Hope's 1990 Good-Bye Speech to Bo (While in Ernesto's Cage)

Hope: "Bo, just listen to me, okay. I want you to...I want you to tell Shawn-Douglas..."

Bo: "It's okay, Fancy Face, I'm listening."

Hope: "I want you to tell Shawn-Douglas that his mommy loves him."

Bo: "Okay. I'll tell our little sailor you love him."

Hope: "You know how much you mean to me? How much you both mean to me?"

Bo: "Yeah, Fancy Face. I know."

Hope: "I've never really told you...(sobs) Oh, God. I've never really told you how happy you've made me. God you have, Bo. I know the last few months...I know they haven't been great, but I don't want you to ever think even for a second that I was ever disappointed because I wasn't. Oh, Bo, I love you. Loving you was the greatest joy of my life. The greatest joy, Bo."

Bo: "You are my life, Fancy Face."

Hope: "Bo...."

Donated by J. Hindo.

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