Stefano DiMera's Will

I Stefano DiMera being of sound mind, and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament. (Tony uncovers a crate with the sign of the phoenix on it). I am well aware that as you listen to my last words most, if not all of you are still cursing me despite my death. I am not offended. However, a word to the wise. Raging again a dead man is a waste time and energy. Any injuries suffered at my hand are in the past. Let sleeping dogs lie and look to the future. I hope this document will inspire you to do just that.

In this my last will and testament, I bequeath not only my fortune and assets, I have directed that certain tokens be distributed to those in attendance. Items connected to the future and to each of your destinies.

To Kate Roberts, I will always remember your sensational appetite Kate. Your hunger for love. That hunger may finally be satisfied. While youre waiting for your love to be returned, I leave you the gift of a food youve been craving. (Kate is given a jar of kippers).

My dearest Celeste, I have never forgotten your great beauty as well as your devotion to our lovely daughter. In order to repay you I bequeath to you something you may have missed more than you realize. (Celeste receives paper dolls with the words We Must Reclaim Our Youth)

To Roman Brady, keep up the good fight. (Roman receives a statue of a Roman gladiator)

Shawn Brady Sr, I want you to think back to your childhood in Ireland. No carefree childhood years for Shawn Brady. I bequeath to you a gift from the DiMera Clan that will always remind you of your past as you brave the troubled waters of your familys future (Shawn gets a boat with a baby doll on it)

Hope Brady, while you carry on with your life as Mrs. Bo Brady, proud mother of and loving wife I urge you to keep your eyes open despite the darkness. (Hope receives a scarf fashioned as a noose, which later they realize is a blindfold)

And now to the beautiful and dramatic Marlena Evans Black. I say dramatic referring to the many roles you have played, some of them against your will Im afraid. However, your days of role playing have not entirely ended. (MArlena receives a pillow with the words The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods on one side, and a constellation embroidered on the back as well as a sleeping beauty)

And finally to John Black, John how can I put into words how much I admire you. I can pay you no complement higher than to say you are a gifted player in the game of life. Therefore I bequeath to you my special chess set. (John gets a chess set, but the queen is missing from it!) The game is not over John, prepare yourself for checkmate! 

As to my children Anthony and Alexandra I have left them the bulk of the DiMera estate, its assets and holdings. 

My dearest Alexandra, My heart breaks to hear of the terrible losses you have suffered. I grieve at my inability to prevent your sadness. However, be reassured that your life will take a turn for the better if you simply embrace the prized family heirloom which I have willed to you. (Lexie receives the family crest). Hold the crest to your heart and I will speak to you. (Inside the crest is a note to Lexie which is not read on screen).

To my son Tony, how I regret all the years you have lost to illness. However, you have been cured and as a result have been given a second chance at life. Pursue your dreams my son and house them where they belong (Tony gets a model of the DiMera mansion which has the queen from Johns chess set in it, as well as phoenix feather in the chimney which bursts into flames and is reconstituted). 

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