Fun Facts from Days

Aremid is DiMera spelled backwards

During the Myan Pyramid story line the plane John and Marlena were flying in had the call letters "NCC-1701", which is the id of the Starship Enterprise!

Why Gina was Hope to begin with
G = Next Consonant = H
I = Next Vowel = O
N = Next Consonant = P
A = Next Vowel = E

The name Alamain means "by hand" in it's french translation "a la main" Also Maison Blance means "White House"

Austin's License Plate reads "TRH 782 The Friendly State" Unfortunately for Austin, it seems Travis stole his car while making his getaway with a kidnapped Jennifer.

Carrie wears Midnight Rose lipstick

Sami's favorite doll is named Sarah Beth

The was an Oregon license plate QLM 866 in the cabin where Jude held Hope.

Vivian's license plate is JPL 2446.

Dwight Ferguson is the public defender in Salem.

Trent Peters is the manager of Salem Bank.

Wyatt Janson is the guy whose son saw Jude and then reported it to Bo.

Mr. Brandon is one of Bella's biggest advertisers.

Mr. Billingsley was in charge of teller training at the bank in the Caymans.

Stuart Howard was Vivian's lawyer.

Al used the the names Paul Miller and something like Bart Bailey.

Captain Brock flew Marlena and Rachels' plane.

Judge Robinson was at Stefano's arraignment and N. Bennett was at Will's custody hearing.

Mike Horton nicknamed April Ramirez "Boom Boom".

Sami steals the key for the hospital records room from Mr. Quinn

Shawn-Douglas' baseball team is the "Salem Moose"

John Black's private plane is the "Black Hawk"

Susan Bank's middle name is Delilah

Judge Walker presided over the John Black trial in Aremid

The actor who plays Franco also played the role of the Spanish man who said he would help Kate get off the fishing boat.

Mozart is one of Marlena's favorites.

Mike's favorite charity is Pediatric Epilepsy.

Days of Our Lives is taped on sets 2 and 4 at NBC Studios

One of Marlena's favorite movies is All Our Tomorrows.

The World Famous Ward's Circus is where Jack, Jen, and Abbey hid.

Monica Lawenski seemed her usual self even after the divorce, perhaps because many of her classmates also came from broken homes. She loved soap operas, especially Days of Our Lives. She had a car, went to house parties, giggled and gossiped at Nate 'n Al's Deli on Beverly Drive.

Eric has a dog named Harvey back in Colorado.

Penelope Kent, Susan's sister, is a famous European movie star and has starred in Sirens of Saturn.

Celeste's blood type is O-

Laura drives a Mercedes Benz "C" series

When Billie and Bo went to LA in '93 to catch the parking lot shooter, the limo they rode in had 7TLC on it's license plate.

Last year Marlena had to go back to the Dimera mansion to get a book called "A Bridge to Faith" of Roman's that he'd left behind. That's the exact same book Laura Horton gave to Marlena and she was reading it while she became possessed by the devil in 1995.

Vivian Alamain was actually pregnant with Philip for 13 "real-life" months!

When Marlena and Rachel where going to L.A. Rachel's plastic surgery, John had 4 planes take off at once so that Stefano wouldn't know which one they where on, they were on plane number 3.

Nicole' s email address for the Bella website is

Krista Allen (Billie) and Jamie Lyn Bauer (Laura) both drive E class Benz

During Franco and Sami's love scene, Franco wore black silk pajama bottoms under the sheets. Sami wore a flesh toned body suit and a sheath that was made from the sheets to prevent her from accidentally "spilling out" during takes. Franco used Binaca during the shoot. It took two to three hours to choreograph and rehearse the scene before going on camera. Then it took another three to four hours to tape. Both Sami and Franco told "Access Holywood" that it was quite mechanical when it came to doing the kissing and all that followed. Cue cards kept Sami and Franco from flubbing their lines.

Days is the only Daytime Soap Opera to have a permanent outdoor set (Salem Place).

Bob and Vicky Mitchel, and their daughter Andria is the aliases Jack, Jen, and Abbey used at the Wards Famous Circus.

Barton Darjean made Hope's compact/comb

Renet's Garden at Twighlt is what Hope re-sketched.

Zoltron is the game Nicole and Eric played at bella on the PC.

Marlena hasn't been imprisoned for almost 16 months! A NEW RECORD!!!

Rudolpho MERADI is an anagram for Dimera.

Billie named her baby Georgia after a song Wayne was playing.

John & Marlena saw Grease on their first date after Roman let Marlena go.

If you put Nicole and Taylor's names together, it spells the name of the famous model Nikki Taylor

Rudolpho starts with the first consonant BEFORE "S", the first letter of his real name. This follows the same pattern as Hope's alias, Gina. Further, "u" is sequential in alphabetic order to "t", and "d" is just before "e"... these are the second and third letters of Stefano and Rudolpho.

