Abe's Eulogy at Jack's Memorial Service


This was the Eulogy that Abe Carver gave at Jack's funeral on December 21st, 2005

Abe: Whenever I was around Jack, I would think to myself thank God he didn't choose a life of crime because I don't think I ever would have caught him.  Jack was a man before his time and he was a man who understood life and lived it to its fullest. He was also a man who was aware of its limits. When he found out he was sick, Jack didn't just curl up and die, he fought back by getting his affairs in order. He knew that he could never be at peace, he could never enjoy his heavenly reward unless Jennifer and Abby and Jack Jr. were taken care of. You were very, very fortunate to have him Jennifer. 

Jennifer: I know, thank you Abe. 

Abe: And Abby, I have hoped you'd carry his sense of humor with you. It will help you over a lot of bumpy roads in life. Okay? I hope you're nodding yes  because I can't see you. 

Abby: Yes, I'm nodding. 

Abe: Good. All right, well now they're going to play one of Jack's favorite hymns. 

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