The Killer's Letter to Bo about Caroline's Irish Soda Bread 

Dear Bo,
As I write this Im sitting in the Brady pub, at the bar. I just told your mother I need to jot something down and she generously gave me some of her own stationary. She says she usually doesnt keep stationary down at the bar, but she had written her daughter Kimberly a note earlier. Kim had called asking for her moms Irish bread recipe, and Caroline was happy to oblige, I mentioned to her that I thought her bread was great. She said shed like to give me a loaf since she just baked two, but she promised one to her son. And just then, you came into the bar. Caroline gave me a wink and told me shed be right back, that she had to talk to you and give you the bread. I saw you Bo, you were in your official police mode: big hurry, important criminals to catch and lock up. You asked your mom for a cup of coffee to go. She filled your order, you leaned over the bar and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then you dashed out. You were so intent on going out and finding the killer that you never even saw me sitting there. Caroline came back to me and told me that it was my luck you were in such a hurry, you didnt pick up your bread, so she gave it to me, and now Im sending it to you. After all, it is the last loaf your mom ever baked for you.

Thanks to Mistee

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