"The Truth Shall Set You Free" is Alice's favortie bible quote

Lilly of the Valley is Hopes perfume

Mayor Wilkins is the Mayor of Salem

The Red Clay of Georgia was playing at the Salem Theatre the week of November 16th

Susan and Edmund's favorite drive is Half and Half - a pint of 1/2 lager and 1/2 stout.

Carson Palner, the DA who tried Sami, is also the name of the USC Trojans starting Quarterback.

Kate's 4X4 has Titan-1 on its liscense plate.

Princess Gina's nickname for Greta was Petit Choux (Little Cabbage)

Sami read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch to Will the night before her verdict for the murder of Franco Kelly was set to be read.

Shawn D wants to play ball when he grows up

Carrie ate popcorn during all nighters in college

Don't scald your tongue with other people's broth was Princess Gina Von Amburg's favorite proverb .

Don Ruina (sp) 88 was Gina's favorite Champaign.

BeBe is the name Billie used as a stripper.

Viewers my have noticed that the Dimera backyard was mysteriously turned into a cemetery when "Kristen" died, and is the same place where Georgia Brady is supposedly buried.

Philip Kiriakis was born on the same day Salem discovered that Marlena was the desecrator, not knowing she was actually possessed by the devil.

When the scenes during Marlena's possession were taped, Marlena's voice was mechanically altered live during the taping, that is why during the whole possession, you may have noticed that nobody spoke immediately before or after the devil (Marlena).

As Gina, Hope was an expert at playing Baccarat. The object is to hold two or three cards totaling closest to nine.

Dr. Mike Horton is the most replaced actor on Days. 14 different actor have portrayed him.

January 15, 1992 - was when Lily Faversham's art collection was stolen.

John had a nanny named Bridgett Ferrand

Tracey Simpson lived in James Bay Commune.

Dorthy and Andrew Brown were the aliases Sami and Will used while trying to escape to Canada.

Hope's favortie roses are white.

SAmi and Eric used to say "Tomorrow will be a joyous day and all our troubles will mealt away." before they said there prayers

Nicholas Alamain studied investment banking.

Greta learned the two step in New Orleans.

Gina likes Gardenias

John and Gina first made love in January of 1983.

La Roulette is Gina's favorite restaurant.

Gina likes Lavender Soap

Kurt Hershfengle, Gina's companion, is the son of a German Count

Austin's car license plate reads "The Friendly State" and Austin is the capital of Texas, the friendly state!

Tales from Vienna Woods is the waltz Hope used to hear.

The view out Marlena's window is looking south from downtown San Francisco.

Jennifer's favorite movie of all time was "Duck Soup" with the Marx Brothers.

John and Marlena stayed at the Ihilani Resort on Oahu for their honeymoon.

Chere Mama was Greta's name for her mom.

Kurt Schwengle is the son of a German count

Tom Horton used to make Hot Chocolate on a hot plate in his office.

Ali McKintyre got 1492 on SATs. She was waitlisted at Vasiter, and accepted to Sarah Lawrence.

Hope used to take Ice Tea with three sugars when she was little.

Shawn D loves Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Mr. Walsh teaches American History at Salem High

The real PG/Gina love dark chocolate truffles

Hopes favorite chocolate is white or light chocolate truffles

Dizy's Diner is Mike and Carrie's restaurant

Kurts mother mother was Countess Elsa of Hapsburg, who Gina impersonated in Paris.

Caviar and Cream Cheese was Greta's favorite snack when she was young.

Nathan and Greta played Romeo and Juliet at Les Academy D'Enfants.

Brandon was a Golden Gloves Champion.

The Night Before Christmas is Nancy's favorite story.

Stanely C Cohen is the Principal of Salem High.

Salem High's sports teams are known as the Salem Panthers

Austin's favorite lunch is cheeseburgers

Hope hates bananas, and Bo hates mustard.

Marlena's perfume is lavendar sky

Greta likes croissants from Grandma Bea's Bakery.

Stefano takes his tea with milk and no sugar

John loves apricot Danishes

Belle collects dolls.

Chloe and Mimi love Salvatories Vegie Pizza

SNow White is Greta's Favorite Movies

Nancy had a red motorcycle when she was younger.

When Eric's car was hit by the train he was driving a white hatchback.

Jason and Philip been best friends since 1st grade

Mimi and Belle have been best friends since kindergarten.

Phillip was the captain of Salem High baseball team.

Nicole Walker's porn name was Misty Circle

Sebastian is the Kiriakis chauffer

Jaja and Monica were Brandon's old European flames.

Felicia Jordan is a reporter from WETX News Channel Six.

