Bo's proposal to Hope "Gina" Williams - Jan 99

Bo proposed to Hope Williams in January of 1999 at the Horton House, unaware that she had been transformed by Stefano into Princess Gina. He had the living room lit up with candles and played their song, Tonight I Celebrate Your Love.

Bo: You know there was a time when I thought I wouldn't have a second chance with you. I blamed DiMera for part of it, and Kate and Franco, but I was to blame too. I made some pretty serious mistakes, the worst of which was doubting your love for me. You know what? I'm pretty darn grateful to have this second chance with you. I've been thinking an awful lot about those vows you said to me when we were married. Not at Oak Alley, the legal time. You said "True love is the gift that God hath given to man alone beneath the heavens, the silver link, the silver tie, which heart to heart, mind to mind, and body and soul can bind."

Bo pulls out a rings and slips it on Hope's finger

Bo: Hope Williams, will you share your body, your soul, and your love with me once again? Will you marry me?

Bo, jumping the gun, kisses Hope, who in turn slaps him.

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