Actor Fun Facts

Jensen Ackles (Eric Brady)
Jensen planned on majoring in Sports Medicine at Texas Tech.

new Jensen appeared on an episode of the PBS show Wishbone.

Victor Alfieri (Franco Kelly)
Victor was a police officer in Rome

Victor started in an episode of Ned & Stacy called "The Gay Caballeros"

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams)
Kristian won the gold medal in Figure Skating at the Junior Olympics, she was 13

Kristian Alfonso played one of John Stamos' girlfriends on an episode of Full House.

Kristian did a joke on Candid Camera where she played a lady that flowers were delivered to with it not supposed to be her getting the flowers

Kristian Alfonso (Hope) was on a recent episode of Candid Camera, she was acting as a hair stylist who had no clue what she was doing!!

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell both appeared in 2 episodes of Bay Watch as cons.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope) played a madame on Melrose Place.

Kristian Alfonso played a villain named Deborah in two episodes of "MacGuyver", starring Richard Dean Anderson (formerly of "General Hospital). In the first episode in which she appeared, entitled "The Negotiator", she tries to get MacGuyver to fall in love with her so she can stop him from interfering with a project which would be dangerous to the environment. In the end she gets caught. She returns a few years later and tries to get revenge on MacGuyver, but ends up falling to her death in the end.

Kristian did a movie with Dulph Lungren called Army of One.

new Kristian Alfonso played a murderess on an episode of Silk Stalkings on USA.

Krista Allen (Billie Reed)
Krista had a small part in Liar Liar as the lady in the elevator with really big *pow*

Krista Allen (Billie) is starred in the steamy Cinemax series Emmanuelle in Space.

Krista Allen (Billie) was the national Budweiser girl.

Krista Allen played Crystal on Married With Children.

Krista Allen (Billie) and Matt Battaglia (ex-J.L. King) both star in the movie "The Raven" with Burt Reynolds.

Krista (Billie) had a small role on a TV series, Forever Knight, starring Rick Springfield

John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis)
John's daughter, Jennifer Aniston, plays Rachel on Friends.

Matt Ashford (Jack Devereaux)
Matthew Ashford appeared on Pacific Blue in an episode called Soul Mate. He played several different characters. This episode first aired in November 1997 but is being showed on USA re-runs of Pacific Blue.
Click here: Soul Mate

Matt Ashford (Ex-Jack) Matt was on the series premier of the show Charmed.

new Matt had a bit part in an episode of Providence.

Matt Battaglia (JL King)
Krista Allen (Billie) and Matt Battaglia (ex-J.L. King) both star in the movie "The Raven" with Burt Reynolds.

new Matt Battaglia -- appeared in an episode of Friends as a sensitive, journal-writing fireman dating Phoebe.

new Matt also stared in Universal Soldier 2. Jamie Lyn Bauer (Laura Horton)
Jamie is married to make-up artists.

Jamie Lynn Baur was on 2 episodes of the Love Boat

Jamie had a role on Young and the Restless.

Jason Brooks (Peter Blake)
Jason Brooks (Peter Blake) has done guest roles on Friends, Pretender, and The Love Boat: Next Wave

Jason Brooks (Peter) had a roll as a bad guy on Baywatch in the first season.

new Jason Brooks was on an episode of "Early Edition" which aired on October 24, 1998 on CBS. He played the part of a handsome new doctor/humanitarian Nick Sterling who comes into town and tries to win over Erica Paget.

Tanya Boyd (Celeste)
Tanya is terrified of snakes.

Tanya Boyd (Celeste) had a guest appearance on the comedy Sparks, which airs on BET.

Tanya Boyd (Celeste) guest starred on the show Good News

new Tanya Boyd (Celeste) had a small role in the original Roots mini-series. She plays a slave who uses the main character, Toby (Kunta Kinte), as part of a scheme for her own escape. Her name was Genelva

Eric Christmas (Fr. Francis)
Eric has appeared on Home Improvement and Rosanne.

Eric was the minister at Carla's husband's funeral on Cheers.

new Eric played the high school principal in the Porky's films.

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady Reed)
Christie was homecoming princess of her high school in Placentia, California in 1989.

Christie Clark (Carrie) played in a Danielle Steel, Changes, made for tv movie in which she slept with her stepbrother, got pregnant, then had an abortion.

Christie Clark (Carrie) played a role in Children of the Corn Part 2.

