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Days of Our Lives Polls  

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There were some mysterious goings on around Arianna this week. Could it have something to so with the stranger with candy who has been stalking Hope?

Weigh in on what you think Ari's up to - on our blog!

The Results Are In....

July 10-17: Should Stephanie and Philip get back together?
No! 42.6%
Yes! 35.5%
I don't care either way. 19.4%
I'm not sure... 2.5%
Total Votes: 2849

If one romance bites the dust, does that mean another will bloom? While all of the signs first pointed to Nathan hooking up with Melanie, it appears as though something, or someone, could get in the way...

See which coupling fans want to see most - on our blog!

July 2-10: Should Sami have gone snooping for the goods on Emily?
Yes, he's her man and she deserves to know the truth. 54.8%
No, she had no right to go behind Rafe's back. 28.5%
I don't care. Not interested in these two. 8.4%
I'm not sure... 8.4%
Total Votes: 2926

He's been around for months but there's the lingering suspicion that we still don't know much about what's going on beneath the surface of Rafe Hernandez....

See what fans make of Rafe's Secret on our blog!


June 26-July 2: Who has the best hair?
Rafe 31.1%
Daniel 17.3%
EJ 14.2%
Brady 11.8%
Bo 9.8%
Victor 5.5%
Max 4.6% Lucas
  4.2% Stefano
0.8% Roman 0.6%
Total Votes: 2267

No one in Salem seems to have a problem doling out advice, whether they're asked for it or not....

Find out who's advice would must be trusted by fans on our blog!


June 18-26: Justin Kiriakis is returning. Do you want Adrienne back, too?
Yes. 56.4%
I don't care either way. 32.1%
No, he should come alone. 11.5%
Total Votes: 3092

Salem has a new Horton and he's already made quite an impression on Melanie, how about you? He's brash, flippant, clever and quick, but is there more to him than meets the eye, or a whole lot less?

Check out how other fans feel about the newcomer on our blog!


June 12-18: Your thoughts on Grace's death storyline?
Great story. Well done, but so very tragic. 46.4%
Disliked it. There was no need for them to go this route. 46.4%
Couldn't it be a mistake? Bring Grace back!
Total Votes: 3206

Best Recent Performance? The week of the 5th was another strong one for the show and the actors really gave it their all.

Check out which performer earned the most votes for blowing fans away here.

June 5 - 12: How do you feel about Owen leaving?
Glad the story is over and the freak is gone! 51.7%
I don't care either way. 29.0%
Sad. He was hot. I wanted him to stay!
Total Votes: 2744

Who Cries the Best in Salem? With the kidnapping behind us, we’re back into the baby story and everything has already taken a dramatic turn to the teary eyed.

Check out who fans voted as Salem's greatest tear gusher here.

May 28-June 5: Should Rafe adopt Grace?
Maybe in the future...
I don't care, either way.
Total Votes: 1172

Summer is coming and that usually means the time of romance. Although we're still stuck in the fallout of a mob war, there are quiet a few possibilities developing.

 Check out which romance fans are pining to see here!

May 22-28:
Who has the worst henchmen?
Both are equally bad! 55.0%
The DiMera family.
The Kiriakis family.
Total Votes: 2327

The mysterious Owen just keeps getting stranger. We'd never even heard of him until a few weeks ago, but now he's front and center and rather difficult to figure out. He's been employed by the two major crime families in Salem, but seems to be so gentle he could hardly hurt a fly, which is even more surprising when you look at his muscles...

                                    ...See what fans think is going on with Owen here

May 15-22: Were you happy with the DOOL Emmy Nominations?
Yes, they were very deserving.
I didn't care. Not an Emmy fan.
With some of them, only.
Not satisfied at all with the nominations. 6.0%
Other. To the boards to discuss!
Total Votes: 1595

Living Death in Salem: It isn't just that Days puts characters in near-death situations, but that they put them in death-like situations! Numerous people have been buried alive, many were 'killed' and whisked off to an alternate world, others have been put in a death-like state where they retained consciousness.

                                    ...Weigh in on why the show keeps putting people in this position here.


May 8-15: Best mother on DOOL in 2009?
Caroline 48.9%
They're all terrible mums.
On the fence about this one. 6.1%
Total Votes: 2617

Philip and Stephanie's Future? One of Salem's most eligible bachelors is preparing to wed, but sometimes it seems like nothing turns a relationship in Salem sour faster than a walk down the aisle....

                                    ...Weigh in what you expect to see for this couple here.

May 1-8: Arianna - Trouble Maker or Saint?
A little of both! 34.7%
Trouble Maker! 24.5%
No idea, but I like her already! 21.0%
Don't care for her, or what she's like. 15.1%
Saint! 4.8%
Total Votes: 2752

The Most Overused Phrase in Salem? It's hard work filling day after day, week after week, month after month, with countless words. Nonetheless, many people can’t help but notice that some strings of words seem to pile up a lot quicker than others.

                                    ...Weigh in which phrase is used too much here.

