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The Stefano DiMera/ DiMera Family FAQ Part 3

Version 2.8 May 30, 1999

by Dustin Cushman

About this FAQ

I have gotten many letters and read many internet posts asking about the history of the DiMera family. I have put together this FAQ to answer these questions.


The Killing Pool
Kristen became desperate to find little Elvis and broke into Marlena's penthouse. Susan happened to fax a picture of herself to that was in a local newspaper to Marlena and Kristen learned where Susan was hiding. Kristen made it look like she was leaving town, but she really went up to the house Peter had built for Jen. Kristen called Susan in England and told her to bring the baby to Salem with her and to wear a certain outfit. Kristen had kidnapped Sister Mary Moira and was threatening to kill her if Susan didn't bring her the baby. In England, Susan had met a fourth sister she never knew about, whose name was Penelope Kent. Penelope told Susan that their mother couldn't care for four babies, so she was given up. Susan was happy to see her sister, but Penelope told Susan that she had a rare disease and was dying. Susan told Penelope about her troubles with Kristen and Penelope agreed to go with Susan to Salem and deal with Kristen. Penelope and Susan went to Salem, both wearing the same white dress, and decided to confront Kristen. Penelope, who had a fear of flying, was downed a lot of alcohol and an prescription drug called Placiden. Meanwhile, Kristen had drugged up some Dr. Pepper soda cans and planned to sell Susan into white slavery and take off with little Elvis. Susan and Penelope arrived at the Blake house, as did Edmund. Susan drank one of the drugged drinks and was carried off by the man Kristen sold her to. Kristen was furious to learn that Susan had not brought little Elvis to Salem with her. Kristen disguised herself as Susan and headed for the airport. Meanwhile, Edmund arrived at the Blake House and mistook Penelope for Kristen. Edmund demanded to know what she had done with Susan. Penelope, who was drunk and drugged, tried to tell Edmund she wasn't Kristen. Edmund pushed her into the pool and she drowned within seconds. Edmund fled the scene. Later, Marlena and John found Penelope dead in the pool, but they mistook her for Kristen. Everyone thought Kristen had killed herself, but Roman was convinced it was murder. Abe and John had found Kristen at the airport, but mistook her for Susan. They told her that she couldn't leave town because they needed to question her about Kristen's murder. Kristen was shocked and believed that Susan was the woman that they found in the pool. Edmund returned to Salem to be with Susan, once he heard that she had been taken into the police station for questioning. Eventually, the police believed that Laura Horton had killed Kristen. Laura admitted going to the Blake house during Jennifer Horton's funeral (which was staged) and she attempted to shoot at the woman she though was Kristen. Laura missed, and thought that proved she did not kill Kristen. When the autopsy came back it showed a high level of Placiden in her blood. Laura had been prescribed the same drug by Marlena and the police thought that Laura had drugged Kristen. Kristen thought she was off the hook and was delighted to see Laura get what she deserved, in her opinion. Unfortunately, Kristen was not off the hook. Edmund proposed to her and Kristen had to accept, otherwise people would grow suspicious. She also realized that she needed Edmund to take her to Elvis, who was staying with Edmund's mother, Violet. With Caroline Brady and Maggie Horton's help, Edmund planned a surprise wedding for "Susan." Kristen revealed herself to Stefano, who was delighted to see she was still alive. However, Stefano told Kristen that she had to marry Edmund, otherwise it would look suspicious. Violet arrived in town for the wedding and she brought little Elvis with her. Kristen tried to escape with Little Elvis once by drugging Violet, but failed. Kristen planned to ditch Edmund after the wedding and hide with little Elvis, Stefano had given her his permission to raise the boy. John had given "Susan" the use of his jet, so right after the wedding, Kristen went to work. Kristen left a piece of chocolate with a thank you note at Marlena's penthouse. The chocolate was filled with penicillin, which Marlena was highly allergic to. Then she fled to the airport, where she said goodbye to Stefano. Unfortunately, Edmund found her there and warned Stefano to stay away from them. Stefano left and the plane took off. Up in the air, Edmund told "Susan" that he was the one who killed the woman in the pool, but it was an accident. Kristen told Edmund that she no longer felt safe with him and once the plane landed in Bermuda, she was leaving him. Meanwhile, Stefano went to the Blake house to try and cover any clues up that would make the people of Salem realize Kristen wasn't dead, Stefano too believed Susan was the one buried in Kristen's grave. However, Stefano found a picture that Susan had given to Edmund, it had her handwriting on the back with a little note, and Stefano realized that Edmund had killed the woman in the pool. Stefano feared for Kristen's safety. Meanwhile, Susan, had escaped from the palace and made her way to Bermuda, because she had called Violet and asked Susan if she and Edmund had arrived yet. Susan realized that Kristen married Edmund and was impersonating her. Susan surprised both Edmund and Kristen in Bermuda and she had a plan. Susan arranged for Kristen to be sent back to the palace with one of the guards, who had been following Susan. Kristen tried to bribe the man, but he wouldn't accept the bribes. Susan and Edmund married for real and Susan forgave Edmund for accidentally killing her sister. Susan and Edmund returned to England and Susan pretends to be Kristen every once in awhile and keep in touch with Stefano, so he doesn't get suspicious.

