Travis Maloy/Trent Davis

Travis Maloy/Trent Davis

Portrayers: Branden Matthews 1997
Date of Birth: ?
Parents: ?
Entrance onto Show: Travis was Jack's cell mate in prison
Marriages: Claims to have been married
Romances: ?
Children: Claims to have had children
Occupation: Works for Stefano DiMera
Crimes/Incarcerations: Murdered his parents, works with Stefano to keep Jack Deveruax in Prison, Kidnapped Jennifer and attempted to sell her to Peter Blake
Other Interesting Facts:
Date of Death: Died in 1997 after Jack pushed him off a cliff.

In prison, Jack Deverueax became cell mates with Travis Maloy. Travis was actually working for Stefano and he was to try and convince Jen to find a new husband and father for Abbey. Later, Travis transferred out of the prison and ended up living next door to Jen as Trent Davis.

Because Laura's ramblings about Peter appeared to be true, Jen feared that Peter may come after her again and she asked her neighbor Trent to install and alarm for her. Trent did so, but he also knew how to bypass the alarm and break in.

Jennifer decided to apply for a job at the prison Jack was in and used Hope Brady's credentials to get the job. Jack tried to talk Jen out of the job, but she was determined to help him write and expose on the prison system. While in prison, T.C., a crooked guard assigned to watch Jack, takes a liking to Jen. T.C. was also a friend of Trent's. Jen broke into the warden's office to try and get a computer password for Jack and she was caught by T.C. T.C. attempted to rape Jen, but Jack saved her when he convinced another prison guard to take him to the warden's office. T.C. payed Jack back later by beating him up in his own cell, unaware that Jen was hiding under Jack's cot because she hadn't gotten out before lockdown.

Later, Travis/Trent and T.C. searched Jen's house and learned that she was posing as a guard at the prison. Jen was fired and as a result, all of Jack's visitation and phone calls were limited to his lawyer, Mickey.

Meanwhile, Stefano announced that he wanted to become a respected citizen of Salem, secretly it was all a part of his master plan. Jennifer confronted Stefano and told him that he would need the Hortons to back him if he wanted to become a respected citizen of Salem. Jennifer warned him that if any harm came to Jack then he would not have the Hortons' backing. Stefano called T.C. and told him not to harm Jack Devereaux. Unfortunately, Travis and T.C. had pinned Jack under a press, which would smash his head flat. Luckily, T.C. and Travis stopped the press in time before it killed Jack. Jack realized that someone wanted him alive and realized that T.C. must be on Peter or Stefano's payroll.

Jennifer had gotten the password for the warden's computer, but was unable to give it to him before she was fired. However, Jack's new cellmate, Herby, had a girlfriend on the outside that got the password to Jack. Upon using the password, Jack learned that his old cellmate, Travis, was really Trent Davis, Jen's next door neighbor. By the time Jack could get word to Mickey, Trent had already kidnapped Jen.

Trent held Jen hostage in a seedy motel and told her that Peter was coming to get her and was going to pay him a lot of money. Upon hearing that Jen had been kidnapped, Jack broke out of prison with the help of his cellmate, Herby. Jack learned that Trent was taking Jen to the Grand Canyon and headed there.

Trent and Jen made it to the Grand Canyon and Trent held her hostage in his families cabin. There, Jen learned that Trent brutally murdered his won parents. Meanwhile, Jack also made his way to the Grand Canyon and had to punch out a Park Ranger, who was notified that Jack may show up. Jack climbed the cliff to Trent's cabin and when Jack and Trent fought, Trent fell off the cliff to his death.

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