Addresses and Other Salem Facts


Salem's is Area Code 636
Salem uses the GTE white and yellow pages.

The DiMera/Donavan Mansion
430 Lakeview Drive
Salem, USA 06643-004

The Loft
25 River St.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Fancy Face (Bo's Boat)
Pier 58
Salem, USA 06643-004

Brady Pub
48 Water St.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Brady Pub Address #2
12 Front Street
Salem, USA 06643-004

Jen and Jack Devereaux's House
1552 Copperlantern Dr.
Salem, USA 06643-004
Mr Scrantan and Mrs Wedgeworth are their neighbors (Trent bought Mr Scrantan's house)

update 1243 Lakeview Farm was the tag on Jennifer's Luggage when her plane crashed on New Salem Island.
update 755 Oakridge Drive is the address Hope gave to the paramedics when Jen hit Patrick with her car in her driveway.

The Horton House & Center
545 Sycamore St.
Salem, USA 06643-004
Neighbors: Roman and Marlena's old house and the Wilson's.

The Kiriakis' Mansion
13201 Glen Oaks Dr.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Stefano's Penthouse
24 Riverview Dr #13
Salem, USA 06643-004

Carrie's Apt.
110 Guilford Apt. 3D
Salem, USA 06643-004

Austin's Apt.
110 Guilford Apt 3B
Salem, USA 06643-004

Titan Publishing
14 Salem Circle
Salem, USA 06643-004
Room B-135 is the room where the photo shoots take place.

Marlena's Penthouse
24 Riverview Dr 14.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Marlena's office at University Hospital was Room 510
Dr. Marlena Evans room at the hospital is now room 243 Marlena's work phone number is (636) 555-6704

The Blake House
Pine Mountain Road
Salem, USA 06643-004

Vivian and Ivan (When they were rich)
4930 Chestnut St.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Vivian and Ivan (When they were broke)
Apartment F3
Salem, USA 06643-004
Vivian's cellphone number is 555-1238

Roman's House
334 Sycamore St.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Al (Stefano's henchman)
1450 Pearl Street.
Salem, USA 06643-004

Jonsey's Townouse 
765 Salem, USA 06643-004

Salem Mission

The Lockhart's CellPhone

Bo and Hope's House
519 Scuttlehoe Rd.
Salem, USA 06643-004

new Jan Spears Phone Number

new Basic Black
1200 Riverside, Penthouse.
Salem, USA 06643-004

new Vin Ramsels house.
1630 Holland Street
Salem, USA 06643-004

new  Celeste Apartment
# 918
Salem, USA 06643-004

new Kate's Room at the Salem Inn
Salem, USA 06643-004

new Mickey and Maggie's house
1313 Mockingbird Lane (Munster's Reference)
Salem, USA 06643-004

Other Salem Fun Facts

Hotel D'Oro - Where Bo Brady, Billie Reed, Hope Williams, and Franco Kelly stayed in Rome, where Bo and Hope spent their 2nd Honeymoon

The Room of Eteral Love is where Bo and Hope spent their first honeymoon in Santa Roza

Billie Reed bought drugs at the Club Fortuna. In Roman mythology, Fortuna was the goddess of fortune or chance.

Jennifer Horton was held captive in by Travis Maloy in motel room # 7.

At the Salem PD, room 125 is the Detective Division and room 100 is the booking room.

Salem University Hospital ICU rooms. 
Victor--ICU 5
Peter--ICU 5
Sami--ICU 5
Shawn Douglas--ICU 5
Before Roman Brady was moved to ICU5, he was in ICU6
Belle Brady--ICU3
Roberto - ICU3
Tony was room 234 while he was in his coma after being stabbed.

In the hospital, the chapel is in room 80.

Maison Blanche is actually the name of a large chain of department stores in Louisianna.

The password to Stefano's townhouse basement is "5633698"

The photo of Maison Blanche is actually Stanton Hall, a house in Natchez, Mississippi. It is the largest and most recognized mansion in Mississippi and it is now a Bed & Breakfast.

Chris is the bartender at the Blue Note

Mike Horton's office at the hospital is room 220

Carrie Reed's office at the hospital is room 219

Lucas stayed in hospital room 309 after his car accident

Maison Blanche was the name of the home Marie LeVeau (sp?) lived in in New Orleans. It was a gift from a wealthy aristocrat. Marie helped his son get a not-guilty verdict when he went to trial for rape.

The hotel in New Orleans is the same set used for the hotel in Lugano.

The Chronicle is another newspaper in Salem.

The hotel room Mike and Carrie stayed in in L.A., Marlena's old apartment (in a re-made dream), and the hotel room Eric and Nicole stayed in were all the same room!

The papers of Salem are The Salem Tribune and The Salem Spectator which costs 35 cents.

In Salem they have Lyons Root Beer.

There is a club in Salem called Club Exotica.

WTGB is a station in Salem.

There are fishing camps south of Salem.

Jones County is east of Salem.

Salem Express Delivery Service Tel. 555-FAST.

There is Bluff City Beer from Alton, IL in the Cheatin' Heart.

Bennet Truck Salem:555-1693 Brookville:555-1694.

Goodhue County borders Salem.

Sabrett Hotdogs are at Little League games.

In Salem there is Newsday not Newsweek.

The Chateu De Reeves is in Overt

The Chataue De Reves is the VonAmburg estate in France. It translates to "The Castle of Dreams"

The Black Cat is a chocolate shop in Paris that Gina, Hope, and Greta all loved to shop at.

WETX Channel Six is a television station in Salem.

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Salem Cablevision is Salem's cable provider

Buddies is a burger joint in Salem.

Springhill Road and Kingsmill Road are roads outside of Salem near where Larry Welch crashed his car and died.

The Hotel DeLoria was a seedy motel near Texas where Vin Ramsel and Bo stayed. Room 212 was Vins room.

Lakeview is a Prestigious school in Salem.

Mr. Millbower was the mortician who embalmed the "dead" during the Salem Serial Stalker Storyline.

Pam Blank is a reporter on News Channel 6

Mr Anton is the jeweler in Salem (who repaired Alice's ruby brooch)

3431 was Rex (Nicole's Lawyer) and Nicole's love nest room at the Salem Inn (?)

Dr. Higgly was the radio show that Hattie used to listen to, and Marlena replaced.

Symphony Hall is the name of the concert hall in Salem.

Roadside Inn is a small inn outside of Salem

The Helping Hand is the Pawn Shop in Salem where Bonnie pawned Maggie's knick-knacks, Patrick's coin, and Hope found the teddy bear buried with MArlena.

Brookeville is a town near Salem where Maggie grew up on her farm.

Club Echelon was a gentlemen's club that Victor sold to Tony.

Bonnie ordered Chinese food from MRs. Chew at the Pu-Pu Palace.


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To Mia Knight Nicholas for Jonsey's Townhouse Address
To Sandy for info on the view out Marlena's window. To Jennifer for info on Marlena and John's honeymoon
To Kathleen for Bo and Hope's new address.
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