Roman and Kate's Vow Renewal

Roman and Kate renewed their vows on Tuesday, July 19, 2005. John and Marlena were to follow, until Marlena fainted and it was revealed that Marlena was pregnant.

Father Jansen: When a couple first marries, there is great rejoicing, and we expect that the love that the bride and groom feel for each other to last a lifetime. But sometimes people grow apart. The business of daily living can cause problems, and relationships can become frayed. That's why when one is blessed with a loving marriage that has stood the test of time, one that is based on honor, respect, and above all truth, it gives us even more reason to rejoice anew. And that's what we're doing today with these two wonderful couples. Roman and Kate, we'll start with you. Kate, you had something you wanted to say? 

Kate: Roman, I am grateful that you're alive, and I pledge to honor you and care for you and share with you everything that life has to offer. 

Roman: I want that too Kate, but I know there are gonna be some good times and some bad times down the road. But I think together we can get through the rough spots. I hope you feel the same way, no matter what. 

Father Jansen: And now our other happy couple, Marlena, we are here to reaffirm the vows you made to John. 

At this point Marlena faints dead away!

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