April 24-May 1: Should Melanie and Stephanie become friends?
Yes, let bygones be bygones. 57.1%
No, they're better as enemies.
I'm not sure!
Total Votes: 3090

Who Should Be With Brady? He's been around for awhile, but Brady is finally starting to come into his own. Not only did Melanie flirt with him, but he also professed his feelings for Nicole and was married to Chloe. Now, he seems to have abruptly turned on them and could already be looking elsewhere

                                    ...See who fans would like to see with Brady here.


April 17-24: Who is the worst liar/schemer?
Nicole 84.1%
Sami 15.9%
Total Votes: 3278

Bloodbath of the Week. The DiMeras brought out-sourcing to a new level this week when they flew in a special hit man to kill off their enemies. Plotting murders sure has proved to be a real bonding experience for Stefano and Elvis!

                                    ...See what fans are thinking about the newest Dimera bloodbath here

April 10-17: Your thoughts on Stefano crying?
It was sweet... It made me feel for him, for once. 41.3%
Ridiculous! Stefano would never cry. 28.6%
I dislike Stefano, so didn't care either way. 15.9%
I'm indifferent to it. 14.1%
Total Votes: 3486

The Fantasies of Salem. Lately, Days has returned to one of the things that it used to do so often - show wild and crazy fantasies. 

                                    ...Check out which fantasies rank as fan faves here.


April 3-10: Could Chloe pull off being a talk show host?
No, she's got no charisma. Nothing to say. 45.5%
Sure, why not? 23.5%
I don't care. 16.8%
I'm not sure. Time will tell. 14.3%
Total Votes: 2987

Who is to Blame? Tony is dead. From the way everyone is talking, there could be real and far-reaching consequences.

                                    ...See where fans lay the blame for his death here.


March 27-April 3: Is Will right: Is Sami a bad parent?
She's no mother of the year, but she's not horrible, either! 75.8%
No, she's a terrific mother. 12.6%
Yes, she neglects her kids. 11.6%
Total Votes: 3034

Roman and Hope? After week's of hints and innuendo, the story of Bo's visions finally took off...

                                    ...See what fans theorize is REALLY happening with Roman & Hope here.

March 19-27: Who would you like Mia to be?
Nicole's daughter from Trent 50.8%
Nobody's relation
Another DiMera
Other - To the boards!
Another Brady
The new DiMera butler's daughter
Total Votes: 3995

Plots and Pompous Asses: It looks like Tony is about to jump out from hiding and seek to get his own back on his brother and father. We also saw him saddling up to Melanie at the end of Friday's episode...

                                    ...See what fans suspect he and Mel are up to,
not to mention who was dubbed Salem's most pompous ass, here.

March 13-19:
Are you enjoying nu-Will?
Yes, he fits in well.
I'm still on the fence... 34.9%
No, I'm not warming to him.
Total Votes: 2760

March 6-13: Your feelings about Leann Hunley's Firing?
I didn't warm to Anna, so am fine with this. 29.1%
I don't care either way. 26.0%
I'm sad, but understand that budget cuts affect us all. 25.4%
I'm angry but will move on. 16.3%
I'm angry and will never watch again. 3.3%
Total Votes: 3132

Nasty Kate is back, but what is she up to? After catching Daniel examining Chloe's tonsils in the park, Kate has finally been knocked out of medically-induced saintliness and returned to the land of the wicked once more.

                                    See what kind of revenge folks would like to see Kate take here


February 27-March 6: Could there be a romantic connection between Brady and Nicole?
I think it could come in time... like when EJ dumps her! 46.4%
Yes, they're both in denial. 39.7%
No, they're just friends. 9.1%
I'm still on the fence! 4.8%
Total Votes: 3375

Does Bo see deception or are his visions deceiving him? Bo and Hope just hooked up again. It seems they find it impossible to stay apart, but something is certainly askew this time. He's had another vision, and this one's about not only Hope, but also a mysterious man....

                                    See what everyone thought Bo was seeing here.

February 20-27: Should Maggie have gotten involved with Lucas and Chloe's issues?
Yes, she's a true friend and is Lucas' sponsor. Someone had to help! 57.2%
No, but her heart was in the right place! 25.7%
No, she should have stayed out of it, buttinski! 15.0%
I'm not sure. 2.1%
Total Votes: 3298

Slap Happy in Salem. Now, we're not violent folks, but sometimes we just want to slap some of the people on Days of Our Lives! We don't think we're alone in this. Most of us have characters we hate, or who annoy us unspeakably, or who we adore and want to slap when they are acting like morons....

                                    She who fans elected as most deserving of a slap here


Feb 12-20: Thoughts on Rachel Melvin leaving DOOL?
I'm upset and will miss her. 37.0%
I'm a little sad, but am happy for her. 25.9%
I really don't care, either way. 20.8%
I am glad. I didn't warm to her. 16.3%
Total Votes: 4608

Multiplying Love? The great Sami-EJ-Nicole-Rafe quadrangle refuses to abate and now that there are more kids floating in this square plot, things are sure to get even more complicated. Add Chloe and Lucas... Could this whole thing turn into a ’sexagon’?!

