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new! August 30, 2013
* Dustin stepped in for Christine to dish the Daniel-Jennifer-JJ love triangle; Sami and EJ wheeling, dealing and scheming; Chad's tumor and dating life; and Kristin's machinations and priest's sex dreams.

Dustin's Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog posted on soaps.com.

August 2, 2013
"Days of Our Lives" fans, I am filling in this week for Matt Purvis with the weekly blog. While it hasn't been the most eventful of weeks, there are definitely some things to dish about. Let's get to it!

First up, Brady and Kristen reunited, which caused all of Salem - as well as us in TV-land - to smack our heads at his stupidity. Of course, Kristen is not out of the woods, as Daniel is determined to figure out what actually happened to Eric on that fateful night. In order to keep that from happening, Kristen decided to don the Susan disguise to sneak around and keep Dan from learning the truth. You would think that actually wouldn't work in Salem, given everyone must know the history of Susan and Kristen. By time Daniel figures it all out, Eric will likely have remembered everything anyway. The clock is ticking until Kristen's life falls apart again. You know though, Brady might just be dumb enough to forgive her a second time. Perhaps Brady and Eric should just swap places. That way Eric could be with Nicole, and Brady could be celibate, which given his bad luck with women is probably something he needs to be.

The dynamic druggie duo of Theresa and J.J. continued to moan and complain about grown-ups running their fun and how much their lives suck. Theresa ended up liking what she saw in Doctor Dan, and the fact that he's Jennifer's on-again-off-again boyfriend will likely make her even more determined to sink her teeth into him. My guess is that once Anne gets a wind of what Theresa is up to then she will go from hating Theresa to being her new BFF.  Meanwhile J.J. found a new partner-in-crime in Lucas. Not only did he use Lucas to get out of his Horton house arrest, but also found someone else who doesn't approve of Dan and Jen. Oh brother, the writers must really be in love Jen and Dan, as they will come up with every possible scenario to get the fans to root for them. It's not working for this fan though!

Cameron was stunned by the results of Chad's brain scan. Yes it looks like Chad has a dreaded "soap opera brain tumor." Hopefully "DOOL" will not take the predictable route and use this to alter Chad's personality and make him turn evil and crazy. Will they kill him off? The actor is set to leave this fall, but given that Stefano is quickly running out of kids, Chad's probably safe from the grim reaper for now.

For anothet perspective on this week, read Christine's Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

November 16, 2012
Kristen is back and stirring up trouble, or is she? Kristen swears that after years of therapy that she is back to being the old Kristen. Marlena isn't buying it, and even Kate and Brady think she's up to something. It seems the only one giving her the benefit out the doubt is John. Has Kristen turned over a new leaf? I would really like to believe Kristen is being honest. I loved her character when she first came onto the show. However, she is a DiMera, even if an adopted one. I foresee Marlena going nuts and looking like a mad woman trying to prove to John that Kristen hasn't changed, which is probably Kristen's plan. Kristen might yet lock Marlena up in a room again, just a different type this time.

Kristen is already scheming, but so far her schemes are focused on helping E.J. win Sami back by having him take her job at CW. Seriously? E.J. needs to step away from Kristen and the games if he wants to win Sami back. Otherwise this will at some point blow up in his face.

While it's great to have Kristen back, I'm still waiting on Stefano to really return. The longer he is away, the more I worry what he's planning. Is he biding his time for something to happen? Perhaps he is counting on Kristen breaking up John and Marlena so that he can finally get his queen of the night? That would really boil Kate's blood, and I'm all for that. I don't, however, want to see another Stefano kidnaps Marlena storyline. I also have a feeling that if Kristen is after John, Stefano won't be very supportive of her and John. The first time didn't go so well for all involved.

We recently saw the departure of Bo from the show. I was not a fan of how Bo was written out, especially given Caroline is returning. How are they going to explain that Bo didn't come back with her? Is he off hunting DiMeras in sunny California? I am not a fan of Bo and Hope being broken up, even if only by distance. There are rumors that they might pair Hope up with Rafe, given he is now without a storyline and partner. If they become professional partners, well that is one thing. However I don't want to see a romantic pairing of them. It's 2012, some people are single, and some people have long distance relationships. It would be refreshing to see the show address that. Not everyone on this show has to be in a romantic relationship to be involved in an interesting story.

Nicole's baby loss was heartbreaking, but I am glad they did not drag the storyline with Jennifer being framed for the death out. Actually I was shocked Dr. Dan was able to solve things so quickly. He should think about joining the Salem PD. While Jen has been on my every last nerve, I don't think she deserved what Nicole did to her. Unfortunately now it looks like they've paved the way for Jen and Dr. Dan to reunite. I'm confident that when Chloe turns back up in town next year, that romance will grind to a halt. Meanwhile Nicole is probably going to get over Dr. Dan in a heartbeat now that Eric is back in town. But oh no, Eric is now a priest? Well I doubt Nicole will let that stop her.

One couple I had really been enjoying was Gabi and Nick. That was until Nick decided to open his mouth and speak. I was actually stunned by his reasons for feeling uncomfortable around Will and Sonny. I was stunned mind you, not shocked. As with Lucas, I think portraying some characters as not accepting of them realistically showcases the hurdles they will have to face. However I felt like Nick was a poor choice for objecting on religious grounds for many reasons. First, Nick has a medical and scientific background, so I would have expected him to be a little more accepting. Second, and more importantly, I find it hard to believe that Nick would go around preaching how Sonny and Will go against God's law when we all know Nick broke one of the biggest commandments out there. Finally it didn't help that after this big long speech to Gabi about what God says is right and wrong, the two did it like rabbits. Hello, I don't see rings on your fingers. They should have chosen another character to do this storyline with in my opinion. Though I guess it's hard to find a saint in Salem.

Will and Sonny have been having their ups and downs, mainly thanks to Lucas's interference. Lucas interrupting their first time together was simply hilarious. His banging on Sonny's door demanding to know what was going on in there... Oh Lucas has it been that long for you that you've forgotten? Again, I actually am enjoying the storyline of Lucas having trouble with Will being gay, even if he claims he's not. It's realistic. I'm also enjoying Sami coming off as the good parent for once.  This week Sonny and Will finally got their chance to make love. It was mainly just a lot of afterglow and cuddling. However Will's newfound perfect world is about to be shattered by Gabi's news that she's pregnant and he's the daddy! I think everyone saw this storyline coming after Will and Gabi's night of bizarre sex. Will and Sonny will have enough problems to deal with as is, I don't think the show needed to throw this stale old soap opera obstacle at them.

