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Side Note: With my attempt to finish school by the end of this year, I have been neglecting the history sections. I have however been collecting facts all along, it's just a matter of finding time to update!

Character Guides
The Characters of Days of Our Lives: Past and Present Last Updated: August 9, 1998
The John Black FAQ Last Updated: May 30, 1999
The Stefano DiMera and DiMera Family FAQ Last Updated: May 30, 1999

Family Trees! 
The Horton Family Tree (Maggie's name gets cut out with Internet Explorer, why I don't know)
The Brady Family Tree
The Kiriakis Family Tree
The Johnson Family Tree
The Roberts Family Tree
The DiMera Family Tree

Family Trees created by Nichole H
(Note: Every single character couldn't be added in some cases. Some names are missing letters, I'm trying to fix this!)

Salem Facts
Addresses of Places in Salem  
Fun Facts about Salem 
Birthdays of Days Character 
Anniversaries of Days Characters    
Fun Facts about Days Characters   

Days' Actor Facts
Actor Fun Facts
Real Life Actor Birthdays  

Day's Letters
Hope's Wedding Letter to Bo
John's Death Row Letter to Doc
Bo's Letter about Hope's Memorial Service
Hope's Diary Entry about Bo
John's Letter to his Unborn Baby
Marlena's Letter to Belle
Marlena's Diary
Jack's wedding letter to Jen
Billie's Farewell Letter to Bo
Letter to Abby
Shane's Letter to Marlena
Roman's Letter to Marlena and John
Roman's Letter to Carrie
Mike's Letter to the Hospital
Nicole's Letter to Eric
Gina's Letter to Bo
Brandon's Letters to Sami
Chloe Lane's Will

Hope's Letter to Bo while kidnapped.

Belle's Email to Chloe
Jack's Napkin Promise to Jen (Right before his death)
Stefano's Last Will and Testament.
Stefano's Letter to Tony about the Twins Rex and Cassie
The Killers' (Marlena's) Letter to Bo about Caroline's Soda Bread
Cassie's Email to Rex about the Killer (Marlena)
Marlena's Christmas Card to Caroline
Jack's Letter to Jen, Read at his Wake
Abe's Letter To Lexie Upon His Death  
Baby Letter for Jen's Baby from Jack via Patrick 
Roman's Wedding Letters To Kate  
Will's Letter to Sami new
War Letters and Messages new

Days' Poems
Jack's Poem to Jen
Jack's 2nd Poem to Jennifer
Jen's poem she read at Peter's funeral
Bo's Poem to Hope
Edmund's poem to Susan
The poem Roman read to Marlena on their wedding day
Nicole's Gift to Lucas
Isabella's Angel Poem
Steve and Kayla's Poem - The Rose
Johns Poem for Marlena
Gina's Poem for Greta
Lawrence and Carly's Poem
Phillip's Poem for Chloe

Victor's Poem for Caroline

Days' Wedding Vows
Jennifer's Wedding Poem to Jack
Bo and Carly's Mayan wedding Vows
Bo and Billie's Vows
John and Marlena's Wedding Vows
Austin and Carrie's first wedding vows
Bo and Hope's Vows
John and Marlena's 99 Wedding Vows
Doug and Julie's Vows
Tom and Alice's Wedding Passage
Bo and Hope's Hospital Wedding Vows
John and Marlena's 02 Wedding Vows
Mickey and Maggie;s 2nd Wedding Vows
Roman and Kate's Wedding Vows  
Mickey and Maggie's 05 Vows new
Kate and Roman's Vow Renewal new
Brady and Chloe's Vows new

Days' Proposals
John's Proposal to Isabella
Edmund's proposal to Susan
Franco's Proposal to Sami
Stefnao's Proposal to Vivian
John's Proposal to Isabella
John's Proposals to Marlena
Bo's Proposal to Hope "Gina" Williams
Jack's Proposals to Jennifer
Mike's Proposal to Carrie
Bo's proposal to Carly
Lucas' Proposal to Sami  
Brady's Proposal to Chloe new
Shawn's Proposal to Mimi new

Days' Songs
Justin and Adreinne's Song
Another Adrienne and Justin Song
Steve and Kayla's Wedding song
The Song Marlena Sang To Sami As A Child
Jack and Jen's Song
Roman and Diana's Song
Commercial Songs Used on Days - Removed for time being

Days' Speeches
Hope's Goodybe Speech To Bo (While in Ernesto's Cage)
Edumnd's Promise to Susan
Sami's Goodbye Speech Before Being Executed
Bo's Memorial Speech for Hope
Eric's Best Man Speech for John and Marlena
Bo's toast to Princess Gina
Salem High 2002 Graduation Speeches
The Lorica (Shawn and Belle's prayer for Bo and Hope)
Celeste's Sance Speech
Celeste's Demon Book Incantation  
Speeches At Caroline Brady's Funeral  
Speeches at Roman Brady's Funeral  
Abe's Eulogy at Jack's Funeral new

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