                                    See how fans would like to see it all play out here.

February 6-12: What do you see happening between Sami and Rafe?
A coupling. They appear to be falling for each other. 67.9%
A friendship connection, because they were thrown together at the safe house.
I don't care if anything is happening or not.
Nothing at all. He's an FBI agent and she's his charge.
Total Votes: 3768

The Hardest Plot to Take? Days of Our Lives has a lengthy history of pushing the bounds of belief. At times this seems to have been the source of much of its success and, at others, the bane of many fans existence....

                                    See which current plot fans find the hardest to take seriously here.

January 30-February 6: After the baby switch, which are you rooting for?
Nicole gets caught - and dumped! - by EJ.
Sami gets her baby back from Nicole and gets back together with EJ.
Nicole gets away with this and marries EJ.
None of the above. I wish they'd drop the storyline!
Total Votes:

What's Next for Brady? It's been awhile since Brady Black had much of a plot. He hasn't been back long, but he's been staying in the shadows, still recovering from his drug addiction. With John out of the picture, maybe it's time for Brady to get into the action.

                                    See what storyline fans want to see for Brady here.                 

January 16-3
0: What did you think about the sex scene between Chloe and Dr. Jonas?
Not hot at all. 30.0%
HOT! I loved it. They should get together! 26.0%
HOT... but wrong. Chloe needs to stay with Lucas! 18.4
Don't care one way or another. 17.3%
I didn't watch. 8.2%
Total Votes: 4718

What's the story with Salem's newest blond? She hasn't been around for long but the rumors about Mia (no last name) are already swirling. Nicole's sister? Her daughter with Trent? Maybe just another con artist?

                                    See what fans are hoping to see from her here.

January 9-16: Hilda is going to be killed off. Are you...
Sad about it? Wish they'd have kept such a comical character. 63.1%
Indifferent. 25.2%
Happy about it? Never connected with her. 6.1%
I don't watch anymore, so don't care! 5.7%
Total Votes: 3680

We know that EJ is no saint, but could he be worse than anyone suspects? Recently, Rafe stated that Elvis DiMera was a gangster. While some people may object to the word, Stefano has always been an arch criminal engaged in everything commonly associated with the underworld.

                                    See which criminal activity fans would like to see EJ get up to here.

January 3-9: Do you like Bo's visions and do you want to see more of them?
No and no! 39.8%
They're alright if they're done properly. 33.4%
Yes and yes! 26.8%
        Total Votes: 3375

The End of Year Poll! Was 2008 a good year? ...or was it the worst year you can remember? Can you remember much of it at all? I've asked myself all of those questions already, so now I've asked you...

                                           See which story ranked best of 2008 here!

December 26-January 3: Is Melanie growing on you?
No, she's annoying and I'm not warming to her. 74.7%
She's got her moments! 14.8%
Yes, she was funny at Titan, poking fun at Stephanie.
I'm still on the fence... 3.0%
        Total Votes: 4952


December 19-26: Thoughts on Chelsea and Max getting back together?
I'd rather Chelsea go back to Dr. Dan.  51.1%
I am all for it!
I don't like Chelsea and Max together.
I'm still on the fence...
I wish he'd stay with Stephanie.
        Total Votes: 6963

What's Up With Dr. Dan? Dr. Daniel Jonas continues to have a suspicious his proclivity for his patients on Days...
                     See what other fans think is behind that proclivity and weigh in

December 12-19: Your thoughts on the examination scene with Chloe and Dr. Jonas?
WINNER: It was sick! He should be ashamed of himself. 60.4%
It was both sick yet sexy. I'd like to see them together. 21.0%
It was hot! They've got a lot of chemistry! 14.1%
Other.. to the boards!! 4.5%
        Total Votes: 3454

How would you stuff EJ's stocking? The holidays are here and EJ has certainly caught a hold of the seasonal mood...
                    See what folks would like to see Santa bring EJ here!

December 5-12: Are you happy that Chloe and Lucas are engaged?
WINNER: No, no chemistry at all. Break them up! (53.85%)
I don't care. I fast forward through their scenes. (17.42%)
I'm on the fence still. (17.32%)
Yes, they've loads of chemistry!(11.41%)

What's next for Nicole? A lot of people have been left wondering exactly how far Nicole will be pushing the baby plot...
                    See what others think Nicole should do next and join the chatter here!

November 28-December 5: Who would make a great new couple?
WINNER: Brady and Nicole (32.19%)
Rafe and Sami (30.02%)
Philip and Stephanie (25.03%)
Philip and Melanie (3.94%)
Chelsea and Max (8.82%)

Who is Salem's maestro of the insult? As the veneer on all of the characters continues to become more shallow, the insults seem to become more cutting and curt.
                    Check out chatter and voting results on who packs the best punch here!

