Sarah from Aremid

Sarah from Aremid

Portrayers:Kristi McDaniel 1995-96
Date of Birth:unknown
Parents: unknown, lived with her Uncle Lou
Entrance onto Show: Sarah worked at the Red Dragon Inn
Romances: Sarah fell in love with Jack Devereaux
Occupation: Helped her uncle run The Red Dragon Inn
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death:still alive

Sarah lived in Aremid and helped her Uncle Lou run the Red Dragon Inn, Aremid's Pub and Inn. Peter Blake brought Jennifer Devereaux to his home town of Aremid where he proposed to her. There they learned about the legend of the Woman in White, a ghost who haunted the town. Peter thought it was rubbish, but Jen wasn't sure. Jack Devereaux showed up in hope of thwarting Peter somehow and he befirended Sarah. Sarah knew much about the Woman in White and she also While staying at the Blake House, Peter and Jen found a portrait a Woman in White who was actually Peter's mother, Rachel. Jen made a fire and fell asleep at the Blake house and the Woman in White closed the flew and filled the house with smoke. Jen was rescued by Peter and Jack, but Sarah said it was the woman in white. Sarah fell in love with Jack and actually dressed up as the woman in white to get close to him, but she was found out by Peter. Peter and Jen both thought Jack was using Sarah to try and break them up. Peter and Jen went back to Salem, but Sarah told Jack that there really was a Woman in White.

Sarah followed Jack to Salem and Peter eventually discovered that Jack was hiding Sarah. Peter also knew that Sarah loved Jack and he told her to go back to Aremid and he wouldn't tell Jack that she loved him. Sarah ran away and ended p at the Blue Moon and was almost forced to strip, but Hope talked her out of it and Jack took her home to Aremid.

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