Christie enjoys kick boxing.

new Christie Clark was in the Halloween #4 episode of Roseanne.

John Clarke (Mickey Horton)
John was an Airforce sergeant in the Korean War.

Francis Reid (Alice) and John Clarke (Mickey) are the only two original cast members left on the show since its debut in 1965

Crystal Chappell (Ex Carly Manning)
Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly) -- starred together in A. R. Gurney's stage play "Love Letters"

Roark Critchlow (Mike Horton)
Roark had his first TV role on 21 Jump Street where he played a male prostitute.

Roark Critchlow once played a Horse rider names Johnny on the Black Stallion "staring Micky Rooney"

Roark Critchlow is a jazz pianist.

new Roark Critchlow was in an episode of The Commish where he committed suicide in the jail.

Roark Critchlow played an immortal in the second season of Highlander: The Series. The name of the episode was Unholy Alliance and Roark played an immortal at the beginning of the episode who was killed off by Xavier St. Cloud within the first few minutes of the show, however, it was a scene that established the storyline. St. Cloud was having a gang of mortals shoot his prey so that he could behead them (the only way an immortal can die is if their head is severed) easily.

On 7/29/98, Roark Critchlow (Mike) was dancing with Lisa Linde (Ali) at the Penthouse Grill and made an "I Love You" hand signal while they danced in the background.

newRoark had a part in the movie Cadence.

Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley)
Patrika can be seen in Gremlins 2.

Patrika Darbo (Nancy) was a regular for the first season of Step by Step. She played Penny Foster.

Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley) played a nurse in the movie "Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil."

Patrika Darbo played a passenger in the movie Speed 2

Patrika Darbo starred in an episode of Rosanne as the woman Dan was fantasizing about, she worked at the hardware store.

Patrika Darbo (Nancy) played Mr. DeWitt's, the high school principal, secretary on Growing Pains.

Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley) played in Corrina Corrina as the waitress at the diner.

Patrika Darbo played on Saved By The Bell, she was Lisa and Jessie's teacher.

Patrika Darbo has also starred in an episode of Seinfeld. She's the lady at the bar that would not move from the bar stool for George.

Patrika stars in Daddy's Dyin'...Who's Got The Will

Patrika played a role on an episode of Married With Children's Village People Episode.

Patrika played on LA Doctors as a woman who wanted Viagra.

Patrika was the voice of one of the sheep in Babe.

Patrika Darbo was in the movie Troop Beverly Hills.. she played a Wilderness Girl Leader.

Patrika Darbo played a bank teller/loan officer in "In the Line of Fire" with Clint Eastwood and was murdered by John Malcovich.

Patrika appears in an Off Skintastic Commercial.

new Patrika Darbo played on "A Small Wonder", a tv series from the 80's.

new Patrika Darbo had a bit part in the movie "The Night Before" which starred Keanu Reeves and Lori Loughlin.

new Patrika Darbo was on an episode of "Mamma's Family" She played one of the church ladies!

new Patrika Darbo was in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Episode. She played the wife of a man who made a suit that caused the wearer to be invisible.

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts)
Bryan's mom used to be a reporter for The Enquirer.

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) was featured on an episode of Doogie Howser MD playing a cook at a fast food restaurant.

Bryan dreamed of becoming a psychiatrist.

Bryan played on The Wonder Years when he was a little kid. On the show he played the boyfriend of Winnie Cooper.(Danica McKellar in real life).

Bryan played Greg in the 1993 movie Arcade

Patrika played Suzanne Sommers sister in the first season of Step by Step.

Bryan Dattila played in an episode of California Dreams.

Bryan played a boy who could not read on an episode of In The Heat of the Night.

Eileen Davidson (Kristen Blake DiMera)
Eileen played Kelly in Santa Barbara

Eileen Davidson played Ashley on Y&R.

Eileen appeared in the movie "Eternity" starring Jon Voight.

John DeLancie (Eugene Bradford)
John can be seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Picard's enemy Q.

John De Lancie was in the short-lived TV Series "Legend" with Richard Dean Anderson. He was also in the TV mini-series "The Thorn Birds", and the movies "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle", "The Fisher King", and "Taking Care of Business".

Michael Easton (Tanner Scofield)
Michael has appeared in two episodes of Ally McBeal as the naked guy with the huge ....

new Michael starred in a short-lived series called "Two" where he played twin brothers. One was a psycho-murderer and the other an English professor.