November 21-28:

How do you feel about Marlena and John being fired?
WINNER: I am not happy but will continue to watch. (59.98%)
 I am angry and will stop watching the show after they leave. (30.31%)
 I am happy... didn't care for them. (9.71%)

Brady should be romantically linked to...
WINNER: Nicole (36.68%)
Chloe (34.62%)
Somebody new! (10.03%)
Chelsea (7.36%)
Stephanie (6.45%)
Melanie (1.15%)
Nobody (3.71%)

What's Next? The big murder plots of the season are ending... more or less! Wondering if other fans are hoping to see the same stories as you? 
Find poll results and chatter on the subject here!

November 14-21: What would you like to see Brady do now that he's back in Salem?
It's a close race... Find poll results and chatter on the subject here.

November 7-14: Your thoughts on Rafe and Sami?
WINNER:  Loving Rafe and his scenes with Sami. So funny! (31.39%)
Hoping for some romance, eventually. (18.04%)
Don't care for Rafe and Sami and wish they'd drop this storyline! (13.91%)
Loving him... but not liking Sami at all right now! (11.56%)
Loving Rafe! (11.04%)
Hoping they'll become friends soon. (6.69%)
On the fence still. To the boards to discuss! (6.17%)
Don't care for Rafe. (1.20%)

Days Celebrates 43 Years on the air on November 8....
Find last week's poll results to see which stories rank as faves here!

October 31-November 7: Your thoughts towards the character Melanie?
WINNER:  I can't stand her. (71.63%)
I could care less either way. (19.35%)
I really like her! (9.01%)

Think you know which Salem couple has the most potential....
Find last week's poll results to see which Salem couple has the most support here!

October 24-31: This week on Days...
WINNER: ...was not the greatest, but I stuck with it. (46.77%)
...things got exciting: I was riveted! (28.62%)
...I started reading updates and not viewing the show. (20.73%)
...the writing sucked and I stopped watching. (3.89%)

After the huge Melanie debacle, Max and Stephanie are beginning to end...
Find last week's poll results to see how folks feel about the flunking romance and get into the chatter here!

October 17-24: Who should be with Chloe?
WINNER: Brady. (32.15%)
Philip. (27.42%)
Nobody, get rid of her altogether. (19.27%)
I don't care, either way. (7.13%)
Some other guy.(4.10%)
Other... to the boards! (0.21%)

Sami's got herself in a bit of a mess of late... again.
Find last week's poll results, along with chatter on Sami's next move, here.

October 10-17: Would Abe make a good Mayor?
WINNER: Yes, he's honest, faithful and loyal! (69.85%)
I don't care - boring storyline. (19.41%)
No, he can't even run Salem PD, so how could he run Salem? (8.12%)
I'm on the fence. (2.62%)

October 3-October 10: Thoughts on Nicole and Sami's pregnancies.
WINNER (but not by much!):  I'm happy Nicole's pregnant, but not Sami!  (31.35%)
I love that both are pregnant. What a fun storyline! (28.01%)
I'm happy Sami is pregnant, but not Nicole! (22.84%)
I'd rather neither was pregnant. This is a stupid storyline! (15.50%)
I could care less about any of this! (2.29%)

September 30-October 3: Your thoughts on the new Mayor of Salem?
WINNER: He's crooked! (66.12%)
Not sure yet. Need more time. (16.94%)
Don't care for him. (15.51%)
He is a good guy: Just misunderstood. (1.44%)

September 19-29: Are you looking forward to a murder storyline with Trent Robbins?
WINNER: Yes. (45.14%)
No. (29.6%)
I don't care either way. (25.79%)

September 15-19: Should Kate marry Stefano?
WINNER: No. (61.15%)
Yes. (5.67%)
Not sure. (3.18%)

September 5-15: About Lucas and Sami's Joint Custody...
WINNER: I think it was fair! (53.84%)
It's a farce: Sami should get sole custody. (25.59%)
Neither parent deserves custody! (15.33%)
It's a farce: Lucas should get sole custody. (5.24%)

August 24-29: Who do you prefer?
WINNER: I like them both for different reasons. 40.79%
Old John 39.84%
New John 16.24%
I dislike them both! 3.13%
Total Votes: 4661

August 15-24:
Which recent storyline do you prefer?
WINNER: The mystery of the hospital lock down! - 39.02%
Neither. - 30.01%
The romance of Bo and Hope renewing their vows. - 15.65%
Both - for different reasons. 15.32%
Total Votes: 5471

August 8-15: Who is the least needed character at the moment?
WINNER: Nick - 36.05%
The show needs them all! - 23.17%
Chloe - 18.6%
Caroline - 9.72%
Lucas - 6.63%
Stephanie - 4.78%
Max - 1.05%
Total Votes: 6668

August 1-8: Are you happy about Stefano's return?
WINNER: Yes - 54.20%
No - 27.67%
Still on the fence - 11.36%
Still don't care either way. - 6.77%
Total Votes: 5753

