John's death row letter to Doc

John's death row letter to doc

Dear Marlena,

If you are reading this letter, then I have been executed. No man is without sin but God knows that I did not kill Tony. I have gone with the faith that death is not the end but a summons to a new existence; a summons to live with God in Paradise.

Of course, I feel that my time has come too soon. But God works in mysterious ways. I leave with few regrets; one is that my children will never know their father; the other one is leaving you Doc.

I know that our life together has been complicated; you've been in love with other men, Ive been in love with other women. But the love we shared was something special Doc. There never was and never could be anyone to fill the special place you hold in my heart. I love you. I know now I always have....and I always will.


Thanks to Eeyore, Kara Walker, and CJParadis for contributing pieces of the letter.

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