John and Marlena Reunite, Kristen's Revenge is foiled
Kristen's hope that Marlena would eat the poisoned chocolate and die was ruined when Belle Black ate it instead. Roman found Belle past out on the floor of the penthouse and gave her a shot to counteract the penicillin, for Belle was just as allergic as her mother. Near Belle was an open bottle of Brady's pills and he thought that Belle had eaten them, mistaking them for candy. Roman rushed Belle to the hospital. It was when he saw Marlena and John by their daughter's side that he realized Marlena and John were meant to be together. Roman told Marlena that he wouldn't stand in her way and he wished her and John all the happiness in the world. Meanwhile, Susan felt something was wrong and she called Salem. Susan learned what had happened and realized Kristen had tried to kill Marlena. Susan sent Kristen one final note, which said her planned failed and that John and Marlena were once again engaged.

Stefano, Vivian, Jonsey, and the Townhouse

Stefano had a secret townhouse, which he trusted to a man named Jonsey. Stefano told Jonsey it was very important that no one knew that this house and everything in it belonged to him. Jonsey eventually married Vivian and turned over the townhouse and all its contents to Vivian in his will. Vivian was using Jonsey for the money at first, but she did fall in love with him eventually. Unfortunately, Jonsey died suddenly during their lovemaking one night. Vivian was distraught, but she had the townhouse and all it's possessions. Vivian began selling off some of Jonsey's artworks to finance a new business she was starting, a business to rival Titan, which she wanted to take over. Eventually, Stefano found out that Vivian married Jonsey and inherited all the belonging in the townhouse and was selling them. Stefano became furious and decided to stop Vivian. Vivian had become curious about what was locked in the basement of the townhouse and attempted to break in. An alarm went off, which signaled Stefano. Stefano had his henchman, Bart, go to the townhouse and tell Vivian that a chemical spill had occurred and fumes were leaking into the house, so she had to leave. Stefano and Bart managed to clean out the mysterious contents. Still, Stefano had worked years to get those art treasures and he wasn't about to let Vivian sell them all. Stefano came up with a new plan.

Stefano controls Vivian

Upon Kristen's "death", Stefano inherited her shares in Titan. Kate attempted to buy them from Stefano, but he decided that he wanted to keep them and work at Titan with Kate. Later, Kate learned that Stefano owned the townhouse Vivian was living in and he made her swear not to tell anyone. Kate started to become worried about Vivian's new business because she was stealing clients from Titan. Stefano came up with a plan to take care of Vivian. Stefano had Dr. Rolfe implant a mood controlling chip in Vivian's tooth. With a device, Stefano could put Vivian into an up mode, a down mode, and a normalized mode. Stefano hoped to have Vivian declared legally incompetent, and then he would swoop in and regain his art treasures. This would also solve Kate's dilemma by destroying Vivian's company. Stefano used the remote for weeks on end, and eventually Vivian's health began to deteriorate. Despite Dr. Rolfe warning Stefano not to use the remote, he continued to do so, pushing Vivian to the brink of death. Vivian eventually gave into Stefano's wish for her to sign over power of attorney to him so he could take care of her. However, Celeste changed Vivian's mind and at the last minute she signed everything over to her nephew John. When he realized that Vivian signed power of attorney over to John, Stefano convinced Vivian to marry him. However, she did it in order to get his shares of Titan stock. The two were married in a hot air balloon, which Vivian fell from while throwing rice , and she landed in a lake.

