The Whylands

Evan Whyland

Portrayers: Lane Davies 1981-82
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: Stuart Whyland and ???
Entrance onto Show: Came to Salem to work at the hospital
Marriages: Lorie Master 1981
Romances: Engaged to Sandy Horton
Children: Sarah Horton
Occupation: Doctor
Crimes/Incarcerations: none
Other Interesting Facts: none
Date of Death: Died in 1982

Evan came to Salem to accept a position at Salem University Hospital. Soon after he learned from Neil Curtis that his sperm was used to inseminate Maggie Horton, and he began to call on Maggie and pay close attention to her.

Later Evan began to date Lorie Masters and the two married. They wanted to have children, but Lori was unable to. Evan went to Neil, who found a surrogate mother, Maggie Horton. However, Lorie was killed in 1981 by the Salem Strangler.

In 1981 Evan learned from Neil Curtis that he was the sperm donner for Maggie Horton's baby. Evan wanted custody of Sarah, but after a legal battle with Mickey and Maggie he lost.

Evan still payed visits to Maggie and Sarah from time to time, and on one visit he hid a safe deposit box key at Maggie's. The key opened a box which held evidence of money laundering by the DiMera family and their involvement in Stuart's death and used it to blackmail.

In 1982 Evan became engaged to Sandy Horton, and bought her a very expensive engagement ring. However Sandy soon learned he was fooling around behind her back she quickly broke off the engagement, and told Maggie she could kill Evan for what he did.

Later Evan was forced to undergo surgery, and Sandy had to perform it. Alex Marshall, now working for Stefano, switched Alex's chart and as a result he was given a penicillin he was allergic to and died. Alex's last words were about Stefano, which led Mickey and Don Craig to do some investigating.

Stuart Whyland

Portrayers: Robert Alda 1981-82
Date of Birth: unknown
Parents: unknown
Entrance onto Show: 1981, came to Salem University hospital to be the new administrator.
Marriages: unknown
Romances: Lee Dumonde
Children: Evan Whyland
Occupation: Administrator at Salem University Hospital, Financial advisor to Tony DiMera
Crimes/Incarcerations: Embezzled money from the Hospital to have Alex Marshall killed, killed Matuso
Other Interesting Facts:none
Date of Death: 1982 killed by Stefano

Stuart Whyland came to Salem to take a job as the new administrator at Salem University Hospital. Once in Salem he began to date Lee Dumonde, and soon his son Dr. Evan Whyland came to Salem after accepting a job at the hospital as well. Stuart embezzled 25,000 dollars from the hospital and payed someone to kill Alex Marshal. The attempt on Alex's life didn't succeed, and while at the hospital for a check up Alex saw the man who shot him coming from Stuart Whyland's office. Alex confronted Stuart, and he blackmailed Alex into helping him takeover Anderson Manufacturing. Stuart demanded Alex say that David shot him, but Alex did no such thing. Stuart feared for his life, and quickly left Salem.

Even though Stuart was gone, he was still a force to be reckoned with. Stuart had hired someone to kill David Banning, but Stefano thwarted that plan because he had feelings for Julie Williams.

Stuart learned in 1982 that there were titanium deposits underneath Doug's Place. Stuart killed Matuso, the man who discovered the deposits, and tried to get the titanium for himself. In the end the entire thing ended up to be a hoax. Later Stuart met an untimely death as a result of crossing Stefano DiMera.

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