Dr. Debra Thomas

Portrayers: Paige Rowland 1997
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: September 97: Debra was a friend of Mikes and they met in Rome at a conference
Romances: Mike Horton (97)
Occupation: Doctor
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death:still alive

Dr. Debra Thomas was an old friend of Mike Horton's from Israel and they meet up in Rome during a medical conference. Mike and Debra decided to go to a street carnival that night and ran into Austin and Carrie. Carrie ran up and kissed Mike, who was wearing the same mask Austin was wearing.

Mike began to date Debra in hopes of forgetting about Carrie. When Debra and Mike were on the verge of making love, Sami had a traveling musician, who was below Mike and Debra's window, play a song that brought back memories of dancing with Carrie for Mike. Mike told Debra that he couldn't make love to her and she understood. Later, Franco pointed out to Debra that Mike was in love with Carrie. Debra confronted Mike about this and he admitted he was in love with Carrie. Debra realized that they could never have a relationship and they stopped seeing one another.

Carrie asked Debra why she and Mike decided not to see one another and Debra told her that Mike was already in love with someone else from Salem. Carrie wondered if Mike was in love with her and confronted Mike. Mike told Carrie that he was in love with another woman in Salem, but she was married.

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