Stefano's Proposal to Vivian

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Proposal was made at the Penthouse Grill on 11/19/98

After giving Vivian a emerald necklace and engagement ring Stefano says:

Vivian, the value of this jewelry does not compare to what I feel for you in my heart. You're a lovely woman. You're clever. You're intelligent. You have a wonderful sense of humor. So I must heed the words of the great Roman poet, Ovid, who said "If you would marry suitably, marry your equal." Vivian, will you be my wife?

Ivan tries to persuade Vivian not to do this.

Sorry for the interruption, Vivian. I wanted tonight to be perfect. As a matter of fact, I want the rest of my life to be perfect. And I believe you will be able to make that happen. Will you be my wife?

Vivian accepts and Stefano and Vivian dance.

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