Until my next blog,

October 16, 2012
The long wait is over, Eileen Davidson has returned as Kristen Blake DiMera. So far we really haven't seen much of anything from her, except for Stefano begging her to come home to Salem to help him put the family back together. I'm not sure what he expects her to do. She's been gone for so long and as far as we know, has had nothing to do with E.J. or anyone else in the family. What magic wand does he hope she can wave? I do hope we learn how she got off of that island though, as that's the biggest question on my mind.

Kristen's return should mean the return of John and Marlena to a front burner storyline. While Marlena has been involved in Will's coming out, the couple has been absent since that horrible storyline involving all of John's money being stolen by E.J.. Come to think of it, I don't think that storyline was ever resolved. Oh well, it was so bad that it's probably best left completely forgotten. I do look forward to Kristen and Marlena facing off again. The flashbacks they treated us to of them were epic! Please though, let's not use that not-so-secret room in the DiMera basement again. At this point that should be the first place searched whenever anyone goes missing in Salem.

Melanie recently left the show, and I was not a fan of how it went down. Once again I felt the entire storyline seemed rushed. It would have made more sense for her to leave because of Nick being released, but she worked things out with him. On the other hand, her quick departure and not explaining the truth to everyone worked to keep Gabi's secret from fully being exposed. As much as I wanted to see Gabi punished, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I also am enjoying Nick and Gabi as a potential couple. I didn't think I would ever be able to like Gabi again, but I am slowly getting there. Her being there for Nick and Caroline is helping make her somewhat tolerable.

Since losing Mel, Chad has become a nasty SOB. I was stunned when he told Abby "Everyone leaves you eventually." That was cold! I wanted to slap him myself. They are clearly shaping him to be Stefano's heir, and probably enter a war with E.J. over the DiMera empire. Seeing how E.J. used Chad and his situation to try to win back Sami, I don't think they will be rushing to celebrate the upcoming holiday's together. It's a shame because I really liked their brotherly relationship, and now we've just ended up with more feuding DiMeras.

E.J.s trickery with Rafe, Gabi and Chad to win Sami was one bonehead move. I think even though Sami was being drawn back to Rafe, she probably would have chosen E.J. in the end. I was just starting to enjoy her and E.J. as a couple when they went and pulled this on us. It seems that every time they reform E.J., he usually goes and screws things up. I wish the show would stop it with this recycled storyline. If they have no intention of putting Sami with E.J., then just stop leading the viewers and their fans on. Simply end Sami and E.J. and don't ever go back.

Speaking of screw ups, Lucas went and put his foot in his mouth with Will recently. I was glad to see them take Will's coming out story in a realistic direction. They had the chance with Roman to have a family member have problems with Will being gay, but they blew it. It was good to see Lucas struggling with it. The reality of having a gay child versus it in theory are two different things, which they did a good job showing.

Now that Sonny and Will are about to live happily ever after, something is going to screw it up. I think every fan is expecting Gabi to end up pregnant. Honestly, I think that would be too easy and a cop out. I would like them to throw a more realistic problem at the two. The unwanted and unexpected pregnancy from a third party has been done to death at this point. It's time for the show to come up with something different.

Turning to pregnancies, I am really upset with the outcome of Nicole's pregnancy. Much like with the leading on of Ejami fans, I hope this show never makes Nicole pregnant again unless they intend to give her a child. This was just cruel, and again is a story they've done far too many times with the character. Nicole setting Jen up for the death of her child seems far fetched as well, because the truth would eventually come out medically. However this is a soap, so real world laws only apply when needed. I've really started to dislike Jen's character lately. I've been wondering if I ever really liked her, or was it just Jack and Jen that I enjoyed? However I am now feeling a bit sorry for Jennifer given she's been arrested for the death of Nicole's baby. I don't feel sorry enough to want to see her with Daniel, though I'm sure that is where this storyline is headed. I don't know why, I am just not a Jen and Daniel fan.

Last, but not least, the storyline with Caroline and her memory has probably been one of the best acted and written stories on the show as of late. I'm predicting an Emmy nomination for Peggy McCay. Her outbursts and mood swings have been excellent, as have her family and friends' concern. I don't see how they can write Bo out with this storyline going on, unless they neatly resolve it before he leaves. Personally I would like to see this storyline not be neatly resolved, as it is an important storyline that hasn't been tackled by the show before.

Until next time!

September 13, 2012
The Phoenix has risen! This was the big post-Olympic surprise, though I don't think anyone was shocked. Where he's been was surprising. Ian had been holding Stefano prisoner, and the person that died was a double that Ian searched high and low for. If Stefano had a look-a-like, I think Stefano would have known and had him on his payroll years ago. We then learned Ian believed he was owed the DiMera fortune because his mother was sleeping with Santo, who promised to leave his fortune to her. How many women did Santo have? We know he had a spouse. There was also Colleen Brady. Now we learn Ian's mother Yvette, who was the name on that mysterious coin, was another lover. Personally I felt that whole storyline about the coin could have been a really great mystery, but it all fizzled out in the end. It was as if the show tried to wrap up what should have been a longer storyline as quick as possible, which simply resulted in several storyline holes.

Fortunately Ian is not a Dimera, and was apprehended and taken away. However before he left he revealed who was a Dimera... E.J.! As part of his plan to steal the DiMera fortune, Ian faked Alice's letter to Stefano, and he switched the blood tests to make everyone believe E.J. wasn't a Dimera. Let's ignore the fact that only two people had keys to that locked box containing the secrets, one which was hidden away for years. Also if this wasn't the big secret that Alice was holding over Stefano, then what was? Why has nobody wondered? Oh and speaking of those secrets, are John and Hope ever going to get that divorce? Something tells me the new writers just want to forget that storyline and never have it spoken of again. I can't stand plot holes!

Before most of the town had even learned that Stefano was alive, he had high tailed it out of town. I feel like the entire reveal of Stefano's being alive simply fell flat because of this. The biggest villain on this show should have had a huge reveal, not been chained to a chair in a lame Hannibal Lecter costume. Was Ian afraid Stefano was going to eat his face? I am guessing that the reason Stefano left is to find Kristen Blake DiMera and bring her home. I am really looking forward to her return and how it will affect everyone's lives, especially John, Marlena and E.J.'s.

