought that once Austin gave up on Carrie, he could easily steal Carrie from Mike. Once Austin was free, Sami was planning to steal him from Carrie. Sami and Lucas arranged for Mike to go to Green Mountain Lodge where Carrie is supposedly waiting for Austin. When Austin finally showed up he saw Mike and Carrie in a hot tub and thought that he was loosing Carrie.

After finding a discrepancy in Will's birth records, Sami realized that Lucas was Will's real father. Sami broke into the hospital records to attempt to change Will's blood type, but she was confronted by Austin, Carrie, and Mike. All of them were stunned to see Sami was walking. Sami claimed that she was so concerned about her mom, who was almost kidnapped by Stefano, that she suddenly gained the strength to walk to the hospital to check on Marlena. Upon learning that her father, Roman Brady, wasn't dead, Sami used him to stir up more trouble for Austin and Carrie. Sami had recently learned that Austin had filed for an annulment, he just hadn't told her about it because he still thought that she had no memory of what had happened. Sami went to see Roman and told him that she was very happy with Austin and that Carrie was in love with Mike Horton now. Carrie didn't want to upset her father and played along, unaware that Austin was outside Roman's room and hear Carrie say that Mike made her happy. Roman was admitted to the hospital to undergo a series of tests. Unfortunately, the diseases Roman had was very advanced. Marlena wanted to attend a conference in LA, but was unable to leave Roman. However, Carrie and Mike agreed to go in her place.

Austin eventually came clean with Sami about the annulment and what she had done in the past. Sami begged Austin not to leave her, and to force his hand Sami announced that she and Will were moving out. Sami moved into the Kiriakis mansion, but made sure Lucas and Will didn't spend to much time together. Kate almost told Austin the truth, but Sami threatened to tell everyone that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Austin began feeling guilty about Sami and eventually proposed to her when he thought that Carrie was in love with Mike. Sami called Carrie in LA to gloat about her engagement to Austin. Carrie and Mike rushed home from L.A. on a train and returned to Salem on Austin and Sami's wedding day.

On Sami and Austin's wedding day, Sami asked Roman to walk her down the isle. Meanwhile, Carrie showed up and was determined to stop the wedding. Eric told his dad that something was wrong and when Roman saw the look on Austin and Carrie's faces, he realized Sami was lying. Roman pretended to collapse to buy Carrie the time to learn what was really going on. Carrie, Eric, and Mike searched the hospital records and learned that Lucas was really Will's father. Carrie rushed to the church and decked her sister and then exposed the devastating truth to everyone. Much to Sami's dismay, Austin and Carrie were married the same day, August 26, 1997.

Carrie and Austin decided to spend their honeymoon in Rome and kept it a secret from everyone but Kate. They feared that Sami would learn where they were and would cause trouble. Meanwhile, Sami managed to find out that Austin and Carrie were in Rome. Sami convinced Mike to let her be his personal assistant and when Mike was invited to a medical conference in Rome, Sami accepted on his behalf and even booked a room for him, and herself, in the same hotel Austin and Carrie were in. Bo and Billie, who were in Rome, went out for a bite to eat and were spotted by Austin and Carrie, who were in Rome on their honeymoon. Austin became concerned about Billie, who claimed she was battling food poisoning.

Mike arrived in Rome for the medical conference and ran into an old colleague he knew in Israel, Dr. Debra Thomas. Mike and Debra decided to go to a street carnival that night and ran into Austin and Carrie. Carrie ran up and kissed Mike, who was wearing the same mask Austin was wearing. Billie's withdrawal symptoms began to worsen, so Bo asked Mike to prescribe something for her. Austin eventually learned that Billie was back on drugs and Bo explained everything to Austin. Austin asked Bo to give his love for Billie a fair shot, so Bo did just that.

Austin, Carrie, Mike, Austin, Bo, and Billie all returned home when they learned Roman was about to die. However, Roman was saved just in the nick of time by a cure John and Stefano had found.

A New Years eve party was thrown at the Penthouse Grill and Sami is almost mugged in an alley, but is saved by Franco. Later, Franco payed the man who mugged Sami for a job well done. Sami and Franco went to the Salem Club and when Austin showed up, they began to kiss. Sami and Franco planned to make Austin jealous. However, Sami began to find it hard to focus on Austin, which is what Franco had in mind. Franco convinced Sami that if he wanted Austin to notice her then she should become more sophisticated and mature. Sami, with Franco's help, planned to launch a "New Faces" campaign, which would feature new models and make them into stars. Kate refused to finance her campaign, so Sami decided to do a test shoot to prove it was a good idea. Franco realized that Austin had been spending a lot of time at the punching bag at the gym and Sami told Franco that Austin used to be a boxer, but quit because Carrie hated it. Franco told Sami that this was the perfect way to cause trouble for Austin and Carrie. Franco and Sami arranged for Austin's old boxing coach to come pay him some visits and try to lure him back to the old gym.

Lucas began to drink more and more and Sami decided to use it against Lucas. Sami went to Austin and told him that Lucas was becoming a drunk and she was afraid for Will. Carrie accused Sami of trying to cause trouble for them, but Sami said she was over Austin and was in love with Franco now. Carrie was constantly busy with Mike, and Austin had been spending a lot of time at his old gym, helping to train young wanna-be boxers. However, Austin wasn't telling Carrie that he had been going to the gym.

Lucas and Sami began to get on one another's nerves and both plotted to get rid of the other. Sami caused trouble by telling Austin that Lucas drank too much and Austin began checking in on Lucas. Sami came home one night and found Lucas passed out of the floor and Will was missing. Desperate, Sami called Austin. They managed to find Will out in his playhouse. However, Lucas insisted he wasn't drunk, he just fell asleep.

Austin slowly became irritated with the amount of time that Carrie spent working at the hospital on Mike Horton's Chief of Staff campaign. Austin was lured back to his old gym by his former trainer and began boxing and helping other younger boxers train. Austin didn't tell Carrie about it at first, but eventually he did, not knowing she had already found out about his boxing.

The Horton's and Brady's hosted a family barbecue for the Fourth of July. At the barbecue, the board members appointed a shocked Mike as the new Chief of Staff. Austin thought that his wife's work with Mike Horton had ended.

The next day, Craig and Nancy came up with a new scheme to oust Mike. They thought if Carrie and Mike worked closely together something would eventually happen. Nancy convinced the board to hire Carrie as the hospital's PR person. The board liked the idea and tells Mike about it and asks him to offer Carrie the job. Mike offered Carrie the job and she said she had to think about it. Carrie wanted to Ask Austin first and Mike understood. However, Carrie never found the perfect time to tell Austin. Austin had become wrapped up with Sami and Lucas. Sami was still claiming that Lucas was a drunk, though Carrie believed Sami was lying to cause trouble. However, Sami saw the perfect moment to cause trouble when Lucas, who had been drinking, dropped Will. Sami rushed Will to the hospital and asked Austin to meet her there. At the hospital, Sami accused Lucas of hitting Will. When the story spread through the hospital, Carrie took the PR job to keep the story hush hush. Carrie eventually told Austin about the job, which he eventually accepted.

Sami took Lucas to court for child abuse. However, there wasn't enough evidence to support her allegations against Lucas, so the charges were dropped. Sami was given full custody of Will and Lucas was given supervised visits. He also was ordered to live with his grandmother, Alice, and to complete a 12 step recovery program. During the trial, Kate revealed that she had hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Austin defended Sami at the trial, while Carrie defended Lucas. In an attempt to help Kate deal with Sami, Austin said that he and Carrie would move into the Kiriakis Mansion to help care for Will.

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