Stefano DiMera's Letter to Tony about the Twins Cassie and Rex

Dear son,

I know there must have been great suspicion and consummation caused by the items I left in my will. John has probably tossed and turned quite a few sleepless nights over the chess set I bequeathed to him with the missing queen. Also Marlena was not meant to be mine, she is John's of course and I must commend him, it isn't often the pawn captures the queen. And my lovely queen of the night, I left her that pillow, the sleeping beauty pillow, and on it was embroidered the constellation of Gemini. An important clue to lead Marlena back to the past. But if she searches do warn her my son that the deeper  she delves into the secret places of the past, the more she may wish for that pin prick that would send her back into a long and dreamless sleep And you my son, use the key I left you to unlock the secret to the biggest mystery of all, and in doing so you will secure the legacy of the DiMera family. I know you have discovered the twins by now. I feel I am so terrible proud. Embrace them Anthony, they are part of your destiny. I send you love and wish you peace. 

Stefano DiMera

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