July 25-August 1: About Kate and Daniel's fling...
WINNER: It's disgusting. She's Chelsea's GRANDMOTHER! - 55.45%
I like it. Daniel belongs with Kate! - 21.84%
I don't care. - 13.16%
I'm reserving judgment for now. - 9.56%
Total Votes: 5779

July 18-25: Your thoughts on Ava leaving the show?
WINNER: I'm happy to see her go! - 37.50%
I wish they'd reconsider! - 35.92%
On the fence on this one. - 14.84%
I could care less, either way. - 11.73%
Total Votes: 5498

July 14-18: What do you think Nicole's secret is?
WINNER: She is Melanie's mother. - 55.08%
She is Trent's partner in some crime. - 21.62%
I have no idea! To the boards! - 13.56%
She is Max's mother. Hey, stranger things... - 9.74%
Total Votes: 5207

July 4-11: Should Days write in Alison Sweeney's pregnancy?
WINNER: Yes 60.57%
No 35.44%
Unsure 3.99%
Total Votes: 5458

June 27-July 4: Your thoughts on Stefano DiMera's return?
WINNER: I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation! - 45.49%
How boring. He's back again? - 29.82%
I am still on the fence about it. - 20.34%
Who? Don't really care. I'll go with the flow. - 4.36%
Total votes: 4775

June 20-27: Which Friendship Do You Enjoy Most?
WINNER: Ava and Nicole 56.88%
Bo and Steve 16.99%
Hope and Marlena 10.34%
Steph, Chelsea and Morgan 8.49%
Nick and Max 5.15%
Daniel and Lexie 2.15%
Total votes: 5397

June 6-13: How do you feel about the EJ and Nicole pairing?
WINNER: I still want him with Sami! 53.13%
I'm warming up to them! 37.75%
I want him with someone new. 5.72%
I don't care for them together. 3.40%
Total votes: 19431

June 2-6: Philip needs to be with...
WINNER: Morgan Hollingsworth! 41.84%
Chloe Black! 24.64%
Who cares? 17.58%
A new character. 11.45%
None of the above. 4.49%
Total votes: 1826

May 23-30: Is anyone out there warming to Stephanie and Max yet?
WINNER: Yes, they're cute together. (46.38%)
No, can't get past them being related. (31.94%)
Maybe, since they didn't grow up together. (11.00%)
Does not matter who Max is with, as long he is on the show regularly. (10.68%)
Total votes: 6788

May 19-22: The show let go of Joe Mascolo...
WINNER: Huge mistake. I'm very upset! 43.02%
It'll make room for new, original storylines. 23.61%
I don't care if he's there or not. 18.88%
Reserving judgment for now. 13.04%
Unsure... to the boards! 1.44%
Total votes: 4914

May 9-16: Which works best together?
WINNER: Sami with EJ - 47.25%
Sami with Lucas - 40.61%
Nicole with EJ - 10.28%
None of the above - 1.85%
Total votes: 6146

May 5-9: Who is your favorite DAYS newcomer?
WINNER: Returned Nicole Walker 52.93%
None of the newbies listed! 26.58%
Nu-Mickey Horton 13.41%
Paul Hollingsworth 6.15%
Earl (the snitch) Larson 0.93%
Total votes: 6004

April 25-May 2: Do you like the new John Black?
WINNER: Yes, but I like the old one better. 32.22%
No, I miss the old John. 27.84%
Yes, better than the old John! 27.49%
Still on the fence! 8.06%
I dislike them both. 4.38%
Total votes: 5543

April 18-25: Should Chelsea and Dr. Daniel get together?
WINNER: No, he's too old for her! 41.84%
No, she belongs with Nick! 29.43%
Yes, they're exciting! 20.16%
Not sure! 3.09%
Don't care! 5.48%
Total votes: 6919

Poll #151 November 4-16
EJ is to be shot at his wedding to Sami. Who do you believe is the most likely shooter?
Colleen, back from the dead 20.8%
Colleen and Santo's long lost child 16.1%
John, back from the dead 15.0%
Marlena 12.2%
Will 8.8%
Someone not on the list 7.0%
Lucas 6.5%
Kate 6.3%
I have no opinion 2.3%
Steve 1.8%
Lexie 1.3%
Roman 1.0%
Tony 0.9%
Total votes: 19755

Poll #150 October 13-November 4
What are your thoughts on John's accident and upcoming death?
It has to be a hoax, they won't really kill off John. 49.3%
What does it matter, John has hardly been on in over a year anyway. 25.4%
If John is really killed off then I may/will stop watching. 21.4%
I have no opinion. 3.9%
Total votes: 25789

Poll #149 September 30-october 12
What do you think really happened to Colleen?
She is alive somewhere, and probably was pregnant with Santo's kid. 75.4%
The DiMeras probably had her prisoner the whole time. 13.0%
I think she really is dead. 9.4%
I have no opinion. 2.2%
Total votes: 15271

