The Hortons
  Sandy Horton
Tommy Horton, Jr. (twin)  
Kitty Horton (ex-wife) Steven Olson
Ben Olson (died)   Bob Anderson (ex-husb)
      Scott Banning (died)  
Adelaide Horton (Addie)         David Banning
(twin-deceased)   Julie Olson Williams   Trish Clayton     Scotty Banning
      +   (ex-wife)
  Doug Williams
  (husb to deceased Addie, current to Julie Olson Williams)  
Dr. Tom Horton (died)       Hope Alice Williams Brady Shawn Douglas Brady
    Bo Brady      
+   Michael Horton (Mickey) (current husband) Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady
  Laura Spencer - ex-wife  
      Melissa Anderson (adopted by Mickey & Maggie)
  Maggie Simmons - curr wife      
Alice Grayson       Sarah Horton (adopted by Mickey)
Bonnie Lockhart - ex-wife (with Neil Curtis - affair)
  Lawrence Alamain
Laura Spencer - ex-wife   Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux
            Abigail Johanna Deveraux
William Horton (Bill)   Jack Deveraux      
      (current husb)  
      Peter Blake (ex-husb)   Jack Patrick Deveraux (Jr.)
      Margo Anderman
      Michael Horton (Mike)
        Jeremy Michael Jacobs-Horton
      Robin Jacobs    
      Nicole Walker (ex-wife)
Kate Roberts     Lucas Desmond Roberts
(affair)   William Reed Roberts
  Sami Brady    
Neil Curtis (ex-husb) (out-of-wedlock)
Craig Merritt (ex-husb)
Marie Horton Joshua Fallon (husb.)
Alex Marshall     Jessica Blake Fallon
(out-of-wedlock) (given up for adoption)

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