In the aftermath of the explosion we lost Andrew, Madison and Jack. I won't miss the first two at all, but I am still very upset over Jack's exit. Rarely does anyone in Salem really die, so I know one day Jack will be back. Apparently Jen does not share my opinion, and she's already moving on to Daniel. Daniel also seems to be wasting no time in reconnecting with Jen, but Nicole and Jack's not even cold corpse are standing in their way. I am on Nicole's side for once and hope she drives Jennifer crazy to keep Jen and Daniel apart. There is nothing romantic to me about Jen and Daniel finding love again after Jack's death given their past love triangle and the way they broke up.

Speaking of love triangles, here we go again with another recycled triangle involving Sami. Lucas dropped out of the game, but unfortunately Rafe jumped back in. I cannot believe we are back to the E.J., Rafe and Sami triangle again. Hey why don't we just bring Brandon back at this point to make this storyline even more redundant! With E.J. planning to get Nicole's unborn child away from her, I foresee Sami being pushed back into Rafe's arms. As someone who has constantly fought men for custody of her children, I don't think Sami will look lightly on E.J.'s actions. When the truth about the baby comes out, I also don't think Sami will want to be in a relationship that Nicole will also always be involved in because of a shared kid.

T returned post-Olympics and brought his smart-ass, hate filled mouth with him. I really don't understand the point of his return, unless it is to show that people's attitudes can change? Perhaps we will see T become accepting of his good friend Will? I think it would make a better story if we learned that T's real problem is that he's been secretly in love with Will all along, and now feels rejected by him as Will goes after Sonny.

As usual, I've left Gabi for last. What can I say about Gabi that I haven't in previous blogs? This girl is never going to get what is coming to her! Chad is keeping her dirty secret about Andrew, and the clock is counting down to Melanie's departure from Salem and the show. Will Melanie find out what Gabi did? If she does, along with Chad keeping it from her, it would make a good reason for Melanie to flee town. I could see that happening, along with her not wanting to deal with a now free Nick. What I'm really worried about in a post-Melanie Salem is where the show will go with Chad and Gabi. There aren't exactly many free agents for them to be paired with, and I would hate to see Gabi rewarded by ending up with Chad as a boyfriend in the end. That would just be horrible! Gabi deserves someone more like T or Nick at this point.

Until Next Time,

August 8, 2012
The two big stories on "DOOL" right before the Olympic hiatus were E.J.'s framing for Stefano's murder, and the "Daysaster." I am not sure if it was the staff changes behind the scenes, the issue of being off for two weeks, or the fact that several characters are departing shortly, but I was left confused a lot in the week leading up to the Olympics due to the writing.

We learned that E.J. was being framed by none other than Ian. For the life of me I just can't figure out what Ian has to gain from this? If E.J. did go to jail, John or Chad would be the heir to the company. Did he think it would somehow go to Kate? Many have speculated that he may be a secret DiMera. However given that the character will be out the door shortly, I see no point in making him a DiMera. I am thinking either he killed Stefano and is pinning it on E.J., or he believes Kate did and he's protecting her. Again though, if it's the former, what does Ian stand to gain from Stefano's death? Was it for Kate's love and affection? He already had that, and Stefano was planning to divorce Kate. So why kill him? Frankly, it seems to me Ian is still hung up on Madison. Ian's character has just been a confusing mess to me.

The E.J., Lucas and Sami triangle is back and in full force. I find myself liking Sami with E.J. more than Lucas right now, but I think much of that has to do with the position E.J. is in. I simply loath Ian's character so much that I will root for anyone he is screwing over. Yes, "DOOL" has made me feel sorry for E.J.! I also love the mystery and adventure aspect of the storyline with Will, Sami and E.J. racing against time to prove E.J. is innocent. However history has shown us Sami is explosive with both Lucas and EJ, so I can't see her lasting with either of them. That is why I don't understand why "DOOL" keeps going back to this story. I get both couples have their fans, but by now we all know that the show will never commit to one of these couples for long. If Sami chooses E.J., eventually the truth about Nicole and her baby will come out and it will be what does them in. To be honest, I wish the show had never broken up Sami and Rafe. That was a relationship Sami could have lasted in, and one where she was at least somewhat mature in.

Speaking of doomed relationships, what is going on with Brady and Madison? Brady entered and completed rehab in a record setting one days time. When he came out, suddenly Madison was completely supportive of him and believed that Ian had drugged him. When did she have such a turnaround? I know I didn't miss an episode where this huge revelation hit her. Not only did all this happen in a mysteriously missing episode, but while in rehab they planned a spur of the moment wedding to happen the day after he was released. Marelna and John were so happy for them, but all I could think of was how horribly she had been treating Brady since the entire drugging storyline started. As Madison is on her way out, we know this is a failed wedding from the start and don't even need to invest in this story. However, it could have been written better. I feel both Madison and Ian's stories became a mess in trying to wrap them up in record time.

Chad and Brady got news that Andrew had Melanie captive in the tunnels below Salem, so off they went to save the day. Meanwhile Gabi followed to cover her own butt, and she scrambled to do so. How many times can Gabi be caught in a tough spot involving Andrew and lie her way out of it? It's getting ridiculous! Melanie seemed to catch on that Gabi and Andrew knew one another right before the first explosion hit, but I'm sure Gabi or Chad will claim she was confused because of the gas. I doubt Andrew will survive long enough to turn Gabi in. He has to disappear so that Gabi won't go to jail with him. My guess is that we will be treated to a couple of post-explosion weeks of Melanie slowly piecing things together about Gabi and Andrew.

The gas in the tunnels ended up triggering an explosion that rocked Salem. Why did Salem leave gas leaks unattended underground for years? Hasn't anyone died in their homes from toxic fumes leaking in? Didn't anyone report the smells? I know this is a soap, but sometimes you have to wonder where the writers' heads are at. Now the explosion has happened, and several people are said to die as a result. Who will live and who will die? We'll know soon enough when the show returns from hiatus. I'm putting money on Andrew and Madison as goners for sure. Jack and Ian are potentially in trouble too. I couldn't care less about Ian, but I really hope they do not kill Jack off. If they do then they'll have to invent a ludicrous way to bring him back one day, and they will bring him back. While Bo is also leaving the show, I don't see them killing him off. He's too important to be killed off. It won't be long before we have the answers, as the hiatus is quickly coming to a close.