Michael stars in the showtime show "Total Recall"

Staci Greason (Isabella Toscano)
Staci was a victim of Jason's in one of the Friday the 13th movies..

Ivan G'Vera (Ivan)
Ivan has a Master's Degree in fine arts.

Ivan G'vera was born on April Fools Day in Czechoslovakia.

Ivan G'Vera plays a small role in the feature film, "Hunt For Red October"

Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) Deidre Hall used to be on a show called Our House with Wilford Brimly

Deidre Hall played the wife of a record company mogul on the 80's series Wiseguy, starring Ken Wahl. She was making love with one of the young rock and roll artists when they crashed through the skylight to their deaths. Deidre's character's name was Mrs. Newquay.

At the age of 12, Deidre Hall was crowned Junior Orange Bowl Queen.

Deidre Hall's twin sister, Andrea Gengler, was teacher of the year at Princess Anne Middle school (she taught the handicap kids and drama). She also played Marlena's twin sister on the show (Samantha)and made an appearance in the tv movie about Deidra Hall's real life story

Deidre Hall starred in the TV Movie OP Center as the President's mistress and news reporter.

Deidre Hall was in a show called "Electra Woman" in the mid-70's. She was the lead crime fighter. Her side kick was Dyno-Girl. They both wore very shiny tights and had big hair.

Deidre Hall starred in the TV movie Woman on a Ledge.

Deidre Hall went to Lake Worth HS in Florida, where she played in the band.

Before Days Deirdre Hall was Barbara Anderson on the Y&R.

Sally Lewis, a nurse in the show Emergency was played by Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall guest starred on Murder She Wrote. She played an undercover CIA agent named Jennifer Paige. Jennifer, in the story, was posing as a wealthy widow named Claudia Carboni.

new Deidre Hall starred in an episode of Columbo.

new Deidre was also in an episode of Hotel.

Drake Hogysten (John Black)
Drake has a degree in Micro Biology from the University of Southern Florida

Drake had plans to become a dentist.

Drake played baseball until a knee injury ended his career.

Drake stared in the short-lived series "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

Leann Hunley (ex-Anna Dimera)
Leann played Tamara Jacobs on Dawson's Creek. She was a teacher having an affair with a high school student.

new Leann did a guest spot on The Nanny.

Renee Jones (Lexie Carver)
Renee was the first African American to appear on the cover of Teen Magazine.

Renee Jones once played a teacher named Ms.Sharp on the Fresh Prince of Bel-air.

Renee played a counselor in one of the Friday the 13th movies.

Renee played a woman looking for information about her ancestors on and episode of In The Heat of The Night.

Renee Jones (Lexie) appears in the Boyz II Men video "On Bended Knee"

Renee Jones (Lexie) played Aquiel in the episode "Aquiel" of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was a love interest for Geordie.

new Renee played Sandra, Dwayne's girlfriend, on an episode of "What's Happening Now"

new Renne Jones played the part of a pregnant woman in an episode in the television series "Highway To Heaven." In that same episode James Reynolds played a doctor.

Paige and Ryanne Ketner (Abbey Devereaux)
Paige and Ryanne stared in "How to Make an American Quilt" with Winona Rider. They played the character Sophia.

Paige and Ryanne Ketner also played Kelly's sister on "Beverly Hills 90210".

Lisa Linde (Ali McIntyre #2)
Lisa acted in a country music video for the song 'Tempted' by Marty Stuart.

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts
Lauren is married to make-up artists.

Lauren Koslow (Kate) plays Sophia in the interactive cd-rom game, "Zork Nemesis," made by Activision.

Lauren played on Young and the Restless.

Robert Mandan (Jonsey Jones)
Robert played Chester Tate on one of the funniest sit-coms ever...."SOAP." "Benson" was a "SOAP" spinoff. One of the funniest storylines was when Chester had amnesia and Benson told him he was Marlene Dietrich.

Robert Mandan (Jonsey) played the role of Mr. Bradford on the sitcom "Three's A Crowd", a spin-off from "Three's Company."

Robert Mandan also played Joann Tate's husband, Sam Reynolds, in one of the first soaps, Search for Tomorrow.

Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera)
A much younger and thinner Joe Mascolo has a little larger role in the feature film, "JAWS 2" as a City councilman. He plays one of the corrupt guys on the side of the Mayor to keep the beaches open.

