Roman's letter to Carrie

Roman's letter to Carrie

Dear Carrie

I didn't want anything to happen to me without telling you how much I love you and how proud I am that you are my first born child. You have such a kind heart such intelligence and poise. Carrie I know being the oldest child brings added responsibility just like I know I help raise my younger brother and sisters and that you are always there for Sami and Eric. You are the one constant in their lives when I was taken away from you and then Marlena. That's why I worry for them. They're not as independent as you are Carrie. Or as strong. Especially Sami. I think she suffered the most when I came back. She felt so guilty about her feelings for John and then Marlena's affair with John, and the divorce. It was too much for her. And it saddens me to think now that Sami finds it difficult to really trust anyone, except you. Sami's always looked up to you Carrie, trusted you. And it gives me peace of mind to know that my daughters will always be close and that you'll always protect Sami. You're my legacy Carrie. I know that you'll never betray your ideals and your essential goodness. I love you punkin forever and always.


From Linda

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