Billie's letter to Bo

Billie's letter to Bo

You were not only my lover, you were my best friend in the whole world. And still, to this day my heart belongs to you. For so long, I've tried to deny my love, to hide it, but it's too strong. No matter how hard I try, I couldn't stop loving you, needing you. I know that you love Hope, she's the first in your heart and always will be. That's why I'm writing this to you now. Because it seems wrong some how to love someone so much and not let them know. Love is powerful, so I'm hoping even though you don't return my love, someday my love for you will touch your life for the better, if only from afar. Like a ray of sunlight shining down to make a flower grow. Life will never be the way I hoped and dreamed it would be, but I pray it will be that way for you and Hope. Filled with laughter and joy and much love for each other. And sometimes, a kind thought for someone who knows and loves you both so much.

All my love,

From Carrie Chafin/ShadySha/Ballele

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