Until next time fans...

July 12, 2012
Since my last blog much has happened in Salem: more deaths, outings, kidnappings, and several new couples. Let's start out with what is still the biggest storyline right now: Stefano's murder. After things looked grim for Will, he was finally cleared when a friend came forward to give him an alibi. Unfortunately for Will, this placed him at Salem's hot new gay club, and Will was publicly outed to all of Salem. The positive aspect of this is that Sami stepped up to be there for her son, and it seems to have brought them closer together. However, Roman was stunned by the news. The show, or at least Sami and Will, kept trying to make it as though Roman disproves of Will and can't accept this. I'm not getting that feeling at all. I think Roman was just upset that Will couldn't be truthful, which would have saved him a whole lot of trouble. T was more homophobic in his pinky finger than Roman is. If they want us to feel that Roman is disapproving, I think they failed.

With Will cleared, E.J. has found himself the new suspect in Stefano's murder, and someone in the black gloves is doing a good job at framing him for it. There are spoilers out there revealing who is framing E.J., but I won't reveal that for those who want to remain spoiler free. I do wonder though if the framer is also the shooter? Could the person framing E.J. be doing so to protect the real shooter, or at least who they suspect the shooter is? There are several characters leaving the show in the next few months, so two or more people could be involved in the shooting and the framing. It would be an easy way to write them out.

Lexie finally passed on, and did so in her garden and in the arms of her husband. I thought her death scenes as well as the scenes of Abe's family and friends being there for him were all excellent. This was probably the most on touching actual death on "DOOL" that I can recall since Isabella died so many years ago. The show may have some more Emmys coming their way next year! However, I am not a fan of where Abe's storyline seems to be going. Kayla is also dealing with the loss of her spouse Steve, albeit through divorce, and she and Abe seem to be leaning on one another for support. It's obvious the show is setting them up as a couple, which I feel is a mistake. How about we let people mourn the ending of their marriage properly? How about we wait until the ink on Lexie's death certificate, and Steve and Kayla's divorce papers are dry before throwing them get together.

Abe and Kayla aren't the only new potential couple around town. It seems all over Salem people are getting involved in love triangles and quadrangles. Nicole has been getting plenty of support in the bedroom from Dr. Daniel. Unfortunately for her, Daniel has reservations about Nicole's feelings for Rafe. I like her with both of these guys, so I myself can't decide who to root for. I guess with this show that's a good thing, because she'll at least end up with someone I don't loathe her with. Let's not forget the other man in her life, her baby's real daddy. I don't think E.J. is ready to give up on her, and the truth about that baby will come out at some point. E.J. meanwhile seems to be getting a little too involved with Sami again, who is back together with Lucas. Wait, did we just enter a time machine and go backwards? Frankly I don't know which of the men in Sami's life would be more crushed if Sami ended up with E.J. again. Lucas would be crushed that he lost Sami twice to the same guy. I mean he's already got an Austin complex, now he'll have an E.J. one. However, I think Will would be crushed that his mom stole the guy he has a crush on! Oh you can't deny how Will is always staring at E.J..

Moving on, I can't believe it took a drug test for former addict Brady to realize he was as high as a kite! He's convinced Ian is behind it, but he has no proof. How could Ian be getting the drugs into him? The better question is how many more times can we listen to Brady say "I can't be high, all I've had today is this protein shake." Connect the dots Brady!

Kate knows Ian is drugging Brady, and I find myself disappointed in her. She spoke to Madison about how hard it was to witness her own children's struggles with drugs. I can't believe she wouldn't want to help Brady knowing the pain she and her own kids went through. I guess though if it doesn't benefit Kate in any way, she doesn't care! Karma will hopefully get her, and perhaps Ian won't be around to stop her the next time she decides to steal one of Brady's shakes. I'd really like to see Kate high at an important business meeting.

Finally the situation with Gabi, Andrew and Melanie is getting very dangerous, but I still find myself bored to death by this storyline. At least Chad now knows Melanie did not go to see her mom, but at the same time Andrew has gone off his rocker completely. I have a feeling that something bad will eventually befall Andrew, leaving Melanie trapped and dying somewhere all alone. I really hope Gabi goes down for this, but I won't be shocked if Andrew takes the entire wrap.

Until my next blog,

June 14, 2012

The big story on "DOOL" right now Stefano's murder. There are eight suspects based on the fingerprints found on the gun. Out of the eight, Will is the only one with gun powder residue on his hands, so he's been arrested. Clearly we, the audience, know Will is innocent. We know this because the shooter had gloves on. The question is, did one of the eight later return to shoot Stefano with gloves on? If so, why then did they also pick up the gun without gloves? Four cops/former cops/ISA agents (Abe, Bo, Hope and John) all picked up the gun and left prints behind. This seems like a very stupid thing to do, right? Maybe some of them were secretly in cahoots with each other, and they all left their prints to confuse Roman? Maybe someone wasn't stupid and knew that if their prints were on the gun, but they had no gun powder on their hands, they'd be dismissed?

I was thrilled to see E.J. put on "the black gloves" again, a nod to past story-lines. However was it also a clue that he is the killer? The shooter wore similar gloves. Perhaps that is the assumption the show is hoping the audience will make. My guess at this point is that all the people who confronted Stefano are innocent. Two non-suspects that scream "guilty" are Ian and Lexie as they are both leaving the show. I don't think Lexie would let Will, her husband, or any of her friends go to jail if she did it. In her condition, she won't live long enough to make it to trial, let alone prison. I do think Ian would let anyone but his beloved Kate fry, so my money is on him.

Frankly I think the whole murder is a red hearing as I don't believe Stefano is dead. He is the phoenix! My theory is that Stefano's death has been faked by his buddies at the CIA, the same ones who got him off of those arms dealing charges. It was clear his life was in danger, and now he's being protected by someone. I am also suspicious of E.J., who was the one to see and identify his father before he was taken away to the morgue. Maybe E.J. is the one who arranged to fake Stefano's death and for his father to go away somewhere so that he could control the empire.

I have a feeling we could next see Stefano appear at Lexie's funeral. After everyone has left the church or cemetery, I believe we could see a mysterious figure appear and it will be Stefano. Of course my wish is that we next see Stefano being nursed back to health in some mysterious location, by some mysterious person. After a few weeks, the person is revealed to be none other than Kristen Blake DiMera. With Eileen Davidson soon to be free, the show would be insane not to grab her. Of course her return poses two huge problems. The first is explaining where she's been all these years and how she got off that island we last saw her on. My guess is the show would just ignore that and write some new backstory for her. The second is that both Kristen and her brother Peter were adopted, which makes the current storyline with Stefano casting E.J. off like trash simply ridiculous.

