Jill Stevens

Portrayers:Lisa Kelly Robin 1996-97; Sarah Aldrich 1997
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Bo found Jill on the docks, she was beaten badly
Romances: mysterious man who beat her (Franco)
Children: none
Occupation: unknown
Crimes/Incarcerations: Jill accepted money from Franco to tell the police she was being beaten
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: still alive

Bo ran across Jill Stevens on the pier, and she had been badly beaten. Jill described the man to Bo and he becomes convinced that Franco was the man who beat her. Bo and Hope both end up investigating Franco, who is acting suspcious, but it turned out that Franco was planning an engagement party for them. Hope felt like a fool, but Bo still refused to trust Franco.

Franco and Hope went to Santa Rosa for a modeling job. Franco managed to sabotage the pluming in his room, so he was forced to share "The Room of Eternal Love" with Hope. Bo came to Santa Rosa to surprise Hope, but instead he found Franco and Hope in bed together. Later he learned that it was all very innocent. However, Bo found a wrench in Franco's room and suspects it was more than innocent. Jill continues to be beat up and the man she described to Bo fits Franco's description, but Jill claimed the man who was attacking her had very blue eyes.

Billie returned home in the fall of 1996 and moved into the Kirkiais Mansion. Billie began to date Franco, which upset Bo. Bo insisted Franco is dangerous, but Hope accused him of being jealous. WHen the four go out on a double date to Smith Island, a friend of Franco's was found dead by Billie. Bo was possitive that Franco was guilty. Franco attempted to frame the dead man for beating Jill by putting blue contacts in the body while it is at the morge, but Bo learned the man was in prison when Jill was beaten the first few times. Hope becomes fed up with Bo's obcession with Franco and claimed he was using it to avoid his feelings for Billie. Hope told Bo that she couldn't marry him if he still had feelings for Billie.

Bo and Hope were supposed to marry in November of 96, but other people had other plans for them. Billie, depressed about the wedding, went to Smith Island. Jill Stevens came to see Bo and she had been badly beaten again. She told Bo that the man who beat her was heading out to Smith Island. Bo knew Billie was out there, so he went to the island on the night before his wedding to Hope. Franco was out there waiting and managed to let Bo's boat loose. Franco took the last ferry back to the mainland and left Bo and Billie stranded on the island. Bo attempted to swim to the mainland, but he ended up passing out in the cold water. Billie rescued him and brought him back to the cabin. Billie stripped Bo of his clothes and used her own body heat to warm him. The next morning, Hope asked Franco to take her out to Smith Island and found Bo and Billie asleep in front of a fire. Hope returned to Salem and told everyone that the wedding was off. Bo blamed Franco, but Hope refused to believe him. Jill was beaten up once again and this time she fingered Franco. Bo arrested Franco and brought him in, but Jill had vanished. Without a witness, Bo had no way of holding Franco. Later, Jill was brought into the ER as a Jane Doe. She had been beaten badly and was unconcious. Billie saw Jill and took pitty and visited her often. Eventually, Billie learned that the Jane Doe is the woman Bo was looking for. Billie considered not telling Bo about her, but in the end she told him. After she recovererd, Jill toldBo she's ready to ID her attacker. Bo brought Franco in, but Jill claimed her attacker wasn't in the lineup. Later, Franco visited Jill and paid her a huge some of money to leave town.

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