The Taylors

Faith Taylor

Portrayers: Mindy Clarke 1989-1990 (John Clarke's daughter)
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: Saul Taylor
Entrance onto Show: Faith Taylor came to Salem with her father and his revival camp
Marriages: none
Romances: Scott Banning 1989-90
Children: none
Occupation: Worked with her father's traveling revival camp, singer at Wings
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: Still Alive

Faith Taylor is the daughter of Reverand Saul Taylor. She came to Salem with her father's revival camp which was set up outside of Salem. Faith striked up a friendship with Doctor Marcus Hunter after she was taken to the hospital when her father's revival tent collapsed and she was struck by a beam, which left her temporarily blinded. However her father Saul objected to her friendship with Marcus for some reason and asked her to stay away from him. Later Faith learned that her father was responsible for the death of Marcus' parents.

After her father was killed Marcus offered to let Faith stay with him. She soon met and fell in love with Scott Banning. Faith had an incredible voice and Scott, who had recently left a position at a record production company, became Faith's manager and got her a job singing at Wings.

In 1990 a visious storm hit Salem and left Faith paralyzed. Eve Donovan, who was in love with Faith's current boyfriend Scott, plotted to keep the two of them apart. Eve brought Scott's shadowy record producing scams and secrets to Faith's attention in hopes that it would cause problems. Eve's plan failed miserable. Faith walked again and when Scott was accepted to medical school, Faith and Scott left Salem.

Saul Taylor

Portrayers: James Hampton 1989
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: Came to Salem with his revival camp
Marriages: unknown
Romances: none
Children: Faith Taylor
Occupation: Reverand, traveling preacher
Crimes/Incarcerations:Responsible for the death of Marcus Hunter's parents
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Shot in 1989 by Jericho

Saul Taylor was a traveling reverend who along with his daughter Faith Taylor preached the word of God. Saul however had a dark and shady past he didn't want anyone to discover. Years ago Saul was responsible for numerous black church burnings in the south with a man named Jericho. One of those churches was blown up, and though Saul thought it was empty it really was full which Jericho knew. Among those inside the church were the parents of Marcus Hunter, who's father was a civil rights activist who was Jericho's target. Jericho tried to kill the young Marcus Hunter, who fled from the church. Marcus however escaped and was sent to an orphanage.

Years later Saul would meet up with Marcus Hunter in Salem, who remembered very little about his past. His old partner Jericho also returned and threatened to his shady past if he didn't keep his daughter Faith away from Marcus Hunter. When Steve Johnson infiltrated Saul's camp a desperate Jericho shot and killed Saul to keep him from revealing anything about his past.

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