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Passions has ended as of September 7, 2008. We will no longer update this section of the site, but it will always be here for you to browse. Thank you for visiting us and feel free to read more archived Passions news & interviews at our sister site, Soaps.com!

October 15
If you're looking for news on James E Reilly's passing, please visit our Days Breaking News page.

Find clips of his work at our blog!

August 15
Final Announcement and Final Viewer Poll
results posted!

August 7
Passions Finale posted!

Matt's Musings: A goodbye to Passions!

August 6
Wednesday's Summary

August 5
Tuesday's Summary

August 4
Monday's Summary and This Week's Spoilers & Must See Dates posted.

July 30
Actor Updates posted.

July 29
Next Week's Spoilers posted.

July 24
New Appearance and Comings & Goings posted. 

uly 9
Daytime Photo Gallery updated: more photos added from SoapNet's Pre-Emmy party!

June 26 -
35th Daytime Emmy Awards Update posted!

June 11 -
Soap Cruise 2009 Updates and Soap Opera Fan Site Updates posted.

June 9 -
New Contest Posted under Interactive Passions - look to the right!

June 2 -
SOF Site News updated and more Emmy News posted!

April 23 -
Bios posted on Matt & Lori!

April 11 -
Lori's Last Word on Passions


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    This Week's Spoilers August 4-7
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soap opera fan blog

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Passions Viewer Polls Results Posted for last Passions Poll ever!

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35th Daytime Emmy Awards Updates 

Soap Cruise 2009 Updates 

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