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The Stefano DiMera/ DiMera Family FAQ Part 2

Version 2.8 May 30, 1999

by Dustin Cushman

About this FAQ

I have gotten many letters and read many internet posts asking about the history of the DiMera family. I have put together this FAQ to answer these questions.


The Lady/Woman in White

The Lady/Woman in White turned out to be Rachel Blake, Kristen and Peter's supposedly dead mother. Stefano became obsessed with Rachel while he was in Aremid and wanted her to divorce her husband and marry her. When she refused he grew angry. Rachel contacted John Black, then a young priest, to confess to. Stefano then tried to kill both her and her husband by setting off an explosion in their car. Because of John's involvement he was brainwashed by Stefano He believed Rachel and her husband were killed and raised Kristen and Peter. However, Rachel was very much alive and living in Aremid all the time.

Stefano's plan to once again kidnap Marlena

Shortly after Rachel's identity was revealed, Kristen discovered a letter that John had written to Marlena while in prison. In the letter he confessed his love for Marlena. Kristen was afraid that if Marlena were to see this letter that John would leave her for Marlena. Kristen then hid this letter. Shortly after she became pregnant with John's child and they planned to be married. Rachel's face had been terrible scarred by the explosion years ago and was to go to San Francisco to have it restored back to normal and Marlena was to go with her. In order to protect both Marlena and Rachel from Stefano, John arranged for four planes to take off for San Francisco and only one would have Marlena and Rachel on it. Stefano learned of this plan and contacted Kristen and asked which plane Marlena would be on. After Kristen pried the plane number out of John she told Stefano, who swore that Rachel would be unharmed. Kristen convinced herself that she was doing this for her baby. John learned that Stefano was in Salem and the planes were stopped. On board Marlena and Rachel's plane they discovered Stefano's disguise in the cargo hold Stefano escaped from Salem by hitching a ride in Ivan and Vivian's car and threatening their lives. Vivian was later jailed and accused of helping Stefano escape.

Stefano succeeds in getting Marlena

After Rachel and Marlena were back at the DiMera mansion, Rachel discovered all of Kristen's lies and plots she had pulled to keep Johnny, including helping Stefano to kidnap Marlena. Kristen said she was doing it for her baby and because she loved John. Eventually Marlena discovered the letter and confronted Kristen. Through cramps and pregnancy problems Kristen managed to convince Marlena to keep quiet about her schemes until she was stronger and her baby was no longer in any danger. Marlena agreed to wait until after she returned from San Francisco with Rachel to tell John. In the meantime Kristen was not allowed to sleep with John or wear her engagement ring or the deal was off. Kristen agreed to the deal because it gave her time to come up with another way to keep Marlena quiet. Later, Stefano showed up at Jonah and Wendy's apartment where Lexie was baby sitting Benjamin. After he left, Lexie warned Abe and John that Stefano was in Salem. Eventually Stefano was caught and arrested. John was convinced it was now safe for Marlena and Rachel to fly to San Francisco so that Rachel could have her surgery. The day of the flight Rachel was found bound and gagged in a secret room of the DiMera Mansion. The person in jail who appeared to be Stefano was not, he was a man with a latex mask of Stefano on. Stefano was dressed up as Rachel and was on the plane with Marlena. He made it appear that the plane had crashed and there were no survivors.

The Magical VR Goggles

John refused to believe that Marlena was dead and in hopes of finding her he searched through Stefano's old warehouses for clues. In one of the warehouses he found a pair of VR goggles. When he put them on he could see Marlena being held captive by Stefano in a cage. He continued to use the goggles in hopes that he would find a clue as to where she was being kept. Marlena began writing things in a diary and Kristen became suspicious when her named was seen by John in Marlena's diary. Kristen knew she had to destroy the goggles to protect her secrets and she set out to do so. After peering through the goggles, John arrived at the warehouse just before Kristen could destroy them. What neither of them realized is that Stefano had planted a bomb to go off when the goggles were used the next time. Both Kristen and John escaped unharmed. Stefano told Marlena about the explosion and that John was dead. Kristen's baby was unaffected by the explosion, but she made John promise never to use the goggles again. Because he realized Stefano knew when the goggles where in use, John agreed not to use them again. He would have to find another way to rescue Marlena.