Andrea was an old girlfriend of Lucas when he was in military school.

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Shawn D's great grandfather (Shawn Sr's side) made a wedding chest made for his great grandmother, on their first wedding anniversary, to hold a quilt they received as a wedding present. This chest became the Brady family hope chest.

Grandma Evans gave Sami a glass kitty vase when she was 16

Amy was Lucas high school girlfriend.

Rex PC password is Gemini.

Father Christopher is a priest in Salem

Will is captain of his school's volleyball team

Sherie was a secretary at Basic Black.

Mich Stevens was a bartender at Blue Note who recognized Nicole as a porn star. 

Doctor James was Tonys surgeon when he was stabbed by Mayas goon.

Dr. Gallawey was Samis doctor when she slit her throat falling through the glass doors in the DiMera mansion. 

Cassie has a stuffed rabbit named Roger when she was a kid.

Phillip Kiriakis gave her a real rabbit which she named Whiskers.

Phillips locker combination at Salem High was 19 21 47

Grilled Cheese and Tomato is one of Shawn D's favorite foods.

Crazy Daisy was Belle's doll as a little girl, it had pig tails and pink frilly dress

Mr Bodet  was Jen's Sociology teacher.

Mr Brogan was Jen's Algebra 2 teacher.

Heart with 2 legs is what Jennifer has called Abby from time to time.

Kevin (Mimi's old boyfriend) met Shawn D when they were 7 on a little league team.

Belle met Penelope in Girlscouts.

Napoleon Pastries are Jack's favorite

Space Race 2 - Kevin and Mim's favorite videogame

Pricilla is the nickname Kevin gave his laptop.

Mimi's mom Bonnie was a brownie troop leader.

Mimi and Jan Spears were in brownies together

Tom gave Alice a ruby heirloom for her 30th anniversary.

Mimi is a nick name for Merriam

Sami uses apricot shampoo

Nancy Wesley loves Frasier

MArlena read "I Love You Forever" by Robert N Munsch to Belle when she would upset

Robert Clark runs the Emergency Management of Salem

Stela Cruppa is the society editor for Spectator.

Nancy Wesley loves Julia Roberts

53e0052 was  Lexies booking number after being arrested for kidnapping Zack

Cheryl Wallace was Phillips first girlfriend.

Marias (Vin Ramsel's Gal Pal) drove a Volvo 2S80 with the license plate 279BEG 

1-800-555-0199 was the hotline set up for people to call for leads about Hope and Zack when they were kidnapped by Larry welch. 

Professor Geruro teaches bioethics at Salem University.

Hartly House was the dorm the kids lived in at Salem University.

1-800-555-0199 was the hotline number Belle set up for Shawn to call after she begged him to come home at the Nascar races.

Marlena gave Will a teddy bear with one blue eye and one green eye, which Will named Mr. Fuzzy.

Hope drives a silver Mercedes License plate number G7463

118569 was Crystal Galores lockup number

H653893 was  Marlenas booking number when she was arrested as the stalker.

Jack made Jen warm milk with dash of vanilla to help her sleep.

Belle loves bologna with her PB&J

Shawn loves Kung Poa Chicken

Mrs. Saldino was Belle and Shawn's 10th grade biology teacher

56535 is the license plate on Bo's motorcycle, which he gave to Shawn.

Johns password for laptop is Forest Alamain.

Raymond is the doorman at Marlenas building.

Doug drives a silver Mercedes

Mr Baransky the locksmith who tried to open Victor's safe.

Jen drives a silver lexus, license plate 2774-BHG

Sami drives a white mustang.

Joel is John's personal secretary at Basic Black.

Mrs Fox was another one of Wills teachers

Mr. Mertz is  the landlord of  Sami and Lucas' building (I Love Lucy reference)

Dr. Scully performed Tony's autopsy (X-Files Reference)

Commissioner Gordan is the police commissioner (Batman reference)

Lurch was the undertaker at Caroline's funeral (Adam's Family reference) 

Bonnie calls herself Bon Bon.

Nemo  is the name of  Conner Lockharts fish

Bonnie has a German Shepard named Max.

DA Chang took over for Carson Palmer.

Ray Diaz is an assistant DA in Salem.

Judge Fitzpatrick is the judge who presided over the Salem Serial Stalker hearings.

555-1087 is the number that was on the "Have you seen this person" poster featuring the hockey masked Salem Serial Stalker.

Haddonfield Road is a road located near Mickey's house.

John drives a black Lexus.

Rex Mug Shot number when he was arrested as the serial killer was M586933

Beth was Maggies best friend from high school

2478 is the alarm code in Mickey and Maggie's house.

Officer Revera is a member of the Salem PD.

Mrs Brice is yet another one of Will's teachers.

Belle used to read a book series called "The Three Detectives"


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