Joe Mascolo played a mob boss in Shaft 2. He was featured playing the clarinet and since I play instruments, I think he can really play it (probably why Stefano is an avid classical music buff).

Joe Mascolo appeared in an episode of "All In the Family". He played the father of the grocery bagger boy, who was mentally handicapped and had a crush on Gloria

Joe Mascolo was on an old episode of the The Incredible Hulk. He played a bad guy intent on ruling the world.

Joseph Mascolo was in "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" as Tendelli, and was on the soaps "General Hospital" as Nicholas Van Buren and "Santa Barbara" as Carlo.

Josh Taylor & Joe Mascolo have both played different characters in Days' past. Joe played a doctor at Univ. Hospital and Josh was Chris Kositchek

Joe Mascolo played in the t.v. series Kojak as a Detective

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady)
Peggy played Vanessa on "Love of Life", one of the very first soaps almost 40 years ago.

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) supported the cause to ban real fur from the Days' wardrobe.

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) appeared on the Andy Griffith show as Andy's high school sweetheart at their class reunion.

Peggy McCay appeared on Gimme a Break as a reporter for a newspaper on the show.

Peggy McCay played the mother in the movie Woman On The Run, The Bambi Bambenek story

new Peggy McCay recently starred in an episode of NBC's "Providence" where she was a wealthy woman who left her poodle to be groomed at the vet's and when she returned the poodle was totally shaved.

newPeggy McCay played the grandmother in the movie "Daddy's Little Girl"

new Peggy McCay played a bank loan officer in the Sally Field/James Garner movie "Murphy's Romance."

Rob Moran (T.C.) Rob had a role as bowling hustler in Kingpin with Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray.

Rob is the husband of ETs Julie Moran.

Rob played in Dumb and Dumber.

Rob was a police officer in There's Something About Mary.

Julianne Morris (Greta Von Amburg)
Julianne played Amy Wilson on "The Young and The Restless" a few years ago. In the story, Amy was raped by Matt (played by Eddie Cibrian, now Cole on "Sunset Beach") and killed him, although Nick Newman was put on trial for the murder and thought to be the killer until Amy confessed. I

Frank Parker (Shawn Brady)
Frank borrowed his accent from his parochial school teachers.

Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed)
Patrick played Jeff on Saved By the Bell.

Patrick stared in Starship Troopers

new Patrick had a part in the move Stigmata

Austin Peck (Austin Reed)
Austin made his debut as an actor on a Pop-Tart commercial when he was 16.

Elsa Raven (Lucille)
Elsa was a part-time-regular on the show Amen as a nurse.

Elsa Raven (Lucille) played the woman trying to save the clock tower in Back to the Future.

Elsa Raven (Lucille) played a real estate agent in the Amityville Horror.

Elsa played the old lady in bed with her husband in Titanic.

Elsa guess stared on the show Just Shoot Me.

Elsa Raven was on an episode of "Third Rock from the Sun," playing the Dick's "mother" in a family that the Solomons pretend to be related to.

Elsa starred in the movie "Paternity" with Burt Reynolds and Beverly Dangelo. Elsa Raven played a Prenatal Nurse.

Suzzane Rogers (Maggie Horton)
Suzzane was a member of Radio City Music's Hall Rockettes

Suzanne Rogers was on Little House in the Prairie playing a young Irish lass that a main character almost had an affair with.

new Suzanne Rogers starred in an episode of "Knight Rider" called 'The Wrong Crowd'.

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady)
Peter is an avid environmentalist and drives an electric car.

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell both appeared in 2 episodes of Bay Watch as cons.

Peter Reckell played on Knots Landing

Peter got his start on As The World Turns.

new Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly) -- starred together in A. R. Gurney's stage play "Love Letters"

Francis Reid (Alice Horton)
Francis made her film debut in 1937 in the feature Stage Door

Francis Reid (Alice) and John Clarke (Mickey) are the only two original cast members left on the show since its debut in 1965

Francais Reid wasn't the first actress cast as Alice, there was another actress but since she had no chemistry with Mac, Francais was cast

James Reynolds (Abe Carver)
James served in the US Marines as a battlefield reporter during the Vietnam War.

James Reynolds (Abe) played a banker on an episode of Seinfeld

new James Reynolds drives a Black Jeep Cherokee Larado

new Renne Jones played the part of a pregnant woman in an episode in the television series "Highway To Heaven." In that same episode James Reynolds played a doctor.