Queen of the Night

After searching through some of Stefano's supplies from the warehouse John came upon a game entitled "Queen of the Night". John was sure that the game was based on a real city where Stefano had taken Marlena. For weeks he tried to uncover the city, not knowing that Kristen knew it's location all the time. Kristen had played the game as child and knew that the game was based on Paris. Rachel Blake eventually uncovered the city when she spied Kristen tearing out an article from Bella about Paris. Rachel then suggested to John that he take Kristen on a vacation to Paris. This gave Kristen nightmares about being in Paris with John and stumbling across Marlena. Kristen tossed and turned in her sleep mumbling Paris. She tried to tell John that it was just a dream but John had to follow through on it. Paris began looking more and more like the city he was looking for after he saw a picture and story on Bastille Day in the paper. The costumes the people where wearing reminded him of the costume he saw Marlena dressed up in when he saw her through the goggles. While in Paris, Stefano learned that John was in town and he could not take the chance that John would find him. He forged a letter to Kristen asking her to come to Paris, knowing that Kristen would do all she could to keep John from finding Marlena. In Paris John found clues that matched up with the game, a tapestry in a church, the underground passages, and a sketch of the crown. John decided to lure Stefano into the open by throwing a Masquerade Ball which centered around Marie Antoinette's crown. If his hunch was right, Stefano would try to steal the crown for Marlena. Meanwhile Marlena felt that if she could get to the ball she could slip someone a note that she had written to Belle. Marlena feared she would never be free again unless she gave Stefano the one thing he wanted, her body. She would not sleep with Stefano, so she would remain his prisoner forever. Eventually Stefano gave into Marlena's desires to go to the ball and he took her. Marlena was dressed all in gold, just like the queen in the game. John, Abe, Lexie, Kristen, and Renee (A french police officer and friend of John's) stood guard at the ball and looked for Stefano and Marlena, who they knew would be dressed in gold. At the ball Stefano managed to steal the crown by having one of his men knock out Renee and then wear a rubber mask of Renee so that stealing the crown was easy. However, Marlena managed to get away from Stefano's men and meet up with Kristen. After harsh words Marlena ran out of the ball room and into John. They had a short reunion because Stefano drugged John with a needle he stuck in John's the neck and took them both prisoner. Kristen was horrified as she watched it all on a small monitor John had given her. Back in the underground John was put on trial. Stefano was the king of the underground and those who lived there were his loyal subjects. John was found guilty on crimes against the king, trying to steal their Queen Marlena, and driving Tony DiMera to kill himself. John's punishment was death bye the guillotine. Meanwhile Kristen had recalled the entrance to the underground from childhood memories and set off to find it. Kristen found the entrance and entered the tunnels along with Rachel, who had followed her. Kristen and Rachel became trapped by a cave in and Abe and Lexie came to their rescue. Meanwhile Vivian and Ivan were in Paris as well and Vivian was looking for Stefano to sign a confession that would clear her of aiding Stefano in his escape. She had been found by Stefano earlier and he once again threatened her life if she told anyone he was there. She returned to a spot where Stefano had taken her and stumbled across the entrance to the underground as well. At the execution, Marlena had foiled the beheading of John once by breaking free of Stefano and placing her head under the blade. She was saved by Stefano and then taken away. The second attempted was thwarted when Vivian showed up. John broke free and began wrestling with the guards. Eventually Stefano pinned him down and began strangling him. John was saved by Vivian, who hit Stefano over the head with a 2 by 4. John escaped and found Marlena, however; Vivian was taken Prisoner by Stefano and locked in the room. They were saved when Abe, Lexie, Kristen, Rachel, Renee, and the french police found them. Abe had Vivian arrested because he suspected her of being in on the whole plot. Kristen came across the diary Marlena had been keeping and placed it in her hand bag. All of the sudden they noticed that Rachel was gone. Back in the tunnels Stefano had caught up with John and Marlena and had a gun on them. Marlena was hurt in a cave in and needed help. Stefano was about to kill John when Rachel appeared and distracted him long enough for John to get the gun and wound Stefano. John then gave the gun to Rachel and told her to watch Stefano while he carried Marlena to safety. When John wasn't looking Stefano fled with Rachel behind him. The two of them ended up near underground canisters of gas and argued. Stefano told her if she shot him the tanks would explode and they would both die. Rachel knew what she had to do and she fired the gun. A huge explosion followed by a cave in occurred. Stefano and Rachel's bodies were not found, however charred pieces of clothing were. They were both presumed dead.

