Speeches Made at Roman's Funeral

Speeches from Romans Funeral on 1/15/04

Bo: Roman was the best of the best, a true-life hero. And he was also my big brother. And I got to tell you he was a hard act to follow. Every school year when we were growing up, when my teachers found out that I was his kid brother, well, they had very high expectations. I mean, Roman was a straight A student, captain of the football team, the president of the student body, all that kind of stuff. Ontop of it all, he remained a really nice guy. Try to live up to that. It was impossible. So, I didn't try, I rebelled. And needless to say, he and I butted heads a lot. Ma always knew that once we grew up we'd be the best of friends, and she was right. Once I stopped being angry that everyone expected so much of me because of my brother, I started expecting more of myself. It became important to me to get his respect. I wanted him to be as proud of me as I was of him. And with his guidance and patience and sheer refusal to cut me any slack, I think I finally got there. Thanks bro, but I will never be half the man that he was. We've all talked about how tragic it was that roman died on his wedding night, but there's one small bit of comfort here. Roman died happy, happier than I've seen him in a long time.

Marlena got up and made a statement in regards to Eric and Carrie not being able to attend. Eric had sent her a letter, which she decided to read.

Eric's Letter: Sami and I were so young when we lost our father the first time. Growing up we'd spend hours reliving what few memories we had, certain that we'd been robbed of the world's greatest dad. Then a miracle happened and we got him back. Unbelievably, we discovered the ideal we had conjured as kids wasn't a fantasy at all, but the father we'd always imagined him to be. We were so happy that fate had returned him to our lives. Now it seems impossible we lost him again, this time forever. But we thank God for that second chance, the chance to create new memories that can never be taken away. We'll love you always, Dad. You truly were the greatest.

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