Lisa Rina (Billie Reed)
Lisa played Taylor on Melrose Place after leaving Days.

Lisa is married to Harry Hamlin, they have a child together.

Lisa stared in the movie "Lies Before Kisses"

new Lisa stared in the Daniel Steel movie "Vanished."

Paige Rowland (Debra)
Paige played Kit Fisher on All my Children.

Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan)
Charles played Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny.

Kevin Spirtas (Craig Wesley)
Kevin Spirtas (Craig) played in one of the Friday the 13th movies and actually survived!

new Kevin Spirtas is from St.Louis and went to Ladue Horton Watkins High School.

new Kevin stared in the independent film "Green Plaid Shirt."

new Kevin played a paramedic in Apt Pupil

new Kevin played a character named Colin in the CD- Rom game Voyeur II.

Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain)
Louise worked on Santa Barbara and One Life to Live.

Louise Sorrel and Ivan G'Vera both were on Candid Camera doing a joke seen.

Louise Sorrel (Vivian) played in a movie called "Mazes & Monsters," made in 1982.

Louise Sorrel (Vivian) appeared on an episode of Law and Order.

Louise Sorel played the nurse on the shuttle in Airplane 2.

Louise Sorel had a small part in Walter Mathow's movie, "The Plaza Suite".

Louise Sorel played on an episode of the original Star Trek, the episode was titled "Requiem for Methuselah" where she played a very young and beautiful female android named Rayna Kopec, who met and fell in love with Captain Kirk.

Louise Sorel plays Salem the Cat's mother on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

new Louise Sorel is nicknamed LouLou by her friends.

Kristen Storms
new Kristen has stared in two Disney movies, Zenon-Girl of the 21st Century and Johnny Tsunami

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)
Alison took Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) to her senior prom

Alison Sweeney was in one of the Tales from the Dark Side movies

Alison is interested in kick boxing.

Alison Sweeney was also in a short lived tv show with Jennie Garth called Brand New Life

new As a very young child Allison Sweeney appeared on an episode of St Elsewhere.

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady/Chris Kosnitchek)
Josh has a black belt in karate.

Josh Taylor & Joe Mascolo have both played different characters in Days' past. Joe played a doctor at Univ. Hospital and Josh was Chris Kositchek

Josh Taylor has been on "Walker: Texas Ranger" as a mayor and is on every once in a while.

Josh Taylor played the father in the show "Valerie", later titled "The Hogan Family" when Valerie Harper left and Sandy Duncan played his sister. Taylor also played Dillon's father in 90210.

Will Utay (Dr. Rolfe)
Will played the dean of the college Bud Bundy went to on Married With Children.

William Utay played a scientist in an episode of The Secret World of Alex Mack

Will played the bum Phil on the show Night Court. He also played Phil's twin brother, and it was revealed that Phil was a millionaire.

new Will Utay portrayed in the movie "Cobb" as Ty Cobb's butler

new Will Utay was on an episode of Seinfeld as a fertility doctor Kramer went to have his sperm count checked.

new Will played a deacon on 7th Heaven.

newWill played a neurologist on and episode of ER.

Mark Valley (Jack Devereaux)
Mark served in desert storm.

Mark Valley, a former Jack Devereaux, has a prominent role in the Denzel Washington-Bruce Willis drama, "Siege." Mark plays an FBI agent named Mike under Washington's command.

new He starred in "George Wallace" playing Bobby Kennedy

new He was in a independent film last year called "Dating Games"

new His first film was with Anthony Hopkins, called the innocent, where he played a soldier

Lark Voorhies (Wendy Reardon)
Lark played Lisa on the original Saved By The Bell.!

Steve Wilder (Jack Devereaux)
Steve is a licensed pilot

Steve appeared in an episode of Charmed.

Steve played on the final season of Melrose Place.

Adrienne Zucker (Nicole Walker)
Adrienne was a model before staring on Days and can be seen modeling for Venus Bridal Gown at http://www.lotusorient.xom.

Misc Characters
One of Stefano's henchmen (the man who planted the bomb intended to kill John in the Warehouse in 1996) is in a commercial for the toothpaste Crest.

The antique dealer in Lugano that John and Hope met with in is the actor who played Dr. Sidney Freedman on M*A*S*H!


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