Bo's Proposal to Carly Manning 91

Bo: Well first of all i love you
Carly: I love you too
Bo: and i worry a lot about you
C: yeah i worry about you too. Is that all?
B: no there's something else i got to tell you. And dammit i cant remember what it was. Oh wait now i remember. (pauses). Will you marry me?
(C stunned and goes silent).
B: I guess the acoustics aren't as a good as they say here
C: did you say....
B: I want you to marry me! i have never, ever wanted anything more in my life
(C runs to him, Bo follows in her direction, they meet at the middle of the courtyard).
C: i love you, i love you so much
B: so is that a yes?
C: how can you even ask me that?
B: well its kind of customary
C: no customary is getting down on one knee
B: ok if that's what it takes
C: We cant get married
B Well why not?
C: because if victors alive I'm married to him
B the hell with victor that man has kept us apart long enough
C i know but we cant do anything until the annulment comes through
B what i have planned we don't need an annulment
C why what r u planning
B well I've been talking to Professor Moore and he knows a great deal about Mayan rituals, things like coming of ages and burials and..
C weddings?
B well no one knows too much about Mayan weddings but he has a few ideas and so do i
c Bo Brady what are you planning for me
B something very good
C something illegal
B well legal we can do some other time. Right now i want to do something that comes from my heart something for us
C sounds too good to be true
B hey that's my department don't u start getting all superstitious on me
C i cant help it we just have so much to get through
B and we will get through it. And we'll be together for the rest of our lives. that is if that's what you want. You still haven't said yes.
C how could you even...
B hang on lets do this right so we don't have any regrets. (gets down on one knee). I love you. I know it took me an awful long time to admit that. But now that I have, I don't want to wait another day, another hour. because I love you princess. and I want to take care of you, now and for the rest of our lives.
C I want that too, I want that too.
B So will you marry me?
C (getting down on her knees to Bo's level)
Yes. (he kisses her). Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Submitted by Clare

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