Hope's Past

Gina's Belongings
Hope decided that she wanted to find out what happened to her during the four missing years of her life. Upon confronting Stefano, Stefano told her that he found Hope in New Orleans and nursed her back to health. Stefano told Hope that she went through 4 long and painful years of surgery. Hope went to see Celeste, who told Hope she did not know about her past. Later, Celeste told Hope that she was with her for those four years and lied to her because she didn't want Hope to remember the pain she went through. Celeste sent Hope a box of Gina's belongings, but later tried to get it back because she feared it would anger Stefano. However she was too late, hope found it and opened it while Celeste watched. Inside were a silver comb, lipstick container, and a compact with a G on it. Hope asked why Stefano would give these to someone whose face was scared, but Celeste didn't know. Celeste said she wasn't with Hope, she only lied because Stefano had threatened her. Celeste told Hope that the truth was she was only with her the last 6 months she was at Maison Blanche. Hope decided to go back down to New Orleans to investigate. Down in New Orleans, Hope found the doctor who performed some of her surgeries. He told Hope that he performed some of them, but she was taken away by the man financing her surgeries and someone else finished them. He also showed Hope a picture of what she looked like while she was there. The picture was of a horribly scared woman. Hope soon found the woman she roomed with and the woman told her that she would have terrible nightmares and kept saying she had to go back to the Bayou Dugar. Hope ventured out to the Bayou and was met by to local's Wayne and Earl, who tried to force Hope to go back home. Hope still ventured out to the Bayou Dugar and was hit on the head by someone in the bushes. Hope returned to her hotel, only to find Bo there. Bo and Hope returned to the bayou and heard stories about another scarred woman in the bayou named Swamp Girl. Swamp Girl spied on Bo and Hope and even stole Hope's compact. Eventually, Bo and Hope were forced out of the bayou when Wayne and Earl held a shotgun on them. Bo and Hope returned to Salem, but Hope vowed to return for her compact one day.

Princess Gina - John and Hope's search for their pasts
John and Marlena vacationed in New Orleans to celebrate their re-engagement. While there, John went back to what was left of Maison Blanche. There he found an old burnt picture of Hope. Upon returning to Salem, John showed the picture to Hope. Hope was dressed in some fashions from the early 50s and was standing in front of a magnificent building. Vivian Alamain identified the cloths Hope was wearing and John called a professor friend to learn about the building. One possible location was Lugano, Switzerland. Hope had already sketched a replica of the painting 'Garden at Twilight by Paul Renee, who was from Lugano. Another clue was a silver comb, which had "Made in Lugano" engraved on it. Hope decided to go to Lugano and John went along because he feared she would get into trouble on her own. Upon arriving in Lugano, Hope and John questioned an antique store owner about the comb. The owner told them that the comb was part of a private collection that was stolen years ago. The shop keeper kept the comb and told them if they left he wouldn't have to call the police. John and Hope witnessed the shop owner give the comb to a woman and they followed her to an elegant house, which John recognized as the building Hope was standing in front of in the picture he found of her. Hope and John went in and met the house's owner, Ms. Faversham. Ms. Faversham looked carefully at Hope and called her "Princess Gina!" Ms. Faversham explained to Hope that she was Princess Gina, a member of a royal family who was very close friends with her, but she suddenly vanished from a ball one night about five years ago. John and Hope stayed in Lugano and investigated her past. They learned that Princess Gina and Ms. Faversham often went to art festivals and learned that Princess Gina loved Ms. Faversham's collection of Renet paintings. John and Hope learned about the grandson of Renet and went to question him about the auctioning off of the last Renet painting. The man had pictures, which Hope was in, but John was shocked to see himself in the pictures as well, sporting a beard and a priests outfit. Later, John would be recognized as Father Black by two Swiss nuns. Marlena would come to Lugano to surprise John, but the two would return to Salem when they learned Sami had been shot during an assassination attempt on her fiancee Franco Kelly's life. Hope remained in Lugano and went aboard the Empress Express with Ms. Faversham to go to Count Olenska's art festival. Back in Salem, John learned that Stefano was also on his way there and he tried to warn Hope, but by time he contacted her, Stefano had already found her. Stefano and Hope returned to Salem, but neither Hope nor John would give up the search for their pasts, despite Stefano's warning that it would bring them nothing but unhappiness.