Stefano Returns to Help His Children

Peter's Problem
In Paris, Jack finally proved Peter for being the rat that he was. Jack and Laura set a up a phony card game and lured Daniel Scott to it with Celetste's help. Daniel Scott lost everything he had and when his life was in danger of ending when he couldn't pay his gambling debt Jack agreed to pay his debt for the truth. Daniel confessed to Jennifer that Peter had done everything Jack was claiming he had done. Jennifer was appalled, shocked, and angry at both Peter and Jack. Peter had betrayed her trust time and time again, and Jack had succeeded in ending her marriage. When they returned to Salem, Jennifer threw Peter out, but he was determined to win. He paid Daniel Scott a large sum of money to tell Jennifer that he was forced to side with Jack because his life was on the line and if he didn't say what Jack wanted to know he would have been killed. Jennifer was confused, and she didn't know which man to trust. With some encouraging words from Hope, Jen decided to solve the mystery herself. When she saw Peter talking with a airline agent in Salem Place she knew something was up. She learned from the airline agent Peter had bought a one way ticket out of town for Daniel, and she went to Daniel and claimed to know everything. At first Daniel didn't buy it and pretended he didn't know what she meant. Jen quickly changed her strategy and said that she was just testing his loyalty to Peter, and he had past. Daniel fell for it and then told Jennifer everything Peter had done, including bout Peter's gas lighting of her mother. Jen returned home and began divorce proceedings. When Laura learned the truth about her gas lighting she became hysterical and started showing signs of a relapse. Peter and Jen's marriage seemed to be over and one night while taking a walk in the park Peter came face to face with Stefano. At first Peter wanted to kill Stefano for what he did to his mother, but when Stefano told Peter he could help him get Jen back Peter listened. Stefano convinced Peter the only way he could have Jen was if he kidnapped her and Abbey and took them far away. Peter made the arrangements, but Jack Devereuax became suspicious. Jack bought a gun and confronted Peter when he broke into Jen's house. There was a fight, and the gun went off. In the end Peter was dead, or was he? At the funeral everything began to unravel.

Brainwashing Laura
At the funeral Laura spotted Kristen adjusting her pregnancy pad and realized Kristen was faking her pregnancy. Kristen had lost her baby in the explosion in Paris and somehow managed to keep in a secret. Laura went into the church to tell Marlena, but was surprised to see Stefano and Peter there. Laura learned Peter had never died, Stefano faked his death and put Daniel Scott's body into the coffin with a latex mask of Peter's face. Stefano took Laura hostage and brought her to Peter's old house. When Kristen stumbled upon them at the house she was horrified to learn her brother was alive and that they had Laura with them. Stefano planned to take Laura away from Salem forever, but Kristen convinced him to find an alternative. Stefano then removed the past few days of Laura's memory with a special laser and they then left Laura in the park. Laura was eventually found, but couldn't remember anything.

Kristen and Susan
Stefano found a pregnant woman named Susan Banks, who with a wig and a dentures looked exactly like Kristen. Susan agreed to take Kristen's place in the birth room and she agreed to let Kristen raise her child. However, things went horribly wrong. Vivian Alamain and her servant Ivan learned about Kristen's plan and blackmailed her into keeping Vivian in control of Titan Industries. Vivian and Ivan found themselves wrapped up in Kristen's mess with an uncontrollable Susan. When it came time for Susan to have the baby all hell broke lose. John decided to surprise Kristen with a wedding in the hospital room before the baby was born. Unfortunately, John married Susan, but he believed he was marrying Kristen. Susan thought John was really her husband and decided she wanted to keep him. Meanwhile Kristen and Vivian were already plotting to eliminate Susan from their lives, but Susan refused to leave her son and new husband. When Susan threatened to tell John the truth, Kristen made a drastic move and hired her as the baby's nanny. However, Susan caught onto Kristen's plan. Kristen had built a secret room and was planning to lock Susan in it and rid herself of her. Susan confided in her psychiatrist Marlena Evans, who with enough clues figured out everything. Marlena went to Kristen's place and confronted Kristen, who admitted Susan was the mother of John Jr. and Susan married John. Marlena waited for John Black to return home to expose Kristen, but Kristen turned the tables on Marlena and locked her in the secret room instead.