Poll #148 September 22-30
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Salem U storyline?
Yawn! Boring! I'll be fast forwarding them for sure! 51.0%
I could take it or leave it, Idon't have much of an opinion and will wait and see. 36.9%
I'm excited! I love the characters so I can't wait! 12.2%
Total votes: 8198

Poll #147 September 6-22
Should Roman and Kate get back together?
Yes! The sparks between them are still there! 60.0%
No! I don't like Roman with Kate or Anna! 21.9%
No! I'd like to see Roman back with Anna! 14.8%
I have no opinion. 3.2%
Total votes: 12211

Poll #146 August 28-September 6
Belle and Shawn, or Belle and Phillip?
Belle and Shawn! 63.5%
Belle and Phillip! 18.8%
Neither at this point! 16.9%
I have no opinion. 0.8%
Total votes: 16031

Poll #145 August 22-28
Max and Stephanie: Is it wrong?

Yes! Adopted schmopted! He's family! 49.5%
No! There is no blood between them and they are hot together! 45.9%
I have no opinion. 4.6%
Total votes: 10592

Poll #144 August 15-22
Colleen and Santo: What do you think about this story? (Voting security tightened due to spamming)
Boring! It's a great big dud. 49.3%
Love it! It's a great love story. 46.9% I have no opinion. 3.8%
Total votes: 18946

Poll #144 August 7-15
Are Kate and Stefano the next Days supercouple?
Ew no! Please don't go there! 63.2%
Yes! I loved them together! 22.9%
The only woman for Stefano is Vivian! 9.6%
I have no opinion. 4.3%
Total votes: 14488

Poll #143 July 29-August 7
Is Jeremy's Jerk Act Just An Act?
No, He's really a jerk! 77.6%
Yes, I think he's probably secretly undercover! 20.3%
I have no opinion. 2.0%
Total votes: 12253

Poll #142 July 21-29
Who would you like to see Chelsea with?
Nick! 50.7%
None of the above, Chelsea should be alone! 20.8%
Jett! 13.2%
I liked her with Max. 12.6%
I have no opinion. 2.8%
Total votes: 14859

Poll #141 July 11-21
What is Jett hiding?
He's under cover and investigating Jeremy and/or the DiMeras 69.2%
I think he is after Chelsea and trying to break her and Nick up. 13.4%
Jett is in the closet. 12.9%
I have no opinion 4.5%
Total votes: 17054

Poll #140 June 30-July 11
Somehow he's working for the Bradys 58.3%
I think he's playing both sides 34.0%
He's still working for the DiMeras 6.4%
I have no opinion 1.4%
Total votes: 11593

Poll #139 June 27-30
Which man do you want to see Anna with?
Anna and Roman! 68.5%
Anna and Tony! 24.7%
I have no opinion. 6.8%
Total votes: 11674

Poll #138 June 21-27
How are you enjoying Days compared to a few months ago?
So much more!. 71.1%
Probably about the same. 16.5%
Less than I was. 5.7%
I actually just started watching again. 4.7%
I have no opinion. 2.0%
Total votes: 18029

Poll #137 June 14-21
Should Doug and Julie open up a new nightclub?
Yes! I'd love to have a nightclub regularly featured on Days again! 84.7%
No. That's so yesterday and they have enough places to go in town. 12.7%
I have no opinion. 2.6%
Total votes: 13463

Poll #136 June 10-14
Is Stefano Really Dying?
No, it's another one of his tricks. 56.2%
Yes, but we know he won't die. 22.9%
I think he just needed John's kidney. 20.0%
I have no opinion. 0.9%
Total votes: 10899

Poll #136 June 5-10
What is going on with Tony?
Tony has just gone crazy and become evil. 57.9%
Tony is really Andre 21.1%
Tony's blood disorder is back and making him crazy. 11.1%
Tony is under mind control! 5.7%
I have no opinion 4.3%
Total votes: 13958

Poll #135 May 30-June 5
Did EJ really shoot John?
No, I think we were tricked . . or a rewrite is coming. 62.3%
Of course he did, we saw it. 36.4%
I have no opinion. 1.2%
Total votes: 15430

Poll #134 May 27-30
Which family started the DiMera Brady feud?
I think it might have been the Bradys 43.7%
I think some outside event/force caused it. 30.6%
The DiMeras of course 24.2%
I have no opinion. 1.5%
Total votes: 10327

Poll #133 May 23-27
Where is Claire?
She's with the DiMeras of course! 34.3%
Gabby and or Duck somehow got her. 28.1%
Victor's men will find her and hide her. 19.7%
Some unknown probably picked her up. 13.6%
I have no opinion. 4.3%
Total votes: 18634

Poll #132 May 17-23
Would you like to see the surrogate baby Phillip and Mimi had return?
Yes! I want some resolution to that storyline. 70.3%
No, without Mimi in the picture it's pointless to bring that baby back. 18.3%
No, it's best left forgotten. 9.8%
I have no opinion. 1.6%
Total votes: 14157