Bo, the Swamp Girl, and Princess Gina
Bo returned to the bayou after his and Billie's unborn child was lost. Bo was grieving and needed to do something to keep his mind off the loss. Bo felt he failed Billie, but he vowed not to fail Hope and decided to return to the bayou to find Swamp Girl. Bo was convinced that she knew something about Hope and he tried to befriend her. Bo cut up his cloths and smeared mud on his face in an attempt to gain Swamp Girl's trust, and it slowly started to work. Bo and the Swamp Girl were forced to seek shelter in the ruins of Maison Blanche, and a run in with some bats blinded Bo. Swamp Girl tended to Bo's eyes,, but he remained blind for many days. Swamp Girl decided to set up a romantic evening for herslef and Bo. She cut her hair, washed the mud off her face, and both she and Bo dressed up in formal uniforms that Swamp Girl found in a closet. As the two of them danced, Bo's eyesite came back and he caught a glimpse of Swamp Girl's scarred face. Swamp Girl eventually told Bo her name, it was Greta. She explained to him how Ernesto Toscano hired her to portray Hope in the cage seen, which Bo believed had been the death of Hope. However, something went wrong and Greta fell into the acid, burning her face. Greta told Bo that Hope was never hurt, but they were both taken to Maison Blanche by Stefano. Stefano attempted to reconstruct Greta's face. The pain was too much for Greta, so she ran away into the swamps. Bo asked Greta to return with him to Salem to tell this to Hope, but she refused. Later, Wayne and Earl captured Greta and caged her. Bo rescued her, with Billie Reed Brady's help, and all three of them fled the Bayou for Salem. Once in Salem, it took a lot of convincing on Bo's part to keep Greta from leaving, but it was ultimately John Black who caused her to stay. Greta saw John inside the Brady Pub, and rushed into his arms calling him Father John! Greta explained to John that she knew him when she was little, he was a friend to her mother, Princess Gina Von Amburg, who looked exactly like Hope! John explained to Greta that he has no memory of his past, so Greta decided to stay in Salem and help both him and Hope search for their missing years, much to Stefano's dismay. Stefano had been told that Greta was dead, and he believed his secrets had died with her.

Vivian Gets Revenge on Stefano

After falling from the balloon, the receiver in Vivian's tooth was lodged loose and began to hurt. Vivian went to her old friend Doctor Wu, who pulled the microchip out of her tooth. After analyzing it he told Vivian that it was a mood control device. All the unexplainable mood swings Vivian had been experiencing over the last several months began to make sense, and she soon discovered Stefano's remote, and was forced to act her way through fake mood swings to keep Stefano from learning she had removed the receiver. Vivian, Celeste, and Ivan wondered why Stefano married her and went to such extreme lengths to control her, until they found an old will of Jonsey's which indicated that all of Jonsey's art treasures actually belonged to Stefano! Vivian deduced that the treasures were stolen, and decided to use the situation to her advantage to her advantage. First she changed her will, leaving everything to John, Celeste, and Ivan, and then convinced Lexie to tell Stefano that Vivian was dying and could go at any moment. Then after badgering Stefano for hours on end, Stefano gave in and signed his stocks in Titan over to her. However, he made her sign a contract which bequeath them back to him upon her death, figuring she would go at any moment. Vivian continued to play the dying wife, but Stefano soon became suspicious of her. Vivian and Bo teamed up to bring Stefano down. She would help him if he helped her. Vivian planned a going away party at which she would give away all her art treasures, and Bo made sure that Victor would attend the party. Vivian still wanted Victor's forgiveness, and love, and vowed to make him see what Kate was doing to Titan. During the planning phase of her party, Vivian's nephew Nicholas Alamain, now all grown up, returned to Salem to see his dying Aunt. Vivian eventually told Nikki that she wasn't dying and explained the situation to him.