The Threat from Laura
When Laura's memory began to return. Stefano hired a private nurse, Nurse Lynn, to feed Laura pills to suppress her memory. Eventually Laura refused to continue taking her medication and began to remember more and more. Laura swore that Peter Blake was alive and was going to prove Jack's innocence. Laura arranged to have Peter's body exhumed to prove he wasn't dead. Kristen learned about the plan and realized that if everyone found out Peter was alive they'd come to her for an explanation and everything would be ruined. Kristen decided the only thing to do was to dig up Peter's grave herself and cremate the body inside. When Laura learned what Kristen had done she broke down and fell unconscious after being drugged one too many times that day.

Double Crossed by Susan
Susan began to become more and more attracted to John Black and honestly though he was her husband. Susan formulated a plan in which she would become Kristen and eventually when John loved her she would reveal the truth. Susan worked out to get into shape and had her hair dyed and extensions added so she looked exactly like Kristen. Susan then began to formulate a plan to lock Kristen in the secret room that was meant hold her. However, Susan learned that Marlena was in the secret room. When Susan went to free her, Kristen told her that if Marlena is freed she will go after John and they would marry. When Susan learned what Kristen said was true she couldn't let Marlena out. Later when Marlena tricked Kristen into coming into the room Susan double crossed Kristen and locked her in the room with Marlena. With Marlena and Kristen in the room, Susan took on Kristen's life and played to remarry John. Susan had planned a huge wedding that mimicked Elvis and Priscilla's wedding, costumes and all. However, Laura showed up in her nightgown. She had finally woken up from the drugs she had been fed by Stefano at the hospital and was determined to stop John from marrying Kristen or so she believed it was Kristen. Laura gave Susan a hearty slap across the face and Susan's fake teeth flew across the yard and landed in Vivian's champagne glass. Everyone was shocked, but no one more that John, who was fooled by Susan for weeks. Meanwhile in the secret room Kristen's constant digging into the wall caused a gas leak. By the time John rescued them, both were past out. Kristen came to and in a hurry tried to marry John, but was stopped when Marlena came to. Marlena told her side of the story and Susan backed her up. A desperate Kristen grabbed a cops gun and threatened to kill Marlena, but John managed to wrestle the gun away from her. Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan were all sent to jail for their part in kidnapping Marlena, Susan was never prosecuted.

Kristen and Stefano have their Revenge
Kristen, Ivan, and Vivian were all released from jail, but Marlena and John were finally together and were about to be married. Kristen begged Stefano to help her, but he was furious with her for ruining his chance to kidnap Marlena. No matter how furious he was with Kristen, Stefano knew that he could not let John and Marlena marry because that would be a bond he could never break. Stefano learned some information and he and Kristen flew to the Caribbean where they found Roman Brady dying in an ISA hospital. Kristen told Roman that Marlena had never re-married and that she and John were married. Roman, who still loved Marlena, came back with Kristen to the US. Kristen then dropped the bombshell that Roman was still alive right before Marlena and John were to be wed. The shock stopped the wedding, but nobody knew whether to believe this man was really Roman. John called Shane at the ISA who confirmed the man was Roman. Roman had contracted a bacterial infection as a result of a dangerous ISA mission which involved chemical weapons. Roman felt it would be better if he died away from his family and allowed everyone to believe he was dead. However, once Kristen told him Marlena had never remarried he decided to return to Salem and try to win back his love, even though he was dying.

