Bo's Toast to Princess Gina

This toast was given at the Harriman Ball on October 1, 1999.

I would like to propose a toast to the beautiful Princess Gina. Elegant, Regal, loved by anyone who has ever witnessed that radiant smile. Obviously the toast of Europe, and yet underneath this royal splendor, there is another side to this many faceted woman. A side most of you are unaware of. She's fun and a little silly, tender, and rather childlike. Not always up for a lavish party such as this, quiet often she prefers a quiet night at home cuddled up, starring at the stars. She has a warm heart, a loving, giving, spirited nature which she hides very well under this veneer of polish and sophistication. But if you knew this woman as I do, you would never forget her. This is the woman that I fell in love with, who I still love, and will always love.

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