Bo and Billie's Vows

From Christine
I Bo take you Billie to be my wife to have and to hold Forever. They say that love is the light that lights the world and that kindness paves the road to happiness. You and i have traveled kind of a long and winding road you know. On a snowy mountain side we pledged our love and our faith and our fidelity to each other. We felt God's presence that night just like we feel God's presence tonight in this rebuilt church. I promise to love and to honor and to cherish you all the rest of the Days of our lives.

I Billie take you Bo to be my husband to have and to hold Forever. The road that we traveled has had some darkness and some despair but our faith and our love and our faith that we were meant to be together lighted our way. I will not only be a wife to you but I will be your friend and i will be your soul mate. I'll share your sadness and your sorrows as well as you happiness. I promise to love, honor, and cherish you for all the Days of our lives.

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