Moving on . . . Sami's handling of Will's coming out, being stunned and walking out on him was not good. There is no denying it, but it was a human reaction. What is important is that she came back and apologized. Therefore, I wish he'd stop being such a little snot! Will can shift from one of my favorite characters to annoying in a matter of seconds. He's very lucky to have two loving and accepting parents. I don't think Will realizes just how much alike he and his mother are. He intentionally picks fights with her, won't forgive her for anything, and won't give her a chance to speak at times. It's exactly like Sami and Marlena's relationship! That one is just as infuriating too.

I'm extremely happy that this Rafe and Carrie storyline will be wrapped up shortly. I don't know how many more times I can listen to some variation of "We can't be together because I'm pregnant with my husband's baby, and you are the pretend father of Nicole's child." I don't know how "DOOL" plans to send Austin and Carrie off, but I won't be heartbroken if it is separately. This show has broken them up and reunited them so many times over the years that it has become a joke. How are we supposed to root for them when Carrie is constantly falling for other guys? If they break them up, then they could bring Carrie's character back for Rafe in the future should they choose to. However, the fact that she's pregnant makes me think that Austin and Carrie will get yet another happy-ever-after send off.

Finally, I would also like to see a quick end to Gabi's infatuation with Chad and her fake stalker. This is my least favorite story right now. Unfortunately this storyline will probably go on for a while as it's aimed at the younger "summer time" demographic. This is not going to end well for someone, and given Molly Burnett (Melanie) is also departing the show, could it be her? I hope not, because I don't want to see Maggie's heart broken yet again. I also really don't want to watch Gabi comfort Chad!

Until my next blog "Days" fans,

April 24, 2012
So to start this blog off, I feel I must first address the huge changes behind the scenes at "Days." The writers that were brought in to reboot the show (Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr.) have been let go, and in their place they've hired Gary Tomlin, Christopher Whitesell and Lorraine Broderick. Lorraine wrote for the shows many years ago, even if only briefly. Gary Tomlin previously served as a Co-Executive Producer on the show, and Christopher Whitesell was Co-Head Writer. This is good news as we now have three writers who know this shows history.

A huge writing change like this generally means a rash of cast members being let go, and probably new ones being brought in. So far we already know that the characters of Madison, Jack, Carrie and Austin are all out. This makes a lot of the current stories difficult to invest in. For example, the budding romance between Brady and Madison. We know it's not going to go anywhere now don't we? It also leaves us wondering what other shocking exits will come, and who may be brought back? It's an exciting time, but also a dangerous time. Don't get too attached to someone, as they may not be here to stay for long! Now let's dive into some of these stories . . .

First, let's tackle the mess that is John/The Pawn and Hope/Gina. Why oh why did they bring this storyline back? The only good thing I have to say is that the ended it as quickly as it began. Someone must have reminded the writers that this was never a well loved storyline to begin with. The hypnotized John and Hope quickly remembered they were not John "The Pawn" and Princess Gina. They escaped Alamania to return home, failing to pull one over on Stefano who wanted them to steal back some precious egg of his. Wasn't the reason they went to Alamania to get divorced? They seemed to have failed to achieve their divorce. I guess only time will tell if the paperwork they filed goes through.

So what's the deal with Stefano's precious egg? Inside the egg was a mysterious coin. This storyline I can get behind! This actually plays into many of the old 1980s styles mysterious in which Stefano was always involved in some wacky treasure hunt. I really just wish they didn't need to bring back Gina and The Pawn, even if it was for that short while.

Lisa Rinna, the original Billie, has been brought back. At first it seemed she was here just for Countess Wilhelmina, but now we know just like John, she's back with the ISA. She too is working on "the mystery of the coin" case. I'm glad they have Billie doing more than just breaking up Bo and Hope for once. Who will become her new love interest though? The show seemed to originally hint at her and Daniel. Okay, stop the bus! Daniel has already slept with her mother and her daughter. Do we really need to complete the trifecta? Then again, he is better than having her break up Bo and Hope yet again. Also this is Salem, and stranger things have happened, like Julie marrying her mother's husband, and Laura sleeping with Jack.

While I hate to see actors let go from the show, especially ones that have a history, I am glad to see an end to this Carrie and Austin nonsense. Their story-lines since being brought back have been horrendous, and this is not the fault of the actors. I just don't know what McPherson and Thomas were thinking breaking them up again. Been there and done that ten times over! They were casualties of poor writing more than anything, and I think the characters could have had a lot of promise. The fact that Carrie couldn't get pregnant seemed to have been forgotten altogether. They could have had a great storyline dealing with that fact alone, Carrie and Austin struggling for a family. It worked for Justin and Adrienne in the 80s after all. I wish they also hadn't pitted Carrie and Sami against one another again, because they were getting along so well. It seemed like they just ignored all those amazing sisterly talks on the phone over the past several months.

I think I'm most upset over the fact that Matt Ashford (Jack) has once again been let go. I won't be surprised if he never returns again given how many times he's been hired and then fired. Then again, work is work, and this is this business. I would like them to write him off in a way that keeps him and Jen together somehow. They seem to be making Steve and Kayla work without Steve actually being a part of the show. They also did it for Justin and Adrienne once too. I definitely don't want to see Melissa Reeves out of a job as well. They need all the Horton matriarchs they can get to keep the show grounded in its roots, and really she's about it. Let's not forget Maggie is a Horton by marriage, and is now a Kiriakis. What will they do with Jennifer's character when Jack leaves? I know many love Jen and Daniel, but that ship really seems to have sailed. He seems to be in line for Billie right now. If he does get back with Jen, then I foresee Rafe and Billie getting involved thanks to the ISA somehow.

Speaking of Maggie, has the show entirely dropped the whole storyline where Victor had something to do with Daniel being her son? Because I haven't forgotten! Nor did I forget back at Halloween some strange man was following Jen that was never resolved. Then again, sometime the show just wants us to forget these things. For example, when Stefano sent an army of Marlena clones out around the world . . . where are they now?

