Belle's Email to Chloe

Dear Chloe,
Thanks for your email. In response to your question about Shawn and me, no we havent had sex yet. I love Shawn, but is delaying making love with him really worth it. Im sure you remember Abe Carver, our police commander and my dads best friend. He was shot and killed yesterday leaving behind a wife and baby son. One minute Abe was alive, and the next he was gone. Chloe, what if Shawn or I were to suddenly die. What would I have saved myself for? I mean What if I never experience Shawns physical love the way a man and a woman are supposed to? Is it wrong to want Shawn to make love to me now? I want to have all of him. IS wanting a mans complete body and soul before marriage really that wrong? On the flip side, what if something happened to cause us to split up. Would Shawn eventually turn to another woman? 

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