Stefano Makes Hope Gina Once Again

When Vivian changed her will and left her treasures to John, Ivan, and Celeste, Stefano realized he had to act quickly to save them. Because Gina had created the original forgeries, the stolen Rennets were underneath them, Stefano decided to bring Gina back to create duplicates which Stefano could substitute in place of the ones in the townhouse. However, bringing Gina back was tricky. Dr. Rolfe uploaded all of Gina's memories into a satellite, which would then beam them down to a chip in Hope's brain, turning her into Gina. However, the complete process could only occur during a total lunar eclipse, which happened every four years and was approaching. As Rolfe uploaded the memories up to the satellite, Hope began to have memory flashes of Gina's life. Bo became a problem for Stefano because he wanted to take Hope far away from Salem. He feared that if Bo and Hope married and left town before he could turn Hope back into Gina, all his plans would be ruin. To slow their future plans down, Stefano had Shawn Douglas kidnapped. Bo and Hope both knew that Stefano was behind it. Stefano had arranged to save Shawn Douglas to ingratiate himself to Hope, but it blew up when Shawn D. tried to escape and plunged into the icy Salem River. Shawn D. was saved. The ordeal did buy Stefano time, but when the satellite was in position and everything was ready, a violent snowstorm hit Salem and Dr. Rolfe feared that it would block the satellite's transmission. Hope was driving at the time, trying to get home to Bo, when her car went off the road. She was rushed to the hospital, but seemed to be okay. Later, however, Hope went to see Stefano and fooled her creator into thinking that she was Hope! She told him that Gina was back and ready to pick up the pieces of her life. She wanted to return to Europe, but Stefano told her they couldn't leave until she completed forgeries of all the paintings in the townhouse. He also warned her to stay away from John and Greta, but Gina had no plans on doing that.

Stefano Reveals the Truth about John Black

Stefano told Dr. Rolfe the truth about JOhn, he was never a priest! Stefano got to a very young Forrest Alamain early on and turned him into his pawn. John, like Hope, was implanted with a microchip that allowed Stefano to implant and erase his memory, but John's chip was much cruder than Hope's. John entered the seminary, but never took his vows. He posed as a priest and worked with Princess Gina, who was also under his control. Together they stole many priceless works of art from all over Europe. John used his reputation as a priest as a cover and Gina used her status as a Princess as her cover.

Gina Betrays Stefano

Gina was determined to reunite with John and Greta, despite Stefano's wishes. Unfortunately, GIna found out that John had no memory of her, so she decided to jog it. She learned from Greta that Marlena was helping John remember his past, which included Gina. She learned that John had recalled Princess Gina teaching him how to dance, so she accepted a dinner invitation from John and Marlena and wore a similar dress to Tuscany, which triggered John's memory, but aroused Greta's suspicious. Greta began to believe that her mother was alive inside of Hope. When Stefano found Gina with JOhn and Greta he flipped and scolded her, but she told him that she had no choice but to go out to dinner with them because they were becoming suspicious of "Hope." Gina continued to manipulate herself into John's life, constantly urging him to search for his past. She even planted doubts in his head that he was ever a priest. Unfortunately for Gina, her constant ignoring of Bo led him and Greta to go to the Hotel Capri and do some background searching on her. Gina quickly followed them and changed the hotel records so that the dates she stayed there did not coincide with any of the art thefts, and she also erased John's name from the computer so they couldn't connect the two. Later, Gina revealed herself to Lilly Faversham and moved out of the Horton house and in with Lilly to get away from Bo. She then stepped up her plans to win John back. She learned that Billie Reed had her compact, which was a gift from John and an item that she thought would trigger his memory. Unfortunately, John began to have terrible migraines and Stefano warned Gina that if John continued to research his past it could kill him. When she finally retrieved the compact from Billie, she was afraid to show it to John. John, however, saw the compact eventually, and it triggered all sorts of passionate memories for him about Gina. The two ended up kissing, but John vowed to forget about his past and concentrate on the woman he loved in the present, Marlena. When Gina learned of John's immediate plans to marry Marlena, she blackmailed Dr. Rolfe into deactivating the chip in John's brain in order to stop the wedding and get the old John back.


A general timeline/outline to be added here covering the last entry up through the present.


Peter's Devious DiMera Acts

Here are some of the things Peter is guilty of...