Curing Roman

Stefano returned to Salem and allowed himself to be captured by John and Abe. Imprisoned in his cell, Stefano told John that he was the only one who could save Roman. Though John didn't want to believe Stefano, he had no choice but to believe him. John knew that if Roman died then he and Marlena could never live happily ever after. John, with Lexie and Abe's help, broke Stefano out of jail. Stefano told John that once they were out of Salem he would reveal everything to John. Stefano and John rushed to John's private jet, along with Kristen. However, Marlena learned what John was about to do and she rushed to the airport with Hope in hopes of stopping him. John would not change his mind and as Marlena and John said goodbye, Hope snuck onboard the plane because she felt she had to protect John from Kristen. John's plane took off and Stefano told John that they must go to a remote jungle island of his where he had a scientist working on the cure for Roman. However, upon arriving at the Island, Stefano learned that his scientists ran out of a key ingredient and could not finish the cure without it. John asked what this ingredient was and Stefano told him it was a rare orchid that only grew in one particular spot in the jungle. Unfortunately, none of Stefano's men would brave the jungle because it was inhabited by hostile natives. John volunteered to go search for the flower and he left the compound to brave the jungle. Stefano orchestrated it that John would leave without his compass, so when Hope discovered it on the ground she volunteered to go after him. Stefano did not object to this because there were secrets in his compound that would trigger memories in Hope that he wanted to remain hidden. John and Hope braved the wilderness together and John even had to rescue Hope from some restless natives. However, the natives grew more and more angry that their home had been invaded and they set fire to part of the jungle, which trapped Hope and John on a cliff. Luckily Kristen and Stefano arrived with a helicopter to save them, but John refused to leave because he was so close to the orchid. John scaled the cliff and put the orchid into his backpack, but was then knocked from the cliff by an angry native. When John did not surface, he was believed to be dead. Hope, Stefano, and Kristen returned to the compound and Stefano sent men out to look for John's backpack. Stefano's men returned with the backpack, but the orchid was not in it. However, Hope found some pollen seed which Stefano's scientist, Dr. Rolfe, used to complete the cure. As they were ready to leave for Salem, John shocked everyone by turning up alive. Unfortunately, a native shot John with a poisonous dart which nearly killed John. John's life was saved by a special tea and everyone prepared to return to Salem. On the way back to Salem the plane hit a storm in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and the plane crashed into the ocean. As fate would have it, everyone made it back to Salem with the cure. The cure was administered to Roman, but Stefano had one last trick up his sleeve. Stefano said the cure would not work unless he gave some of his blood to Roman. Stefano would only do this if Marlena accepted his apology and would accept him as a friend. Marlena reluctantly agreed and Roman pulled through. Because he held up his end of the bargain, Stefano was granted a full pardon. However, the cure didn't work. Roman's body rejected it and Stefano told them if they didn't administer a certain set of drugs, Roman would die. Marlena administered the drugs and they did indeed save Roman.

Stefano and Kristen lose Elvis

Kristen thought that if she could prove to John what a loving mother she could be by raising Little Elvis then John may fall back in love with her. However, Susan wasn't going to just hand Little Elvis over to Kristen. Kristen invited Susan over and got her good and drunk. She then told Susan that she had drawn up a legal document that would keep Stefano, Little Elvis' real father, out of her life for good. Susan signed the paper and later found out what she had signed was a legal document giving Kristen full custody of Little Elvis. Susan attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the pier, but John rescued her. John and Marlena found out what Kristen had done to Susan and they decided to help Susan out. Surprisingly, Stefano willingly took Elvis from Kristen and gave him back to Susan, but Kristen filed suit and ordered Susan to give Elvis back to her. On the day of the hearing John managed to delay Kristen while Marlena and Susan went to work. At the hearing, Susan became overwhelmed with emotions and was forced to leave the room. Marlena spoke on Susan's behalf. Outside, Susan quickly changed into her Kristen get-up and she told the judge that what she did was wrong and she withdrew the custody papers she had filed. When Kristen learned what had happened it was too late. Kristen was furious with Marlena and plotted to get her revenge. John and Marlena both knew that as long as Stefano was around, Susan and Little Elvis would never be safe. John decided that the only thing they could do was to send Susan and Elvis away to someplace they would be safe, and he helped Susan escape to a remote village in England.