Poll #131 May 9-16
Which Storyline Are You Most Enjoying Right Now?
The Lucas/Sami/EJ wedding-baby story 46.9%
I'm just waiting for the vets to return with a story 20.9%
I'm not really watching much now 12.4%
The Shawn/Belle/Claire/Phillip saga 11.5%
Kayla and Steve's "the new pawn" story 4.3%
I have no opinion 1.5%
The Chelsea/Nick/Willow hairbrush and other drama 1.3%
A story or occasionaly glimpse of a character not mentioned 1.2%
Total votes: 15661

Poll #130 May 2-9
Are you more optimistic about Days with all these high profile returns?
Yes, I think Days is going to be looking good this Summer! 59.9%
I think I'm going to have to wait and see myself. 27.7%
No, I'm not very optimistic. 6.5%
I think Days is awesome right now! 5.0%
I have no opinion. 0.8%
Total votes: 11953

Poll #119 April 22-May 2
Should the show recast Abby?
Yes, I love Max and Abby! 38.3%
Yes, but only if they bring back Jack and Jen 19.7%
No, there is no need for Abby. 18.9%
No, Ashely is the only Abby. 18.4%
I have no opinion. 4.7%
Total votes: 12539

Poll #118 April 11-22
Which man should Sami be with? (Poll Was Reset Due To Spamming, Results Skewed)
Lucas of course, she belongs with him. 53.8%
A reformed EJ. 45.5%
I have no opinion. 0.7%
Total votes: 2011

Poll #117 April 4-10
So what is up with Gabby?
She's working for or is a DiMera. 34.0%
She's after Claire. 30.8%
She's after Shawn 24.8%
I have no opinion 5.7%
She's secretly working for Phillip. 4.8%
Total votes: 12037

Poll #116 March 29-April 3
Do You Want To See EJ Redeemed?
Yes, I want EJ with Sami! 38.2%
No, I like EJ just as he is, bad to the bone! 31.9%
Yes. I like EJ and want him to stick around. 23.5%
I have no opinion. 6.4%
Total Votes: 17936

Poll #115 March 22-28
Will Sami FINALLY have her wedding?
She'll probably marry him and then it will hit the fan. 43.3%
Yes, I think Sami will finally have her wedding to Lucas. 32.8%
Get real, this is Sami. Something will ruin it. 23.2%
I have no opinion. 0.6%
Total Votes: 14110

Poll #114 March 11-21
Can the DiMeras survive without Stefano?
No, without Stefano it is time to put the DiMeras to bed. 42.8%
Yes, EJ is the next generation of the DiMeras. 41.4%
Maybe, if they brought Tony back. 15.9%
Total Votes: 12886

Poll #113 March 6-10
Are you rooting for Nick and Chelsea to make it?
Yes! I really like them together. 87.1%
No! I can't stand them together. 7.8%
I have no opinion. 5.2%
Total Votes: 13001

Poll #112 February 21 - March 5
What are your thoughts on the lack of airtime the vets (John, Marlena, Bo, Hope) have been given?
I've enjoyed the stories playing out on screen, but miss the vets. They need more balance. 48.3%
Bring the vets back now! 30.9%
I've really been enjoying what has been airing and haven't really missed them. 17.7%
I have no opinion. 3.0%
Total Votes: 14300

Poll #111 February 15-February 21
Abe and Celeste? Hot or Not!
Not! Lexie needs to come back and be with Abe. 54.9%
Way hot! I love the idea of them together. 32.1%
I have no opinion. 13.0%
Total Votes: 15515

Poll #110 January 28 - February 15
Can Chelsea be redeemed?
Yes, anything is possible on Days. 87.8%
Not in my eyes! 10.5%
I have no opinion. 1.8%
Total Votes: 15707

Poll #109 January 7-24
Billie and Nick . . . do they work?
Ew No! She could be his mother. 66.5%
Yes! It's about time the older woman got the younger guy. 17.9%
The idea is growing on me, it could work. 12.6%
I have no opinion. 3.0%
Total Votes: 20123

Poll #108 January 3-7
Who do you think will (not want) be the daddy of Sami's baby? - Poll suggested by Stacy
Frankly, I'm just sick of "who is the daddy" storylines 44.0%
Lucas 29.8%
EJ 15.1%
Twins! One by both! 10.6%
I have no opinion 0.5%
Total Votes: 26750

Poll #108 December 22-January 3
Given the current storyline, would you like to see Eileen Davidson return as Susan/Kirsten?
Heck yeah! I would love to see her back. 64.7%
No, her return really isn't necessary. 30.3%
I have no opinion. 5.0%
Total Votes: 15085

Poll #107 December 15-22
What is your reaction to EJ's identity?
Disappointed, I saw this one coming a mile away! 48.7%
Though I knew it all along, I am thrilled! 40.9%
I don't have an opinion. 7.5%
I never saw it coming, I'm stunned! 2.9%
Total Votes: 12698

