Brandon's Letters to Sami


These were the letters Brandon Walker sent to Sami about his filing for divorce. Lucas read the letters out loud to Sami.

Brandon's first letter . . . 

Dear Samantha,
Ive spoken with Lexie and Abe and Im shocked over your recent behavior. How could you use me as an excuse to barge into their home and make a bunch of crazy threats. Our marriage was a fraud and I want you to sign the annulment papers and return them to my lawyer ASAP.

 Experts from Brandon's second letter . . . .
Lucas: According to this letter Brandon s lawyers have repeatedly requested you sign and return the annulment papers, but due to your repeated failure to comply, he had to write to you directly. . . . . . . 

"Stop prolonging the inevitable. One way or another I am determined to end this farce of a marriage. And I will end it, whether you cooperate or not.  All your doing with these staling tactics is  making me more determined that ever to get you out of my life for good. And if you dont sign and return these documents immediately I will file for a no-fault divorce


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