Hope's letter to Bo while kidnapped

The following letter was from Hope to Bo while she was kidnapped and held hostage by LArry Welch. She put numerous clues in it to alert Bo. The clues were How We, referring to Howie Hoffsteader who helped them thwart Larry's plans the first time he was in Salem

Dear Brady:

By the time you read this letter, I'll be dead. I pray to God this letter will be found and gotten to you somehow. Lexie kidnapped me and Zack. She's crazy, Bo, and I know she intends to kill me and take our child and disappear forever. There were so many times in the past you've saved me from certain doom. I marvel at how WE always managed to defy the odds and beat what seemed to be our inescapable fate.

But this time I know there is nothing you can do. I don't have much time, and I can't risk Lexie discovering this letter. Just know I love you and Shawn and Zack more than life itself. I cherish every moment I've ever spent with you. And I'm comforted, even now, by all those special memories of how WE fell in love as children, how WE kept that love alive no matter how people or circumstances tried to separate us, how WE always felt that love across time and space, and how WE will continue to feel our love even after death.


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