Poll #106 December 9-15
Max and Mimi, or Max and Abby?
Max and Abby! 56.6%
Max and Mimi! 30.3%
I don't like either as a couple. 11.7%
I have no opinion. 1.4%
Total Votes: 18841

Poll #105 November 28-December 9
What Do You Think Is Up With Willow?
I think Willow is working for Victor to cause problems for Shawn and Belle 41.8%
I think Willow is working for EJ to cause the Bradys problems 31.1%
I think Willow is really Jan Spears with plastic surgery 13.3%
I don't think Willow is really up to anything bad at all 9.9%
I have no opinion 3.8%
Total Votes: 22531

Poll #104 November 7-28
Which fan favorite character/s would you love to have back?
Shane Donovan/Kim Brady 23.2%
Eric Brady 20.9%
Vivian Alamain and Ivan 19.2%
Kristen DiMera (and all her personas) 14.9%
Greta VonAmburg 5.0%
Carly Manning/Lawrence Alamain 4.8%
Mike Horton 4.7%
Micky Horton 3.0%
I have no opionion 3.0%
Eve Donovan 1.3%
Total Votes: 26310

Poll #103 October 12-November 7
This week is the first of the new writers stuff. Are you enjoying it so far?
I am loving Hogan Sheffer's stuff so far! 42.8%
I feel I need a little more time to make up my mind. 33.3%
So far it seems more of the same to me. 21.2%
I have no opinion. 2.7%
Total Votes: 17764

Poll #102 September 24-October 12
Do You Want To See Stefano Return?
Yes! I loved Stefano. 57.3%
No! I think we've had enough DiMeras on Days. 39.5%
I have no opinion. 3.2%
Total Votes: 18670

Poll #101 September 9-24
So we know EJ Wells is a DiMera and behind the gloved one incidents. However is he a good DiMera or a bad Dimera?
I think EJ is trying to do good in his own bizarre way. 58.3%
EJ is a DiMera and is bad to the bone! 38.7%
I have no opinion 3.1%
Total Votes: 24023

Poll #100 August 20-September 9
Suspected Cheaters! Poll data thrown out!

Poll #99 July 6-August 20
There has been a lot of speculation as to who EJ Wells really is. What do you think? [20387 votes total]
I think EJ is who he says he is, he's a new character. (5280) 26%
I think EJ is Elvis Jr, Susan and Stefano's son. (7358) 36%
I think EJ is Benji DiMera, Stefano's son Steve and Kayla found. (6168) 30%
I have no opinion. (1581) 8%

Poll #98 June 18-July 6
Who do you think the gloved person is? Note: People who have been seen elsewhere while the gloved on is at work not included (EJ, Kate, Roman etc). This suspect list has been made up of speculation by fans for the most part. [33180 votes total]
Stefano DiMera (4525) 14%
Tony DiMera (3212) 10%
Kristen DiMera (2640) 8%
Peter Blake (236) 1%
Bart (3441) 10%
Dr. Rolfe (900) 3%
Lawrence Alamain (189) 1%
Vivian Alamain (374) 1%
Alex North (2424) 7%
Collin Murphy (240) 1%
Victor Kiriakis (3782) 11%
Brandon Walker (157) 0%
Nicole Walker (423) 1%
Faye Walker (18) 0%
Jan Spears (1576) 5%
Marlena Evans Black (440) 1%
Cassie Brady (268) 1%
Rex Brady (772) 2%
Eric Brady (275) 1%
Elvis Junior (Susan and Stefano's son) (471) 1%
Benji DiMera (Stefano's son, the boy Steve and Kayla found) (673) 2%
Someone not listed here, but on the show now (1489) 4%
Someone not listed here, but not on the show now (737) 2%
A totally new character (1916) 6%
I have no opinion (2002)

Poll #98 June 18-July 6
Should the soap recast the character of Jennifer? [22684 votes total]
No, write her off. I don't want a Jen recast. (7486) 33%
Yes, I think Stephanie Cameron did a good job as Jen. Bring her back. (5711) 25%
Yes, but bring a new actress into the role. (7831) 35%
I don't have an opinion. (1656)

Poll #97 May 29-June 18
Who do you want to see Hope with?  [6827 votes total]
This poll was reset due to cheating, and I tightened voting so the total is far less than it should have been.
Hope belongs with Bo of course! (5852) 86%
Patrick! Bo isn't treating Hope right! (807) 12%
I have no opinion (168) 2%

Poll #96 May 9-29
Who do you think Claire's father will end up being? [26807 votes total]
Shawn is really Claire's father (20281) 76%
I think Philip will turn out to be her dad (6181) 23%
I have no opinion (345) 1%

Poll #95 April 15 - May 9
Does Mimi have a right to be angry with Belle for still being in love with/after Shawn? [19100 votes total]
Yes, Shawn is Mimi's husband, not Belle's (6150) 32%
No, not after what Mimi's done to keep them apart (9536) 50%
I'm somewhere in between yes and no. (3327) 17%
I have no opinion (87)


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© Copyright 2005 SoapOperaFan.com

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