Peter VS Jack

Travis/Trent and Jack Jack was sentenced to life in prison for killing Peter. In prison he became cellmates with a man named Travis Maloy. Unknown to Jack, Travis was working for Stefano and was assigned to convince Jack to give up on Jen and convince her to move on. After the new evidence that Peter could possibly be alive Jack was released pending his second appeal hearing. Unfortunately Jack's old cell mate Travis was now living next door to Jen and she knew him as Trent Davis. Jack had a number of close calls with Travis/Trent, but Travis/Trent was never caught. Mickey Horton was sure he could get Jack off on the murder charge, but Stefano and Kristen both denied that Peter was alive. This plus Stefano's threats to the judge, landed Jack back in prison. While Jack was wasting away in prison, Jen decided that she had to help Jack prove his innocence. Jen, posing as her cousin Hope, got a job as a guard in prison. Jen's cover was almost blown once when Laura brought Abbey to see her dad. Later, one of the guards named T.C. became interested in "Hope" and started digging into her personal life. T.C. didn't understand why Jack was so protective of Hope, but when he began working with Travis/Trent they learned the truth. Both T.C. and Travis/Trent were furious and plotted their revenge. First they exposed Jen and got her fired and then all Jack's privileges were revoked. Jen feared for Jack's life and she warned Stefano that if he wanted to be accepted by the Horton family then he better make sure no harm comes to Jack. Stefano called Travis/Trent and warned him not to harm Jack. Unfortunately Travis/Trent had just given T.C. the order to eliminate Jack permanently. Stefano was furious and told him to try and save Jack. Travis/Trent called T.C., who had just strapped Jack down on a printing press, to try and rescue Jack if possible. Luckily T.C. did manage to save Jack in time. Jack wondered why he was saved and he theorized that Stefano or Peter must be their bosses and for some reason they didn't want him dead. As Jack continued to think about the situation he finally realized that Jen's neighbor Trent must be Travis. Jack tried to warn Jen, but his contact with the outside world was cut off. Jack requested to see his lawyer Mickey and tried to pass the word onto Mickey. However, it was too late because Travis had already kidnapped Jen. 

Travis kidnaps Jennifer
Travis kidnapped Jennifer and held her captive in a motel room. Jen didn't understand why he was doing this, but Travis informed Jennifer that he was going to deliver her to Peter Blake for a large some of cash. Jennifer begged Travis not to do this and she offered to help him out by allowing him to avoid jail time if he ratted on Peter. Travis refused to do this and they made their way to the Grand Canyon where Travis said Peter would meet them. Meanwhile, Jack learned that Jennifer had been kidnapped and he vowed to find her. With his cellmate Herby's help, Jack managed to escape through an old tunnel Herby had dug. Jack made it back to Salem and searched Travis' house. It was there that he found clues that indicated that Travis was taking Jen to the Grand Canyon to meet Peter. Jack raced to the Grand Canyon only to be captured by a local militia man. The man didn't care what Jack was guilty of, he only wanted the bounty out on Jack's head. Jack persuaded the man to help him capture Travis and Peter because the reward would be much much more. When the militia man learned who Jack was looking for he wished Jack luck, but refused to help him. The man told Jack where he could find Travis and said goodbye. As Jack began to scale the cliff to Travis' cabin, up in the cabin Jen made a horrible discovery. Travis had brutally murdered both his parents! Jen realized the danger she was in and she finally escaped, but not before locking Travis in the cabin's cellar. As Jen explored for a way off the mountain, she fell into an empty elevator shaft. Meanwhile, Jack arrived at the cabin and let Travis out of the cellar because he thought it was Jen. Jack and Travis fought atop the cliff and Travis plummeted to his death. Jack and Jen reunited, but they went on the run from the law. The duo made it back to Salem for Christmas and later Jen and Abbey snuck into Jack's car when he left town.

Peter Returns!
Peter had been laying low on a remote island and letting his injuries heal. Peter planned to meet Travis at the Grand Canyon to pick up Jen, but he was bitten by a mosquito and contracted Jungle Madness. Jungle Madness was a disease that would slowly cause him to loose his mind as well as become very strong and violent. Stefano told Peter to go to his island compound where Dr. Rolfe would make him the cure. Peter became impatient and violent and when he left the island he dropped his pills. Peter had gotten into a fight with Rolfe over the use of the plane and during the fight he dropped the medication. By the time Peter discovered this he was too close to Jennifer to turn back. Peter eventually learned that Travis was dead and he theorized that Jack and Jen were on their way back to the Grand Canyon to set a trap for him. Peter lucked out one night and checked into the same hotel that Jack and Jen were in. When Peter learned this he tipped the FBI off to Jack's location. Luckily Jack, Jen, and Abbey escaped and Peter soon found himself to be the target of the FBI's search. Peter managed to knock out an FBI guard, but at first he feared his madness had caused him to kill the guard. While on the run, Jack and Jen joined a circus and hid out there while Peter returned to Salem. Peter went to Kristen and Stefano for help catching Jack and Jen and Stefano suggest they start with Laura. Stefano gave Peter a small listening device which Peter had to plant on Laura. Peter snuck into the Salem Spa and pretended to be a masseur so he could plant the device on Laura. However, Laura had formulated her own plan to try and trick Peter. Laura thought if she could allow Kristen to overhear her talking with Jen then maybe she could drop a hint as to a fake location where they were hiding out. Unfortunately, the fake location Laura gave, which was Dayton, Ohio, was in fact where the circus Jack and Jen were hiding out at was headed!