Another actor leaving the show, but of her own accord, is Renee Jones (Lexie). It seems rather than recast Lexie, they plan on killing her off with a brain tumor. Oh let's not pretend that in her final scenes her coffin won't be mysteriously snatched away so that in the future they can bring her back should they choose to. I will be sad to see Lexie go. Who will run the hospital? They are running out of doctors and quick. My guess is this will be a new hire, another doctor. Will Kayla come back full time? Or perhaps they will bring back Nathan? They can't write the hospital out, because where will people go when they get shot, have a possible pregnancy, or fall into a coma?

So far I'm not a fan of NuCeleste and her NuChild. Nothing against the actors mind you, but at this point we don't need to open the door for Stefano to possibly have another child. This show can't survive on a generation of Stefano and Sami's children alone, mainly because they are all related.

As stated earlier, Madison James is another character who has been let go. To be honest, I never warmed up to her and Brady together. However the one thing I felt their story did have going, oddly enough, was Ian. I felt the show had been setting up a "Who Shot/Killed Ian" storyline, which is a classic soap storyline that has usually done very well for this show. Madison, Brady, Stefano, Kate, Victor . . . the suspects were all in place! Now with the writer switch, I don't know where this storyline will go.

We do know one thing for sure, Stefano knows what Kate did, and both she and Ian will pay. For once I'm giddy with excitement because Kate needs to pay, and only Victor and Stefano have the power to make her pay. Stefano has taken away her and Lucas' jobs, but now it seems Ian has swept in to play her latest savior and offer her a job running Mad World. Yeah, Madison didn't like this one bit. Frankly neither did I. How is it that someone is always coming to rescue Kate? Why can't she suffer for more than two seconds? However I can't help but feel something else is going on here. Could Ian somehow be working with Stefano? Now he is making all these mysterious phone calls about setting something up.

Now we finally get to Lumi, Ejami, and Ejole. Or as I like to refer to them, the never ending merry-go-round! Because the writers can't make up their mind, and seem to so afraid of insulting a fan base that they keep them going round and round!

Lucas returned to help Sami out, after her fiasco with Madison and Kate came to light. Frankly I still don't get how Sami would be the scapegoat in all of this when Kate and Madison were a big part of "the scheme" all along, both hoping to destroy the other with insider information. But let's not let real world facts interfere with a soap. Lucas swooped in to be Sami's knight in shining armor, and now the two are growing close again. Sami's lost Rafe, and Lucas has this mythical fiancee we have yet to meet. I think it's clear the show is hoping to pair Lumi again. This will probably become really apparent once Will comes out to his parents. He finally came out to Marlena, and later Sonny and Gabby. Next up has to be his parents. I'm sure Sami and Lucas will be stunned, because both never see anything that doesn't revolve around them. They'll lean on each other for support while they'll help Will through these tough times. They've already set up Roman to be the disapproving family member so it seems, and even Lucas' early comments hint that he too will have a hard time accepting Will is gay.

I do have to say that I laughed my butt off at Kate and her interactions with Will and Marlena. Yes Grandma Kate knows all about the homosexuals being in the fashion industry. Could the show have found a more insulting stereotype to portray? But coming from Kate, it oddly fit. I also loved how she threw a tantrum to Marlena because Will went to Marlena for advice over her. I guess Kate thought the blue hair made her the hip grandma who is down with the gays?

Finally we come to EJ, Nicole and Rafe. Nicole has found herself pregnant with EJ's child, but Rafe stepped in to claim it was his. Always the knight in shinning armor! But how long can this charade go on? It seems Rafe is ready to come clean to Carrie about this lie, because he and Carrie are "so in love." Bleck! Nicole and EJ are already growing close again after EJ has learned of all Stefano's betrayals. The election fraud...the money he stole from John... Nicole pointed out her father was a bastard too, but she had to learn to outgrow the need for his approval. I won't lie, I've always liked Nicole and EJ. I felt they were both damaged goods in a way, and that's what bonded them. It seems the show is trying to play this up again. However I am also prepared to be disappointed yet again. The show is also hinting at Sami and EJ's chemistry, but they are also hinting at Lucas and Sami too. Stop the ride, I want to get off!

I had felt for awhile that EJ is not Stefano's son. We learned this to be true, that this is the secret Alice knew and hid. Perhaps he's actually John's son, which would wreck EJ's life as much as Stefano's. However that would really be weird, since John is a Brady and a DiMera himself. I can't even figure out all the ways that EJ and Sami's children would be related! I also am getting the feeling that EJ suddenly wants to turn over a new leaf. We've been here done that with EJ several times now, and just like the merry-go-round, it never ends. But it would probably draw Sami back to him, yet again. I could see this happening if the writers decided to actually pit Lucas and Sami against one another over Will, and EJ became the understanding figure Sami could lean on.

Frankly, if I could give the writers-to-come just one piece of advice, it would be to pick a couple and have them stick with it. The merry-go-round serves no one. Stringing some fans along may work, however others simply get tired and get off the ride. I am turning 37 this year and have watched this show for over two-thirds of my life now. Any long time fan can tell you there have been couples we've loved, and couples we absolutely hated. You know what? We got over the ones we hated and kept watching because there are other stories we were interested it that were so good. Write good stories, and you won't have to worry! No fan will ever love all the stories, so don't feel the need to please every fan with every story.

As for the future of DOOL and what may come this summer from the new writers: I only hope if they decide to bring in more characters, it will be ones with some attachment to Salem. Bring back Justin and Adrienne's other kids. How about Shawn, Belle and Mimi? The last thing we need is the invention of a whole new family. Look how well the Hernandez clan went down.

'til next time!


February 28, 2012
Hello "Days of Our Lives" fans! It has been a long time, hasn't it? I bet some of you never expected to hear from me again. In truth, when I parted with the page several years ago, I never imagined returning in any fashion either. In fact, I even took a long time off of "Days" all together. Weeks, sometimes months, would go by without me seeing the show. Let's be honest, the show has had a lot of ups and downs the past few years, and sometimes it was just a chore to watch. Alice's funeral brought me back into the fold, as I wanted to see the return of so many fan favorites. From then on I got back into the habit of watching. The whole return of so many classic characters this past year has also helped keep my interest renewed. I won't lie though, I sometimes enjoy being able to make use of that fast forward button!

