Brady and Chloe's Wedding Vows


Brady and Chloe were married on September 12th, 2005

Brady: Chloe, there have been times when I thought I couldn't possibly deserve a woman as fine as you for a wife. I wished for the trials of a knight so I could slay a dragon to win you or fight an army alone to prove my love to you. There are no dragons, and men don't fight armies alone except in a play by Shakespeare. Even so, I hope that I have proved my deepest love and complete commitment to you. I am so grateful to be joining my life to yours, and I thank God every single day for bringing you to me. And above all, I thank you for having me.

Chloe: Brady, I met you when I was only a teenager. You were my friend, Belle's older, mysterious, gorgeous brother; and in my opinion you didn't know half as much as you thought you did. I thought I knew everything about love, early in my life, it's what I knew I didn't have. But you took my hand and taught me not to be afraid. You kissed me and showed me what tenderness could be. Your love became a part of me, Brady, and my love became a part of you. And I promise to spend the rest of my years cherishing our love and giving thanks every day for the gift that is you.

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