Jennifer "Dies"
Stefano tipped Peter off that Dayton was a trap. In Dayton, Peter found the circus and talked extensively with a woman named Lavern. Peter's sickness was growing worse, so he returned home to Salem. Stefano asked Kristen to watch Peter while he was away getting the cure, but Kristen was attacked by Peter and he got lose. Meanwhile, the Circus Jack and Jen were hiding out in came to Salem. Jack had a plan to lure Peter out into the open, but he needed help. Jack sent Hope some tickets to the circus and asked her to come meet him. Peter became suspicious and followed Hope. During an attack of Jungle Madness, Peter attempted to kill Hope, but Bo showed up and saved her. Unfortunately, Peter got away. Peter returned to the circus on it's opening night and managed to grab Jennifer and hide in a circus trailer. However, he suffered yet another attack and almost killed Jennifer. Jennifer managed to get away and escaped in Jaspar's car. Jaspar was the owner of the circus. Peter pursued Jennifer, but Jennifer's car crashed an exploded in flames. Peter turned his car around and came upon Japsar at a payphone. Jaspar had called the police and was about to tell them something when Peter attacked him, which caused him to fall into a coma. Jack was captured and sent back to prison. Upon inspection of the station wagon Jen was driving, the police found a woman's remains and a necklace that had an inscription "To Jen from Peter." Everyone believed that Jen was dead. Jack was let out of prison to attend her funeral. Peter also attended and brandished a machine gun. Suddenly, Jennifer appeared above the coffin as an angel and convinced Peter to turn himself in. In jail, Stefano finally gave Peter the cure, but told him that he could not help him get out of jail because it would ruin his new reputation. Peter agreed to plead guilty for a lighter sentence. Jack, now free, returned home with Abbey and were shocked to find Jen waiting there. Jen told them that she, Jaspar, and the circus people set the entire thing up. Jen told Jack that she thought Jaspar had told them about it, but Jack told Jen that Jaspar was put into a coma. In the end, Jaspar pulled through and recovered.

Kristen's Revenge

Kristen Uses Roman
Roman planned on asking Marlena to marry him once again and he even bought their old house back. Upon getting a clean bill of health, Roman decided to propose to Marlena. Kristen spotted Roman in Salem Place after he had just purchased an engagement ring and she took him aside and decided this was the perfect opportunity to get her revenge on Marlena. Kristen knew that John and Marlena were at the airport seeing Susan and Little Elvis off. Kristen cried a sob story to Roman that she was planning on surprising John with a trip in the Alamain jet, but John had left her for another woman. Kristen told Roman that Marlena was at the airport saying goodbye to Susan and it would be really romantic if he were to pop the question to Marlena up in the air on the Alamain jet. Roman loved the idea and he went to the airport. There Roman finally learned the truth about John and Marlena. John and Marlena were busy kissing and talking, unaware that Roman was listening in. After John and Marlena left to go to a New Years Eve party, Roman trashed the Alamain jet. Roman showed up at the party and went to confront John and Marlena, but the stress was too great and he collapsed. Roman was rushed to the hospital where Mike told him that his blood pressure was dangerously high. However, Roman could not control his anger whenever he saw John and Marlena together, which caused his pressure to spike. After another talk with Kristen, Roman decided to keep what he knew to himself in hopes that he could win back Marlena. Roman was released and Marlena took him home, but she couldn't help but notice that he was acting very odd, she wondered if Roman could know the truth about her relationship with John. Eventually, John found out that Roman did know the truth, but when he went to tell Marlena, Roman was with her and had already told her that he knew about her and John. Marlena and John told Roman what an evil woman Kristen really was, and Kristen ended up loosing the one friend she had left in Salem. Roman and John both asked Marlena to make her choice between the two of them, but Marlena told them that she needed time to think.

Part 3


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