John's Proposals to Marlena

Reunion 97: At the Penthouse
From Nicole Fernandez

John: Now, Doc, we've been apart for too long and I want to remedy that situation tonight- forever. Will you marry me? Please tell me you'll be my wife again and forever. I love you so much. You're the only woman I've ever really loved and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So please marry me. Go on, make me the happiest man on the face of the earth by becoming my wife.

( Marlena gets up and tells him that she can't believe this moment is here. They discuss a lot of things before he resumes his proposal. )

In all these years I wanted to be with you, I never could get over my love for you, no matter how hard I tried. I realize now it was wrong to try and deny that; to try to live my life without you. You're my soul mate. You are the woman I was meant to spend eternity with.

( They discuss some more things^ God's plan for them and Roman )

My beautiful Marlena, will you please do me the incredible honor of becoming my wife? Will you please marry me?

At the Penthouse Grille the next night - The John and Marlena engagement party

John ( to Abe and Lexie ): I think it's time to start the main event.

( grabs Marlena's hand and leads her to front of the dining hall ) Come here! May I have your attention please? I have a little announcement to make. Gather round, this is very important. I'd like to include all of you! That's it, step right up.

Dear friends, family. I am so glad you all could be here tonight to share in this joyous celebration. First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for returning this beautiful woman to me. She makes me very happy, she makes me laugh a lot^ feel a lot. She's a very special woman. I'd like to raise my children with her and spoil my grandchildren with her. I don't want her out of my sight. That brings me to the reason I have invited you all here tonight. I would like you to bare witness to this very special occasion. ( takes out engagement ring )

Doc, ( getting on one knee ) the love of my life, now and forever, would you please marry me?

Marlena: Yes, yes, oh yes.

( crowd applauds )

John: All right. How about the day after tomorrow?

Marlena: Yes, anytime you say. ( John slips ring on hand )

John: Then, it is all set. Day after tomorrow- Marlena and I will be married and you are all invited!

New Orleans- May 98
From Nicole Fernandez

( John on one knee )

Marlena: Oh, John.

John: You asked me to hold onto this until I could put this back on your finger. That time in right now. ( takes hand and kisses it ) Marlena, my best friend, my soulmate, love of my life, my doctor- will you marry me?

Marlena: Oh, I can't believe this moment is finally happening. I just wanna savior it all. I just wanna cherish it.

John: Okay, but how about giving me an answer first?

Marlena: Yes, oh yes, I'll marry you.

New Years Proposal 99
John takes Marlena on his plane for New Years Eve and she realizes that they are going to New Orleans for New Years. John presents her with bells for her charm bracelet and. . . .

John: What do they make you think of?

Marlena: Ah, oh Belle of course, and oh ringing in the New Year with the man I love most in the world.

John: That's very good, but actually I had something more formal in mind. You know Marlena, I've been spending a lot of time dwelling on my past. These charms are my New Years resolution to you.

Marlena: And what is that?

John: I'll give you a hint, it's in the form of a question. Will you marry me?

Marlena: (Laughs) Yes I'll marry you, of course of course I will. I'll marry you anytime anywhere.

They kiss.

John: Now speaking of time, I want you to take all the time you need to plan the perfect wedding. just wanted to make sure I proposed at midnight so I could get your answer that sometime this year we would hear wedding bells.

Marlena: I promise you we will marry this year. Happy New Year my love.

John: To the happiest New Year ever.

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