  • Originally was a Mob Lawyer for the DiMera's

  • He owns clubs that involved shipping and selling drugs

  • He hired someone to break into Roman and Marlena's house to steal Sami's diary

  • Almost shot John in Stefano's hospital room

  • Gas lighted Laura because she saw him meeting with a drug dealer

  • Somehow caused Daniel Scott to disappear

  • Tampered with evidence from the Blue Moon connecting him to Jude St. Clair

  • Helped Jude St. Clair escape

  • Failed to report the sitting of Jude St. Clair to the police.

  • Hired a hacker to break into a bank and tamper with account records

  • Shot and killed Jude St. Clair to keep him quiet

  • Had someone break into the files at the Meadows to learn about Laura and Jack's relationship.

  • Peter planned to kidnap Jen and Abbey, but his plan was foiled by Jack

  • Peter went along with Stefano's plan to let Salem think he was dead and allow Jack to be charged with his murder

  • While suffering from Jungle Madness, Peter attacked Dr. Rolfe and an FBI agent.

  • Peter impersonated a masseur in order to plant a bug on Laura.

  • Peter attacked Hope, Bo, Jen, Jaspar Ward, and even Stefano and his sister during Jungle Madness attacks.

  • Peter showed up at Jen's funeral and took everyone hostage with a machine gun.

Kristen's Evil Deeds

  • Hid John's love letter from Marlena

  • Helped Stefano kidnap Marlena

  • Tried to keep John from finding Marlena in Paris

  • Lost the baby and kept it from John

  • Learned her brother was live, yet let Jack go to prison for his murder

  • Allowed Stefano to erase Laura's memory

  • Kept Laura from recalling what happened to her a number of times

  • Deceived John into believing a baby that was not his was his

  • Tricked John into marriage

  • Locked Marlena in a secret room

  • Stole Little Elvis from his natural mother Susan Banks by tricking her into signing over custody of the baby to her.

  • Caused Roman to find out the truth about John and Marlena, which caused him to collapse

  • Persuaded Roman to not tell Marlena and John about what he knew in hopes of winning Marlena back

  • Blackmailed Susan into bringing Little Elvis back to her by holding Sister Mary Moira Hostage.

  • Drugged and sold Susan into white slavery

  • Drugged Violet Crumb and attempted to kidnap Little Elvis.

  • Attempted to kill Marlena Evans by poisoning her with penicillin, but ended up poisoning Belle Black.

Tony's Evil Deeds

Tony DiMera spent most of his life trying to clean up the DiMera name, but in the end he truly became a DiMera at heart. Here is a list of Tony's Evil Acts.

  • He kept the fact that Stefano was alive a secret. It served his purpose because Kristen believed John had killed him.

  • When he learned of John and Kristen's affair he taught himself to be an expert marksman, even though he was blind. He planned to murder John

  • He lied about the fact that he got his sight back so he could spy on Kristen and John.

  • He replaced Kristen's birth control pills with sugar pills in an attempt to get her pregnant.

  • He fought Peter's attempts to clean up the family business

  • He tried to murder John by sabotaging a magic trick he performed at a charity benefit

  • He used his connections to slow down his and Kristen's annulment.

  • He tired to kill Father Francis twice

  • He killed himself and framed John for his murder.

Fun DiMera Facts

  • Aremid is DiMera spelled backwards

  • Tony's island Melaswen is New Salem spelled backwards.

The number of times Stefano has "died"

  • Death number 1 - Died of a stroke in prison

  • Death number 2 - Was shot by Marlena

  • Death number 3 - Burned in a fire in the Ice Rink in 1985

  • Death number 4 - Stefano's car went off the docks into the icy sea.

  • Death number 5 - Died in a fire in the Mayan Pyramid

  • Death number 6 - Was blown to bits a car crash, supposedly caused by John

  • Death number 7 - Drowned in the sea after fleeing Maison Blanche

  • Death number 8 - Stefano was believed to have been killed when the plane carrying him and Marlena exploded.

  • Death number 9 - Stefano was killed in an explosion in the Paris underground. What am I forgetting?

Who belongs to the DiMera Family

In Order of Appearance, or induction to the family.

  • Stefano DiMera - Leader of the DiMera Family

  • Tony DiMera - deceased son of Stefano DiMera and Daphne DiMera. His biological status as of now is not known. Technically he is not related to Stefano by blood, but the writers seemed to have forgotten that detail. He killed himself and framed John Black for his murder.