This is my first real "thoughts blog" in years. Rather than simply cover the recent shows in depth, I'm going to touch on some of the storyline in the recent past, up through the present. Also of importance, I no longer keep up with the spoilers. I generally watch fairly spoiler free these days. I do hear things from time to time, and of course I hear of the big casting changes with the show. However I'm not doing any discussions of spoilers or what is to come, as I once did. So with that said, let's get started!

One of the things I was most excited about the "New Season of Days" reboot they did last September was the return of John and Marlena. These two have always held a place in my heart. I have fond memories of them as a kid when I first started watching the show. I remembered when the original Roman died, and when John was brought in as "The Pawn." So to say I've been let down with the stories given to them since their return would be putting it mildly. The entire storyline of John being set up by E.J. for embezzling from his own company and employees was ridiculous. First, this is a soap opera, don't bombard us with the politics of the real world. We can watch CNN for this story! Second, the resolution was even more ridiculous than the story was. After all those months they suddenly realize the photo was photo shopped? Because it took noticing shadows to figure this out, all the experts before never realized this? Then of course all the financial transactions took place on that one day in France where the internet and every cell phone carrier just happened to be down... uh huh! The show, of course, does have a way to redeem themselves for this travesty of a storyline. How? We will get to that shortly!

It seems though we've gone from one terrible John and Marlena story, to another. For some unknown reason, the writers felt the need to resurrect a story that was best left dead and buried. Oh yes, the Princes Gina and Robo-John story aboard the submarine. Really "Days?" Really? If memory serves me right, this story was fairly hated when it was done years ago. So why bring it back? Why suddenly make John and Gina/Hope married. We'll ignore that they were not in their right minds when married, because let's not apply real world laws here on "Days of Our Lives." Now we have to watch Hope and John, going off to "Alamania" in order to get their divorce. Well that's the first I heard of the country being called that to my knowledge. Oh and if John didn't know who he was, then why would he have picked there to get married? He just thought he was fake Father John. Oh my head hurts pondering all of this! Now we have weeks to watch John and Hope on their adventure, alone, bonding, and having "too close for comfort" moments. Again, I have to ask really "Days?" Next thing you know, Billie will be back in Bo's arms in some awkward "oh you fell off a ladder and I caught you" moment. Oh hey, how convenient that Lisa Rinna is about to return. Enough McPherson, Thomas and Corday, you need to find stories for Bo and Hope, and John and Marlena that don't involve breaking them up over and over again. And I think most of us can agree, we don't need any more brainwashing stories on this show for a long time.

Connected to the John and Hope married storyline is Stefano's latest secret, which has yet to be exposed to us viewers. Okay first I need to make some remarks about past story-lines. Remember, I'm making up for some time here. The idea that Alice Horton, in the last years of her life, was sending out emails to her lawyers, and Maggie, and to everyone else involved in all these secrets she somehow all on her own uncovered just boggles my mind. I cannot see Alice Horton as this internet savvy lady. I just can't! I'm sorry. That said, back to Stefano's secret. Given how much he cried when he read it, I can only assume a child of his isn't actually his. Given that EJ's election was on TV at the same time, it would make sense it was EJ. This also plays into Alice helping Susan out with EJ when he was sick as a kid. Oh not to go on yet another tangent, but does that mean Kristen has been rescued off that island if everyone knows Susan is not Kristen? Well back to the story at hand . . . with Celeste also returning (don't get me started on this recast business!) her daughter Lexie could also not be his child. The possibilities! I just hope we don't learn Stefano has another kid out there. He has enough already. Like the brainwashing, let's put an end to anymore missing children of Stefano stories.

So Abe and EJ's race for the mayor. I don't know what town decides "Valentine's Day" is a great day for election day, but Salem did. Much like John's framing storyline, do we really need to be bombarded with nasty politics storyline? I mean we are getting enough of that now with it being a presidential election year. Watching Abe and Jen play dirty was shocking, but not as shocking as Lexie getting up on her very high horse and lecturing Abe about how disappointed she was in him. Now because of Abe's mistake, she can't trust him and their marriage falling apart. Really Lexie? Need you be reminded of the whole indiscretions with Jonah and Brandon, both Abe's relatives? How about stealing Bo and Hope's kid? For shame Lexie! Again though, the head writers can partially redeem this and the John Black story if they choose too . . . .

After many months, Sami and EJ's secret night of luv has been exposed. More like secret night of disgust. That was the most unbelievable sex scene ever! There is nothing to get one in the mood as the thought of your son being kidnapped and killed, and then a session of insult hurling about whose fault it was. But whatever, Will saw it, will blabbed to numerous people, and eventually Rafe found out. Now everyone, including Nicole knows. Of course Nicole found out the very night EJ re-proposed marriage to her. She is furious with him, has left him, and has now found out that she has a magic baby. I call it a magic baby because of course Nicole has a history of being told she can't get pregnant, or it will be next to impossible for her to. The baby aside, can we hope she's furious enough to exact real revenge? Nicole knows everything EJ did to win the mayor's race; she herself helped him with a lot of it. I could see some major rectification coming for some of these torturous story-lines if Nicole would say... reveal that it was EJ who framed John in order to turn people against Abe from day one? That would make up for all these stories in my opinion. Of course EJ would never ever go to jail, but hopefully he wouldn't be mayor either.

Sami's hypocrisy throughout this story was astounding. Just when I had thought she had grown up, had matured, this story came along. It has shot her right back down to where she began for me. She's learned nothing, and blames everyone else for her problems. I was so happy that Rafe called her out for crucifying him over a kiss, when she had done so much more. Of course the best part has been both Marlena and Will laying into her, telling her to stop blaming everyone else for ruining her life because nobody made her sleep with EJ. I especially loved Marlena telling that she could no longer rely on Marlena and John's affair to blame all her life's woes on, as she had just done the same thing. Sweet victory, as this lecture was so long overdue. So very, very long! I honestly hope this means we never have to hear Sami bring that affair up again. But something tells me Sami will always find someone else to blame her problems on. Case in point, during the most recent show it was Marlena's fault for destroying her marriage because she believes Marlena told Rafe the truth. Marlena had one of her best lines ever when she told Sami to just stop talking.

Much like the John/Marlena/Hope/Bo storyline, so can I basically sum up my thoughts on the ongoing Jack and Jen storyline.... Why? We know they will, in the end, get back together. So why put us all through this? I know many people loath Jack and Jennifer, and were Jen and Daniel fans. I never was. Jack has his faults, I will admit that. However every man Jen ends up with that is not Jack has theirs too. As dreamy and amazing as Dr. Daniel is, let's not forget he has not been in Salem all that long, but has a really bad track record with the women he's been with while here. He also seems to immediately want to marry them after a few weeks. Next time Dr. Jonas, take things a little slower. Oh, and definitely stay away from Nicole!