  • Liz Chandler DiMera - Tony's first ex-wife.

  • Renee DuMonde - She was Stefano's daughter by Lee Dumonde. She was engaged to marry Tony off and on during her time on the show.

  • Daphne DiMera - Late wife of Stefano's, she died in a plane crash.

  • Eugene Bradford - It was established that their was a connection between the Bradford's and the DiMera's, though it wasn't fully understood.

  • Anna DiMera - Tony's second wife, and mother of Carrie Brady.

  • Carrie Brady - Tony's stepdaughter while he was married to Anna.

  • Andre DiMera - Stefano's deceased nephew, and the recipient of a free plastic surgery make over, to look like his cousin Tony. He drowned in a patch of quicksand.

  • Megan Hathaway - Stefano's deceased daughter. Her mother is unknown. She was killed by Larry welch when she was trying to kill Hope.

  • Benji - Stefano's son by Ellen (?). He is the deaf little boy Steve and Kayla found. He is currently living with his grandfather Orion, and has been totally forgotten by the writers.

  • Kristen DiMera - also a Blake, she was adopted by Stefano and became Tony's third wife.

  • Peter Blake - the adopted son of Stefano.

  • Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux Blake - Jennifer was married to Peter, who is her second husband.

  • Abby Deveraux - Abby is the daughter of Jack and Jennifer, and is Peter's stepdaughter.

  • Celeste - Celeste is one of Stefano's former mistresses and is now his henchman. She is the mother of Stefano's newest daughter Lexie.

  • Lexie Carver - Lexie is Stefano's daughter, and the newest addition to the DiMera family. Her mother, Celeste, is Stefano's right hand woman.

  • Abe Carver - because he is Lexie's husband, he is married into the DiMera family.

  • Little Elvis - Little Elvis is Stefano's son by Susan Banks. Stefano fooled Susan into thinking he was Elvis and then had her impregnated by invitro.


  • My Mom - for giving me information to start this FAQ

  • Laura from Vermont - info on Marlena's twin, Benji's mother

  • Ann Affleck - Info on Marlena's twin, Anna, Megan, Alex, David, and Lee.

  • Marla Stauffer - info on Renee's death, Anna and Tony, the Salem Strangler, David Banning, Marlena shooting Stefano.

  • Eddie Gorfunkle - Info on the Salem Strangler

  • Melissa Blood - for info on Lee Dumonde

  • Michael Laney - info on Marlena's twin sister

  • Ryan Jones- Info on Renee, the Slasher, and Benjy

  • Heather Robin Rose- Info on Tony and Anna

  • Kimberly Sweet- Tons of Info on Stefano's crimes

  • Trista from AOL - Info on Daphane's death

  • Edward Hill - Info on Daphane's death and the people on the plane.

  • Chad Williams - Info on Stefano's involvement in Peter and Kristen's parents death

  • Beth Porchey - Info on Evan, Megan's child, the Fake Marlena story, and the Mayan Pyramid story

  • Tara Marko - Info on the 3 prisms

  • Arlene - Info on Evan

  • Ted Hill- Info on Evean, Mickey's escape, Alex and Anna.

  • Kelly Hamilton - for pointing out to me a mistake involving Maggie's car crash

  • Kara LG from AOL - for a spelling check

  • Kat Lively - Info on the Prisms, Andre, and Megan.

  • Marla Stauffer - Info on Stefano's will

  • Chris Holly - info on Peter's crimes, Tony's crimes, additions to the DiMera Family list

  • Amanda C Jones - suggested adding Renee to the DiMera Family list

  • Sean Doherty - for info on Peter not reporting Jude

  • Chris Holly - for suggesting Abe be put on the Family List, and for telling reminding me that Peter had the hacker break into the bank records

  • Diana Mag - For pointing out that Peter hired someone to steal the diary

  • Michael laney - Suggesting Celeste be added to the FAQ

  • Don Reagin - correcting some errors about Renee

  • Amy Robinson - info on the Andre storyline

  • Lisa Bliker - info on "Framing Roman"

  • Ken - For info on Stefano's deaths, Mickey and Stefano, and the Bradford's connection to the DiMeras

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