I feel like a common theme of my first real "Days of Our Lives Thoughts Blog" in oh so many years is quickly becoming "Why !?!?!" Why bring Carrie and Austin back, only to break them up? How many times have they done this before? What is different this time is that it's not Sami breaking them up, Carrie has done it on her own by falling for Rafe. In all honesty, I am not someone who has ever been invested in Austin and Carrie as a diehard fan. Let's be honest, one of the the only reasons most of us probably ever rooted for them was because Sami (and sometimes Lucas) were the ones scheming to keep them apart. We just didn't want to see Sami or Lucas win. I was much more into Carrie and Mike, and feel like breaking them up was a huge mistake. It wasn't long before Austin and Carrie's return that I realized how mind numbingly boring they are together. I don't mind the idea of Carrie and Rafe, I am open to it, but really I liked him with Sami the best. I felt like he matured her, he completed her. I guess however nothing can help Sami. As usual, Sami has blown that. I don't think Rafe will forgive her for that, or it will take a long time for him to.

Meanwhile we also have Abby, aka Sami 2.0, going after Austin. There is a reason he got the nickname Duh-Austin back in the day. This entire story really is a reboot of Sami falling for Austin and scheming to break him and Carrie up . . . right down to Abby letting Austin think they slept together. The only difference is, he really slept with Sami back in the day, she just lied about who Will's father was in order to keep him. But let's give the show time, as I have no doubt when Carrie learns of the fake sex, she will dash to sleep with Rafe . . . and wham, magically pregnancy (at one time Carrie too was told her couldn't have a baby). I also feel Austin will eventually sleep with Abby when he learns Carrie's betrayed him yet again. I usually don't have issues with age differences on soaps. I mean come on, eventually you run out of people to put characters with unless you bring in new ones. However the idea of Austin and Abby is just way too much for me, mainly because he has known her since she was born. That's a little too "Lolita."

Next up is my thoughts on the Madison and Brady storyline. We've known almost since day one that Madison has had a huge secret. Therefore I couldn't get invested in Madison and Brady as a couple. I knew it wouldn't last, and quite honestly I have never really felt them. I've always been on the unpopular side of Brady and Melanie as a potential couple. However I know many fans feel Melanie is too young for Brady. Hey, at least he didn't know her as a baby! But I've never been invested in Madison and Brady. Frankly I felt their whole romance was rushed and not all that romantic. They slept together a lot, there was that whole cosmetic massage thing, Madison always had an incredibly difficult time accepting "love," then WHAM! Next thing you know, Brady is proposing marriage to her. That was really fast, and we all know Brady has a track record of picking the wrong women for himself. So it was no shock to learn Madison was already married. Yeah, I'm still not feeling them. What I did find shocking during this whole thing is the stupidity of both Brady and Victor. They were stunned when all this came out, because Madison didn't tell them that she was married. When they learned Ian, the new CEO of Titan appointed by Victor, was her husband . . . again such shock that Ian didn't disclose this. Who doesn't do background searches on the person they plan to make CEO, or the person running a cosmetics company you plan to heavily invest in? I bet they could google these two and learn they were married. Ridiculous! I would think such withheld information could create a conflict of interest that would legally be enough to at least boot Ian out of his job. Then again, such stupidity by Victor and Brady would also be hard to overlook, as they didn't do their homework before hiring. I won't even go into why Victor hired a new CEO after months of being mad at Brady for stealing that title and his company from him....

We have learned that Ian and Kate have a secret past together, and he is trying to woo her away from Stefano. I'm not sure if that is a good idea, honestly it's something that could be hazardous to Ian's health. With Stefano away, looking into Alice's secret, something tells me Kate will be a bad, a very bad wife. Frankly, I would love to have Stefano return home and walk in on her and Ian in bed. Stefano would make sure that his blue haired wife would pay, and Kate never ever seems to pay. So I'm all for this romance. Bring on the punishment for Kate!

Finally we get to the story involving Will. I am loving this story, but haven't been loving the slow pace of it. I think it is the best story "Days" has going on right now, and they have been so reluctant to feature it as a front burner. It's been clear for months now that Will was gay. Ever since he first slept with Gabby and didn't find it "life changing" and had no desire to do it again, well I think we all questioned what was going on. Then there was the impact of his friends not accepting Sonny over the summer, which clearly troubled him even further. The inclusion of T's outright homophobia did throw me, because he protested just a little too much. I went back and for there for a bit as to who might be gay. But when T left the show, it became clear. This has been a long, often sidelined story, but we finally made it to Will's almost coming out. He's not there yet, he's still struggling with the idea, and if this is who he is, that his family might reject him. He shared his first boy kiss, and finally began to confess to a "not so surprised" Marlena. Of course before it could go any further, Sami bursts in with her own issues taking over. I can definitely see this becoming another example of Sami's lack of parenting skills. Marlena has always known, but it's going to be a shock to his own mother. From the most recent episodes, Sami seems to have no clue that her own kid is struggling and dealing with something so huge. Marlena wouldn't tell her what it was, but told her step up and be a mother or else the one paying will be Will.

Throughout this entire storyline, the scenes between Will and Marlena have just been outstanding, some of the best in years really. Marlena's other stories with John might be stinkers, but this one is gold and lets her shine. I've also truly enjoyed the interaction with Will and Sonny. I feel Sonny has been underutilized, and hope this changes things in the future. More Sonny can only mean more use of Adrienne and Justin as well, who I feel the show needs to find something to do with.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how Will's story plays out, and the return of his dad Lucas. Another character I'm definitely looking forward to seeing soon is Shane Donovan, who is making a return. I'm just very much saddened that Kimberly isn't returning with him. Shane and Kim, like John and Marlena, hold a special spot in my heart. Hey if his return is popular enough, who knows? Maybe we will see Kim. I'm also going to enjoy Sami's life continually to spiraling downward, because she's brought it on herself. The more people that tell Sami to shut up and stop blaming her problems on everyone else, the more jumping up and down in front of my TV I will be doing in the future. Now if EJ could finally be knocked down by Nicole, I'd be thankful for that too.

Until next time "Days" fans!


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